Lytro Camera – Explained (What is Light Field Technology ?)

and welcome to Exploregadgets. You all know
we at exploregadgets are dedicated in exploring the huge vicinity of the tech world and provide
you with those information in a simple and detailed way. Keeping that in mind, today
we bring to you a new device that would help professional cinematographers taking those
impossible shot which defy laws of physics into their production. We are talking about the new Cinema Camera
from American Imaging company Lytro. This new camera from Lytro is an all in one camera
that brings company‘s signature light field technology to TV and film crews . The company
claims that Lytro Cinema makes it easier to blend live footage and computer-generated
effects while allowing directors to make changes to their footage in post-production that could
previously only be made on set. So What is light field technology? With light field technology, the camera basically
captures information in the entire space in front of the camera which allows you to reconstruct
a scene in three dimensions rather than the 2D images that we have in traditional camera.
This lets you do things like change the focal point, depth of field, shutter speed and aperture
all after you already shot your footage. To give you a better perspective, Holograms are
a good example of what this camera is capable of producing. In addition to this awesome light field technology,
Lytro’s Cinema camera packed some astounding specs as well. It is capable of capturing
755 RAW megapixels at upto 300frames per second, and an astounding 40K resolution as well as
offering an amazing 16 stop dynamic range. This means The camera collects truly staggering
amount of information blending real world footage and CGI image even more seamlessly.
With a second-long footage taking as much as 400GB of space, you can imagine the amount
of details captured in each frame. Moreover since with Lytro Cinema, every frame
of a live action scene becomes a 3D model: every pixel has color, directional and depth
properties bringing the control and creative flexibility of computer generated visual effects
to real world capture. This means that the need of green screen for adding Visual effects
using chroma keying can be completed eliminated. According to Jon Karafin, the imaging firm’s
head of light field video explained that Lytro Cinema defies conventional physics of on-set
filming letting filmmakers capture footage that have been impossible until now. This
means that filming decisions that are made on-set like depth of field and focus position,
can now be made computationally. In a nutshell, Cinema is a super-high-resolution,
high-performance, video capture and processing system that incorporates light field capture
to allow movie makers to get a 3D version of the scene, allowing for changing camera
settings like focus, aperture, and shutter angle after the fact. And Let’s be hopeful that Marvel and DC
can bring us more realistic and never before seen visual effects in their future movies
and keep us entertain. So that is it for this video guys. This was
a quick little informational about some interesting progress happening in field of cinematography.
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