KUNG FU SHAO LIN (2) – Secret Manuals (CCTV Documentary w. English subs) 功夫少林 第二集 秘笈

sometimes the whole world is centered just around a single book it is said that a secret gong fu manual can bring about an exceptional master who can easily recruit with a snap of a finger but what is a secret manual after all? Is it just a fabricated
legend of the people or does it actually contain
some secret knowledge? if it does in whose hand is it? what kind of secret does it contain? In this ever changing times we’re living who still studies traditional
gong fu and secret manuals? Where does their fate lead them to? Hu Zheng Sheng 38 years old Xin Yi Ba master hundreds of years Xin Yi Ba has always been a skill of Shaolin Temple Xin Yi Ba’s technique goes
from intention to control the focus is not on the amount of techniques,
the movement’s root is intention there is no fixed technique it’s meeting all changes by remaining
unchanged, it’s pretty hard-hitting beside his own practices, to secure bread-and-butter,
Hu Zheng Sheng has opened a small Wushu
school in Deng Feng Concerning Wushu I have always
considered myself a student All the different types of Wushu
have their own strong point We should look at different gong
fu masters, different styles and find their strong points Hu Zheng Sheng’s secret
is hidden right here In the dead of night he would take out his martial arts
manual which he has kept for many years and fully immersing himself the secret manuals have
passed through many epochs During the flourishing age of Wushu some elders have gathered its quintessence and written it down To us today’s Wushu practitioners it’s a footprint of Wushu’s history with it we can check if
today’s Wushu has changed The quality of gong fu is
highly dependent on breathing Any concept of fighting is connected to breathing all the shifts and changes
depend on breathing all the power we generate
is dependent on breathing the balance of Yin and Yang
also depends on breathing Having mastered Xin Yi Ba you will be able to overcome your opponent
without having a fixed pattern of techniques the technique follows the heart,
see the attack – react to it Hu Zheng Sheng is looking for
the legendary gong fu master Xu Wu Dao This old master hasn’t been
publicly active for many years but there are still many legendary
stories about him making the rounds I will do a few movements and you give
me a few pointers, is that alright? Shaolin Temple has encountered
many calamities in the past many gong fu manuals got lost sorry for the disturbance I’ll talk to you again Those old grandpas have
a traditional mind set it needs a lot of time I first need his approval then he might teach me He’s getting older and older and the opportunities to
pass down his knowledge or to understand his teachings are getting lesser and lesser The young people these days Who knows what he would
do with that knowledge No way I’d teach him Where did you go? Was outside How can you come home so late What are you busy with every day? Go look after your kid since you’re here now you take care of him these years the gong
fu-obsessed Hu Zheng Sheng has been searching for masters everywhere neglecting taking care of the family His parents complain a lot about him Hu Zheng Sheng can only silently bear it life is a walk between losing and gaining Mysteriously Hu Zheng Sheng knows he chose a path rarely traveled, one that is destined to be a lonely one Diu Shan Duo’s first session on each day starts at 5 a.m. in the morning I have learnt from my father I started when I was 4 years old up until I was 21 years old Then he passed away In all those years he hasn’t really taught me many techniques If you haven’t met the one
whose gong fu is the best No matter how high his requirements are it’s likely you won’t reach
this degree of skill by dawn Diu Shan Duo has already
finished his session He takes his disciples to a col of a small mountain Here a little Wushu world
has been established In his opinion when practicing gong fu one has to
return to a suitable environment and absorb the essence of heaven and earth Seek inspiration from nature
when practicing gong fu If you don’t go to such places the feelings when
practicing are not the same Find a place quiet like this one create a sort of atmosphere recreate the original feelings recreate this kind of state What are secret manuals? In Shaolin Temple are a few sayings 4 tips exert power, unity of internal
and external, 5 elements be solid Where does our vitality come from? From the 4 tips (referring to
tongue, teeth, hair, fingers) we can understand where
our vitality comes from The secret manuals of
Shaolin Temple tell us: rise, fall, advance, retreat,
reverse, tilt, restrain, release upwards movements use horizontal force,
downwards movements use yielding force advance low, retreat high If you don’t understand the 8
requirements of body movement you will not succeed learning this style ok stop I will explain those techniques to you Every technique of Shaolin gong fu there are 3 moves hidden in each of them They are called start, follow, pursue I’ll show you what’s up with that start from lower area, follow to
the middle and pursue to the top that’s how you hit those 3 moves When you get hit with this on your legs they would get crippled Then this elbow would hit your chest Then you inverse your fist and hit the temples 3 techniques in one move Let’s first practice that Make sure to use your body a twisting body motion Only like this you can exert this power Practice like that every day Look at how powerful this technique is hit while protect, protect while hit 3 techniques in one move Every technique could be real every technique could be fake The secret manuals tell
you the following phrases 4 tips exert power, unity of internal
and external, 5 elements be solid only then you’ll sound like thunder, move
like lightning, be fast like the wind the secret gong fu manuals are so close yet so far away That is what Diu Shan Duo has learned Among the people the secret manuals manifests in yet another way Every year during spring festival in the countryside of Deng Feng a very peculiar traditional
performance takes place This monster covered in long hair is called Demon Monkey by the locals The gong fu-elders have
hidden the secret techniques in the performance act of the Demon Monkey In this way they have
passed down the secret knowledge But in the eyes of master Liang Yi Quan the performance is in danger
to lose its original spirit In the past there was no fighting
element included in the performance Real combat techniques were rare They were mostly comical movements to amuse the audience The real meaning got lost Liang Yi Quan who is 85
years of age this year is one of China’s 10 big Wushu masters In Deng Feng he is considered as the
highest grandmaster of this generation Being at such an age he wants to bring the gradually
diminishing gong fu element back into the performance It’s on the top slowly don’t hit your head In the box That’s the upper garment,
look how well it’s preserved We young people couldn’t craft this indeed we couldn’t Pops says to use a piece of cloth to stitch it together ok when you have a manual you also
need someone to pass it down Pops has started to personally instruct his pupils the gong fu
skills of the Demon Monkey Grab tight You have to bring out this ferociousness then it’s right After half a year The Demon Monkey has gotten a
complete redo, all in line with traditional methods When you perform the Demon Monkey you have to possess very high Wushu skills you have to have real gong fu It’s not like I simply have
you strike a few poses fool around for a while More importantly you have
to show your real gong fu the skills and craftsmanship of Wushu Now it’s modernized But the Wushu-root cannot be given up on cannot be lost Pops mind is still dwelling in the past But times are moving on The Demon Monkey’s gong fu of the splendid past
cannot be revived again Although Pops is giving his all eventually he will have to let go of it Yin Shi Gou 30 Kilometers away from Shaolin Temple Here, virtually everyone is
harboring some sort of secret Shi Wen Jie is no exception Some people say Shi Wen Jie is a Wushu
master that keeps to himself Others say he is just a clumsy farmer who knows
a little bit of Wushu Every time Shi Wen Jie gets home he closes all doors Here he hides his secret A 400 years old rule My master said the things we study cannot be made public Can’t be told to anyone I would rather lose it than to pass it down I kneeled down in front of my master and swore it to heaven being over 60 years of age my gong fu by far isn’t what
it used to be when I was young Age is merciless Has it rained? The grass on the field isn’t growing well These two days I’d like to hoe up weeds What have Xiao Hui and Xiao
Dong been up to these days? I haven’t seen them around Probably went to practice gong fu They should stop fooling around Does this get us food on the table? When they come back today you tell them They never listen to me You tell them they should go to the
field with me tomorrow You don’t even check on their training see how they’re doing What for? All they do is fiddle around all day Wonder what will become
of them in the future never doing some proper work You don’t care about your kids You don’t care about their gong fu studies I want them to work on the fields I indeed don’t want them
to practice gong fu Your thinking is so old fashioned If you want to teach them you go ahead I can’t. If I could I
would do it immediately If you can’t, then stop talking Although Shi Wen Jie doesn’t teach but nonetheless he influenced his kids The two boys and some colleagues are really into gong fu They are diligently practicing Shaolin Iron Palm stop practicing go go go, all leave There’s a conflict in my
heart, also I’m anxious Although I want to say something, I cannot Want to teach but cannot teach I’m just afraid to break my own oath It’s over with traditional gong fu Your thinking is just too conservative Actually you should go out and look around There are many who want to learn There is just no one teaching They are willing to learn from
anyone that just walks by I simply won’t teach absolutely not Won’t eat forget it Just you are great, huh? While we’re eating can’t you say something more pleasant? go go go let’s go, let him eat alone here We’ll eat in the kitchen Facing the criticism of his family Shi Wen Jie still believes rules are rules His knowledge cannot be made public Hu Zheng Sheng who is also
not understood by his family is enduring huge pressure He has to overcome his
loneliness and sadness by intense training Hu Wei I’m coming quickly Every morning Hu Zheng Sheng wakes up his son Hu Wei to practice gong fu together The kid isn’t too keen on practicing Wushu My son absolutely needs to learn Wushu Maybe learning Wushu is even more important than attending the academic classes The others can play around on Sundays He’s got no time to play that’s pretty harsh Can’t go out to play but
have to train instead He can’t really understand that yet Finishing his teaching in school Hu Zheng Sheng is on his way again This is already the 9th time he is visiting the 84 years old master Xu Wu Dao You want to learn Wushu from me I can see you have a sincere desire keeping coming back I’ll do a demonstration, you watch alright I think this isn’t just for my own sake I can teach it to a lot of people I will be able to pass down the master’s knowledge to the people around me Concerning how much I will be able to learn that depends on the
situation, and fate as well This definitely needs time and patience this can’t be done quickly This year’s mid autumn festival Hu Zheng Sheng has come home early He hopes that he can have
a family reunion dinner he recalls bringing everyone together for a meal is a rare occasion Happy holidays it’s a pity, coming all the way here to help him open a Wushu school Haven’t really earned some money renting a worn-out house renting new places wherever you go water and electricity bills those teachers aren’t being paid properly as well I have my plans You’re not doing anything all day and want me to simply follow your path that is your path I have my own path I just want to have a stable life I can still help you heat the boiler and help you planting I’m at my limit, about to retire People usually retire at 60 I’m almost 70 Buying books here books there,
what use are they? They are useful to me I’m studying on my own I know what you’re worried about I know myself what I want to do I’m worried about when you’re
old and your kid grown up I know what I’m doing I have persisted in my
trainings for so many years I’m not worried at all about my family Keep drinking here, I’ll
head out for a walk On this full moon night the reunion dinner broke up in discord I have asked myself many times If in this society my thinking or my behavior is outdated or I just can’t keep up with today’s pace But I just can’t give up on this Always when I’m lonely I would see those things very clearly On this mid-autumn night Little Hu Wei has drawn a
figure of a Wushu practitioner He can’t fully understand the road his dad has chosen But fact is the figure he has drawn clearly
represents his father’s lonely figure Life is a choice Shaolin Hun Yuan Yi Qi
Gong master Wang Gao Feng has to chose a disciple to which he can pass on his knowledge At this time a boy named Luo Cheng has caught his attention When your arm is in this position move Your fist mustn’t lack power open your eyes wide Only then your vigour will arise No vigour in your eyes,
your fist will have no soul Luo Cheng has to pass the examination go ready go master is coming! master is coming! I see Luo Cheng hasn’t been slacking That’s a fact He has been sweating all the time Everyone else’s clothes are all dry Practice you have to on your own If you don’t practice hard
your gong fu will be wasted I have been checking Luo Cheng for more than 2 hours Finding a disciple isn’t easy Watching that kid
practicing without a break I say that’s him that’s the one That’s the most important
when practicing gong fu You have to be hard-working
and able to endure hard ship I’m a Buddhist Among the students, Luo Cheng is the one I chose He has a heart of a monk He’s the type that doesn’t
cause any trouble for anyone People often say finding a good master isn’t easy,
finding a good student even more I’m mainly looking if the kid
harbors wrong intentions What’s the use teaching such a person rub it in so that the medicine has an effect that’s the best time of your training My requirements for accepting students are firstly, truly be able to endure hard ship secondly, show filial respect respect your teacher He has to be kind but not naively kind During the trainings Wang Gao Feng realizes that Luo Cheng’s
perceptive skills aren’t the best But perception is a key element
when teaching the secret teachings Wang Gao Feng has started to doubt his decision That day he goes to master Shi Yong An to seek advice I want to teach the boy Little Wu Gong and Hun Yuan Yi Qi Gong The boy is very diligent very honest, He’s just not very bright Right now I’m not sure how to handle this Not a big deal make up for lack of skill through hard work yes Diligence cures clumsiness Gong fu practitioners in China have always been doing it
that way for centuries when passing down knowledge The following 5 years Wang Gao Feng will teach the
kid everything he knows about Little Wu Gong and
Hun Yuan Yi Qi Gong two of Shaolin’s secret teachings Luo Cheng’s body has
undergone fantastic changes alright, boy This routine is quite acceptable Your final posture is a
little lacking though Master, I got something to tell you What’s the matter? My mom called me several times she asks me to come home What’s the matter at your home? They’ve encountered some
financial difficulties They want me to come home take up a part time job Having come this far wasn’t easy at all You know that? Once you stop those previous efforts are all wasted You do know that? I don’t want to go but they keep calling me I have no choice At home I will keep practicing Ok, then go. Let me think for a while It feels like heaven is collapsing I can’t even describe how I feel feels like losing a leg cutting off an arm I don’t want to lose this student struggling with himself for 3 days Wang Gao Feng full of grieve and regret sends Luo Cheng off He’s gone now All the efforts of these years are wasted All is gone I have to start from scratch I, 45 years old Wang Gao Feng wandered around half my lifetime,
have accomplished nothing sometimes the passing down of
knowledge is very brittle having kept the gong fu
lineage going until today hasn’t been easy at all Luo Cheng who has returned to the city is shifting loads on a construction site The money he earns goes to the family Wang Gao Feng’s efforts
of 5 years are wasted After this he has never mentioned
accepting a student again At a place far away from Wang Gao Feng the young worker Luo Cheng is making use of his spare time to practice gong fu like his teacher instructed him I want to continue and keep improving Having been his student for so long,
of course there’s a connection He is like a father-figure Luo Cheng might never return or he might return tomorrow The passing down of gong fu knowledge is about destiny and patience after all The Chinese armed forces have the responsibility to take care
of the inner safety of the country police officer Chen Shi Long who was born into a gong
fu family of Shaolin has received the mission to use his Wushu skills to create a routine that combines Shaolin gong
fu and stick techniques and can further be used in combat situations For this Chen Shi Long has asked his father Chen Jian Li in
Deng Feng to help him Chen Jian Li martial arts master in Deng Feng his specialty is Shaolin staff He has brought out the secret manual of Shaolin staff technique
that he has kept for years studying it carefully The police baton is a simple weapon it’s mostly techniques of
attack, none to defend Our Shaolin gong fu includes attack as well
as defense techniques based on some old manuals I have practiced by my own and have conducted some combat exercises that embody its practical value For this he has called his colleague to conduct combat simulation training to make sure each of the technique fulfills its purpose After 60 days Chen Jian Li has finally finished composing a completely new, combat oriented police baton routine That’s the card, right? yes ok I’ll take it Take care Uncle, straighten your collar ok start Some of the difficult movements we have removed The techniques useful for combat we have included We have composed it of parts of
3 Shaolin short stick routines Time has brought about changes to gong fu The secret manuals of gong fu are passed on and deepened within the family But imparting the knowledge isn’t always that successful The news of a sudden death has caught Shi Wen Jie unprepared The 7th generation master of
7 Star Praying Mantis has suddenly passed away He became 69 years old Shi Wen Jie immediately hurries to Yan Tai to attend the funeral of his old friend What an upright person he was Why did he leave so sudden After he is gone he has taken so much knowledge with him He couldn’t pass it on to anyone His death has irritated me strongly Standing in front of his friend’s grave, sun setting in the back, Shi Wen Jie is full of mixed feelings Returning to Deng Feng Shi Wen Jie didn’t go home immediately instead he went straight to the old hall he used to train in Now the old hall is in very bad shape, completely covered in dust and dirt This is my master’s sickle The old training hall is a microcosm of traditional Chinese gong fu lonely and desolate The rules he kept of many decades
are pressing on Shi Wen Jie There were times when he was slacking 40 years ago when he inherited the secret knowledge of the southern school of Shaolin Temple he promised his master to never teach it to anyone even if it meant that
this style would die out Even if it’s his own son the rules must not be broken It looks like this 400 years old gong fu will find its end with Shi Wen Jie There are no words for the
pain Shi Wen Jie feels After having faced Shaolin
gong fu master Jin Na Luo Shi Wen Jie has made a difficult decision The rules of passing on knowledge stand for the highest
respect of Chinese people towards the values of life Those are righteousness and honesty, wisdom and persistence But being able to make changes
and be tactful in ways of life when facing extraordinary situations is also part of Chinese philosophy master please forgive your student please forgive your student, master please forgive your student, master Song Shan Shaolin, Yong
Hua Tang, Tian Fa Men 8th generation descendant Shi Wen Jie we begin the ceremony of
accepting apprentices Greet the master I will now bestow the secret teachings to you I hope you will practice hard Thank you master exchange pot, pans, scissors, knives October 2015 For the 16th time Hu Zheng Sheng goes
to pay master Xu Wu Dao a visit With a will, you can achieve anything This time his stubbornness has finally opened up the old man’s heart I say your Wushu is excellent But your son or your successor are not practicing Don’t tell me you don’t hope your Wushu to be passed on, that there will be people practicing
your things in the future Wouldn’t you be happy about this? When I tell them this most of the old masters cannot help but open up to me I’ll go get something Ok let me tell you giving you these things means that you will have to work very hard you really have to be diligent train to the limit nothing else matters This is a gong fu manual The content is very profound When you get home let the content really sink in really understand the meaning until it becomes second nature finding the secret is something you will only find by chance a book a rhyme or a breath they could all hide some gong fu secret When Wushu passes through
the mills of time, get forged when it reached a certain degree, when it has rules, when there’s a lineage, then it becomes gong fu, becomes a philosophy of
life for Chinese people Hu Wei’s drawing is finally done In that same night Hu Zheng Sheng has found his way that will lead him to the secret knowledge The secret isn’t in a different place It’s in the heart of every
gong fu practitioner when you understand the secret will be the day you
understand the martial way The so called secret (miji) really is: passing down, self
cultivation and enlightenment it’s also sticking to it no matter what When he drew this picture I think deep in his heart he understands me He knows where my dreams lie After 2 months The Shaolin stick techniques Chen Shi
Long has received from his father have now been taught to his comrades Half a year later Luo Cheng unexpectedly returned Although the passing of
time cannot be reversed but fate still lies ahead of us The rules that Shi Wen Jie
has clung to so resolutely, although broken, but the gong fu will now be passed on those techniques are still identical 400 years later

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