Learn English With Friends – Phoebe and the Fire Alarm

Phoebe is unable to sleep because her fire alarm keeps going off. Please don’t be a spaceship
Please don’t be a spaceship Oh, thank God. How could you be beeping? I just disconnected you! I took out your battery! How can? Don’t interrupt me! Okay, so this wire is connected to this wire,
which plugs into here. Okay, so to get the beeping to stop, all I
have to do… Okay. Well done, Pheebs. What do you want from me?! Okay. This is where you and I part ways. Noisy bitch! Oh, my God! How did you get back here? Phoebe Buffay? Fire Alarm? Oh, hi, Officer Fireman. Can I help you? We found your fire alarm in the trash
chute. That’s not mine. Yes, it is. How do you know? The next time you wanna dump a fire alarm
in the trash chute, don’t wrap it in a blanket that says Property of Phoebe Buffay, not Monica. Okay, okay, do you have a search warrant? Because the last time I checked this was still
America. Please reattach this it’s against the law
to disconnect them. Fine. But please, God, tell me how to stop it from
going off. Just press the reset button under the plastic
cup. There’s is a reset button? Oh, thank you, thank you, oh, there’s a
reset button? OH, my God, why didn’t I see that? Reset button. Reset button. Where’s the reset button? Oh, here it is, oh! God! spaceship
a vehicle used for travel in space beep
to make a short, loud sound disconnect
to unfasten something, for example, to break the connection between a supply of electricity and a device
interrupt interrupt
to stop something from happening for a short
period The fire alarm interrupts when she’s talking
to it. part ways
to end a relationship trash chute
Often used in high-rise apartment buildings. This is a passage through which the trash
is carried to the bottom end. dump
to get rid of something you don’t want wrap
to cover something with paper or cloth or other material
The fireman knows the fire alarm is Phoebe’s because she wrapped it in a blanket that says
“Property of Phoebe Buffay, not Monica”. search warrant
an official document that gives police officers the authority to search a building for information
that might help to solve a crime reattach
“attach” means to fasten or connect something. “reattach” means “attach again”. The fireman asked Phoebe to reattach the fire
alarm because it is required by the law of America. go off
If a fire alarm goes off, it makes a loud noise. The lights went off. The lights stopped working. The bomb went off. The bomb exploded. reset button
A button that allows you to turn the device off and on again when it does not work properly.

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