Labpano Pilot One – 8K 360 Virtual Tours / Live Streaming Camera Review

Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s your boy Hugh
here from CreatorUp – the #1 YouTube channel dedicated to 360 virtual reality filmmaking,
for everyone. Today, we are going to review a brand new
360 camera – the Labpano Pilot One, as you just saw from the cinematic intro. This is the smallest and lightest four lenses
360 camera that can shoot up to 8K monoscopic 360 video. It is the only 360 camera that can Livestream
8K without the need for an expensive PC computer and stitch on the cloud using the new 5G network
or ethernet. And you can fly your Livestream camera with
real-time 9-axis stabilization on a 5G network. It is a Google Street View ready camera and
built for virtual tour creators that hate computer and post-production. You can capture and upload to Google Street
View or their Cloud-based Virtual Tour creator directly and see the result immediately. If you are impatient, hate stitching, don’t
like computers, and taking thousands of photos for your Virtual Tour within coupled hours,
this is the camera for you. Since the quick and easy Virtual Tour is the
biggest selling point, let me start from there. So now I gonna show you how ridiculously easy
to create virtual tours with this camera – the Pilot ONE. So go ahead and hit camera and then right
here already in virtual tour if it is not you go ahead and scroll here and select the
pilottour hit that screen confirm that. Go ahead and hit the gear icon and we gonna
choose 8K right here bc we can and then count down bc we need to hide somewhere so we need
to have count down 5s should be good count down and then in here the pro version you
can adjust all the setting like iso ev white balance all the great stuffs we gonna just
use auto but we gonna turn on HDR bc HDR look better in virtual tour so turn on HDR. That’s it so now I gonna hit the capture button
type in a name lets just say something random gg start tour and then it just give you some
information how to move your camera yeah we ignore that we know that so go ahead and hit
the shuttle button now count down lets go hide as you see the shutter button take 3 photos
for the HDR so lets run back okay photo one is done and lets move it next spot right here
we gonna do the same thing hit the shutter button lets go run hide hide right here
So now we finish the tour so go ahead hit this button stop the tour that is done right
now I took lots of photos go to gallery and then that is the tour we just did 16 photos
we gonna hit that then hit upload we gonna upload to PilotTour right here hit this button
and hit upload. So after coupled min the tour is already upload
on the server. right here this is my account and you can
go ahead look at view and you see a 360 virtual tour look at that then you can hit navigate
around hehe me right here great go back and all these hot spots are auto generated
I did not do anything it generate in the camera we hit right here we go to a different spots
wecome by me come back here. here back to the original spot. So something it does make some mistakes like
as you see right here we click here supposed to go out of the house instead it go into
the house bc I acctually missing a photo right there. But as you see this is very easy literally
take me like less than half an hour did this tour
[Female Voice] Okay, Hugh. Come on! Let’s cut through the marketing hype. Give us the real deal
Thank you, stock footage girl. So, let me start from the get-go and tell
you this is NOT for consumers. If you can’t make money off your 360 camera
or services, then this camera is not for you. If you are only using a 360 camera for reframing
and action sports, you can skip this video or rewatch my Qoocam 8K review – which is
a consumer-level 8K 360 camera that does not cost $1000. Yes, the biggest disadvantage of Pilot One
it the price. It cost $1200 for 64G memory and $1250 for
128G memory. It is almost triple the price of any consumer
action 360 cameras. Your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend will not
be pleased if you get this instead of their If you are making money with 360 technology,
neither virtual tour, video creation or livestreaming – let’s look at the spec together. This is a lot smaller than Z Cam S1 It only weights 288g. As you see here, I am flying it with my consumer
Mavic Pro 2 with a vibration isolator – a little drifting as it is a windy day. But it totally flies. This is a great camera to fly with DJI Inspire
if you want 8K video with built-in stabilization. But it is still heavier than Qoocam 8K, Insta360
ONE R and GoPro MAX. So this is def not an action camera. Also not a pocket-size camera as they advertised
– unless you have really big pocket… If you are familiar with their gen one version
– the Pilot Era – right here. The spec is indentitcal. So go watch it now and see the image quality
in a 360 video. The same problem in Pilot One is frame rate. The 8K is 24fps instead of 30fps – which is
unwatchable in VR headset. You need minimum 30fps and actually, prefer
to have 60fps for VR headset. So practically speaking, you only have 6K
30fps – which this camera can also do. Don’t want to bore you with the numbers, so
check all the spec, resolution in both video and photo in the description down below. The touch screen of this thing is amazing. It is 2.2″ touchscreen and full android open
OS. It feels like an expensive phone. I never have the need to use my phone to control
the camera – compared to ONE R or GoPro MAX, this is refreshing. The camera has onboard powerful CPU and GPU
– so it can stitch 8K video internally. There is no need for computer stitching compared
to Qoocam 8K. BUT, it only gives you H.264 mp4 – not even
H.265 with a pretty low bitrate and compressed video. So it is a trade off. Also, I like that you don’t need your phone
for stitching like GoPro MAX or ONE R. So if you are a professional, it looks pretty
good onset not messing around with your phone in front of the clients. Okay, let’s see some footage and do some image
quality comparison. Before I show you the footage, just to make
a disclaimer. This is a production unit but the firmware
is still in beta. So the image quality will be improved in the
official release. But I like to show than tell, so I just going
to show you the result. Here I am at the YouTube Space Los Angele
and check out the helicopter. Pretty Cool, huh? This is a 4K reframe from an 8K 24fps video. The quality is pretty good compared to ONE
R or ONE X — the advantage of having 8K footage. As you know if you want to get 4K flat video
from a GoPro MAX or ONE R, you are upscaling your video. But from an 8K source, you are not really. If you follow me around, you will see some
stitching issues. This camera has a stitch calibration from
2 meters to infinite – but you need to set it before you film. This requires some professional experience
to nail down the stitch distance. As you clearly see, your boy fails here. So this is another thing that if you come
from a two-lens world, having 4 lens and 4 stitch lines are a lot to deal with — another
reason why this is not for everyday users. Let’s compare it with Insta360 ONE R and Qoocam
8K. So it is obvious in 100% scale Pilot One and
Qoocam 8K are larger and clearer than ONE R – which is only in 5.7K. But if you turn to the shadows or highlights,
ONE R and Qoocam 8K has a much better dynamic range. There is no Flat or Log mode in the Pilot
One, and the dynamic range is bad. I hope they can fix that. It is unfair to compare 5.7K video to an 8K
video – so I take out ONE R and just look at Qoocam 8K and Pilot ONE. So Qoocam 8K has a bigger sensor and 10bit
color depth. Pilot ONE only has 1/2.3 small SONY sensors,
but it has 4 of them and 4 lenses – double the number of Qoocam 8K. It is only 8-bit tho. So is number better than size? If you zoom in, it is not. Sensor – SIZE does matter. As you
see Qoocam 8K looks sharper and has a lot more details even tho it is slightly noisier. The Pilot ONE also looks a lot more compressed
than Qoocam 8K. So in general, just pure image quality, Qoocam
8K is still better 8K than Pilot ONE. Okay, how about stabilization. Labpano Pilot One has what they called PilotSteady
– which is a 9-axis Gyroscope stabilization just like the Insta360 Pro 2. And here is my OneWheel stabilization test. As you see even I cut tho the glass, which
is very bumpy, the stabilization still pretty decent. There are some nasty compression artifacts
in the sky when the camera is moving. I hope they can fix that. Let’s compare it with Qoocam 8K. So right now we rigged together the Qoocam
8K and the Pilot One and we gonna do some running stabilization tests let’s do it now. As you see Qoocam 8K is a lot more steady. It handles really well against all the jumps
and shakes I did with the cameras. Funny thing, if you compared Qoocam 8K with
my GoPro Hero 8 – which is the tiny screen in the middle – Qoocam 8K is even better than
GoPro. So again, it is a great example to show the
360 camera is more stable than 2D camera in How about 360 photos? Here is a Pilot One regular photo. And here is an HDR photo. The HDR photo looks a lot better, but still,
we see lens flare right here. Pilot ONE takes 8K photo, that is 8192 X 4096
– the bigger 8K, not 8K UHD. So it is a lot bigger photo than Richo Theta
Z1. But how is quality compared to the King of
360 Photo camera – the Z1. Well, here is the side by side comparison. The Z1 has better color and no lens flare. Let’s look at the chart together. Z1 also has a better dynamic range. Let’s punch in 200%. Z1 is noisier, but if you look at the wood
panels or the car in the distance, Z1 clearly has more details than Pilot one. So, again, sensor, SIZE does matter. Although, Pilot ONE has a way faster workflow
than Z1 or Qoocam 8K. It can directly color grade within the camera
itself as you see right here. You can change your grammar, exposure, highlights,
and shadowers. You don’t need to transfer your photo to your
phone, with a different app like Snapseed or Theta+ and can directly upload your photo
inside the camera, which is a lot faster. HDR is auto merged, so no computer is necessary. If you do the math, it is a lot cheaper compared
to buying a dedicated computer to do all the stitching and color grading. So, it is a different approach. As an artist like myself, I might want the
best quality to go with Z1 or Qoocam 8K. But as a business, efficiency and profit margin
are what you should care about. If you can finish hundreds of 8K 360 photos
in a day – you will kill all your competitors and still save lots of money. So, Which one are you? Artist? Or business savvy. Comment below and let me know. Swiftbird 8K Cloud Live Streaming Solution The 8K Cloud Live Streaming without a PC is
the reason why I get this camera. Live streaming 360 is one of the easiest ways
to make money with 360 technology. I did one of the largest 360 livestream around
the world with Samsung VR and Special Olympics last year – and I can tell you I wish I have
a solution like this back then. It will save me and Olympics lots of money. You ask, there is no 8K VR headset that can
watch this. Well, there is one right here, the Skyworth
V901 – check out this full review right here on CreatorUp. And there will be more 8K VR headset in 2020
– still under NDA so I can’t tell you anything. But they are coming. With 5G network, it is possible to stream
60Mpbs to get a decent 8K video with full immersion. We don’t have 5G in California just yet. But there is a direct integration between
Skyworth 8K with the Pilot One. So I can start a local stream right here,
and pipe the stream wirelessly without a computer, directly into Skyworth. And that is for sure the best Livestream 360
quality I ever saw in a headset. Well beside Kandao Obsidian, which easily
can be $20,000 solution. But at least, this camera makes it possible
without me go rob a bank. Thank you for watching this initial review
of the Labpano Pilot One. When the final firmware is released, and the
Pilot Tour is open up to the public, I will make another in-depth review & tutorial of
this camera. Focus on helping virtual tour businesses like
you, on making money FAST and still don’t kill the artist in you. So don’t forget to subscribe if you have not,
and hit the notification bell. You will learn the best techniques, professional
secrets on how to create immersive 360 experience, for free with love. I don’t believe in putting my knowledge behind
a paid wall. I want to help as many people as possible,
do it in the right way and grow together as a community. So support me, share this video, smash the
like button, and I will see you in the next video.

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