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I hope you are having an amazing day today in front of me here. I have a smartlock. This is the Lockly. Hopefully I’m not Butchering that I’m saying that correctly. This is the secure Pro deadbolt Edition which comes with the Wi-Fi hub also some door sensors But we’re gonna go ahead and install this but for now, let’s go ahead and open it and let’s see what we have inside So first impression is everything So let’s open the box here and see what’s inside and how everything is set up so so far we got this nice message, which is here and The actual box itself here, so we got some booklets here So one thing you rarely see nowadays is colored booklets So and this one does have some color and it just looks nice and high quality also We have here The door cereal also the initial code for the door here as well Which I think that is and let’s put that away for now So everything looks very nicely packed here. I love it when I see boxes like this definitely high it screams high quality and They didn’t cheap out on the packaging definitely. So let’s look at what we have here first on this small box Okay, so we got four batteries here double A Locking mechanism here the screws some 3M tape and two keys Let’s put that away, right now here we have the actual Lock the backing part the one that goes inside and The battery compartment here everything looks High-quality actually, but it doesn’t look like cheap stuff here, which is definitely good. So this is the metal part that goes behind and Another small box here. Let’s see. What’s inside. So We’ve got some okay, so I believe this is the Wi-Fi hub and Also the door security so we’re gonna connect these after and see what these are all about let’s put that away for now and the actual Thing itself here. It’s kind of like it has some weight into it for sure So we got some tape here, so this is it This feels very nice very high quality Here definitely doesn’t feel cheap, and it’s not plastic here We got the fingerprint reader Which is on the side the number pad and also the lock which is nice and we already got the keys for that too So that’s pretty much what’s in the box. So right now we’re gonna go ahead and Put everything together and see how it works All done the installation was a breeze no problems at all pretty straightforward were to put all the pieces No issues there at all. Anyone can do it pretty much and it does work So one thing you need to do is I just read that little instructions on The tapes, there are some Instructions there just like before putting the last battery. You have to hold the program button so it can do its Self testing you guys already saw that so on the front here, let’s go ahead and remove that Okay, so we see here it does lock if you just press there just unlock once again Nice I’m just gonna see if it’s to press it anywhere Okay, so pretty much it need to press it at the bottom here and it does lock the door Which is pretty cool the other thing which I really love is let’s say someone Doesn’t really want to use the touch pad or a fingerprint reader or their phone. You have the optional key here, which It’s a kind of pretty useless to me Because I’m not gonna the reason why I have this is because I want to use all that Functionality like with my phone fingerprint all that but it’s there for someone who wants to use it in case of an emergency, of course, that’s also a very good option so right now I have the Wi-Fi the door sensor here so I’m gonna go ahead and plug in the Wi-Fi hub here and connect everything and Let’s see if it works as it should also. I’m going to install the app right now and see how the fingerprint part works So pretty much now, I’m gonna go ahead and install the app Just click the lochley app there install looks like it has four point five So that’s like very good sign there Let’s go ahead and open it so we’re just gonna press next to grant some permission here Lao and let’s go ahead and Sign up here quickly Okay, so we’re done with the registration so now I’m just going to go ahead and add a new device here So we’re gonna choose that that bold addition here Also the secure link I haven’t connected that yet. But for now, I’m just gonna go ahead and click this okay, so this is the card we got in the box and So connect bluetooth using okay. Let’s see here Go ahead and confirm Here we go, it did find it and Initial code. So this is the one that came in their booklet. So I’m just gonna go ahead and type it and click connect So I’ve gone ahead and connected the app. I just registered. So right now it’s connected through bluetooth, so it should work fine Let’s go ahead and unlock it does that and then just click lock here? And it does the job So what we want to do next is we have the log here or dip able to see when the door was locked and if someone tried to Unlock it. So right now we’re gonna go ahead and add a new Fingerprint here. Actually, that’s the first thing I want to test out. So add fingerprint. We got some instructions here at video and So let’s just add a name here and So in this room right now, we see number six there So I’m assuming I would need to type my finger here six times so five Four Three two So pretty much we don’t want to place our finger in the same place So we want to like move it around so it’s just not one place. So it’s easier for the lock to work So right now let’s go ahead and test it out if it works on the first try And it does which is awesome and So right now I’m gonna go ahead and add a coat here So one thing is so successfully add it and click done here so right now I have my name there and I can see exactly I Can set it up also with I fit as well to see when I came in and all that to give me notifications I’ve done this with my other smart lock which is great kind of connecting everything together But now let’s go ahead and add an access quote here. So we’re able to put a trusted user Guest and a one-time access the other cool thing which you saw there it did Automatically lock the door. Let’s say you’re leaving after I believe it’s 30 seconds It automatically locks the door by itself, which is very nice so we I’m just gonna add a trusted user for now and Go confirm So we need six to eight digits. So let’s see here confirm Okay, so let’s set up a digit so I’m just gonna go up eight times I six times number one three four five six and again here one two, three, four, five six and confirm and Actually, we need to add a name. Let’s just put the beam there confirm connecting and We’re able to share the code with a trusted user but right now so let’s go ahead and see if it does work So number one is down here. So one two, three or five six and And it does work Perfect. Okay, I love it when things just work without any issues and this is one of them which is great So right now I’m just gonna go ahead and also connect the Wi-Fi hub and see how that all works But before I do that, I just want to show you what’s included in the app here. I love more details So on the first one we have the control Where we’re able to control The lock also we can see the battery life at the top right hand corner up here and then the log itself So we can see exactly who unlock the door. It will tell you the name all of that and then access You’re able to set all that up here under settings We have the firmware update actually, so I’m gonna go ahead and check so it’s up to date now, which is good No need to connect this to your PC or anything like that. It can update through the Wi-Fi Once we have the Wi-Fi hub set up I will check the firmware once more to make sure it’s all good But to set up the Wi-Fi hub all we need to do is go under the settings and then just click up here secure link hub has not been set up and That’s it. We’re gonna go ahead and or repurchase connect now So right now I’ve gone ahead and connected that Wi-Fi hub pretty straightforward Just click next connect your Wi-Fi and right now I want to set up these Two door sensors and for Google assistant like except to know the status of your door or have your door open You’re gonna need to install these which come to the kit here right now. We’re able to unlock and lock the door from anywhere No need for bluetooth because I’ve connected the Wi-Fi hub. Also, we know when our door is open or Large so right now closed. Let’s just put this guy see we got that notification the door is open and Right now we’re gonna close the door and we got that nice blue there Pretty cool. Really hope you guys enjoyed this review Go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you guys enjoyed it. If you’re new here, please subscribe also hit that notification bell and More tech reviews to come so stay tuned if you guys have any comments put them right below I’ll be more than happy to look at them and answer them. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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  1. I liked your review. Would have liked more opinion on how much you liked the lock, whether you thought it would be reliable. Price and value. Competitors etc.

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