Hows it going guys, it’s me Karim from are WeAreFamousNow. I want to try out this experiment where I ask you for money. With a catch though. And this catch was I promised them I’d pay them back the next day unsuprisingly no one believed me and no one offered to help. But I didn’t want to give up. I knew there had to be someone, someone kind enough that will help So after many countless shoots through the course of a few days We found one man Man with a heart of gold He quite honestly left me in awe Not only did he offer to help, but what he did afterwards, shocked me, as much as it will shock you. In a good way of course. I’m so ecstatic to share this wonderful moment on camera with you guys If you like it please share it enjoy Is it ok if I could sit over here Yeah sure Thanks Everything ok? Not really I feel like… I just feel down Can’t get anything can’t even get a job Yeah, well, it definitely is tough out there. yeah. Well, just– find something that you really like doing and pan out with that I’ve been trying I-I’ve been trying to find something that I really like But to be honest with you it’s really hard I mean you can’t do anything with, you know I have no one i’m alone no one really cared to help me Definitely it’s not easy I mean I was just wondering if– you could help me out with some money How much? If you actually get money It would be very nice of you How much are you talkin’ about? to be honnest with you I need all the help I can get I don’t have a lot but– anything it’s fine thanks you so much How much? Everything I’ve got are you sure? Positive. wow. you’re really really kind sir I mean I appreciate it I-I’m just gonna buy some new clothes alright Im gonna pay you back though thank you so much sir thank you so much do you remember me from yesterday Yeah you look good Thank you so much your money help me I appreciate and just like I promised I’m gonna pay you back No no no it’s ok I don’t need it I really really appreciate that no it’s ok


  1. Well…. I am about to kill myself because I don't have money to pay my debts and it's just 600 dollars so I'm glad that someone could be saved by ghat money if not me

  2. That hurt to watch. He didn’t need to be so kind but I’m glad I watched this today I think I’m gonna help out more really inspired me man

  3. assalammualaikum bro i know this is an old video but your videos has been a lot of inspiration for me so i just wanna say keep up the good work . i'll be supporting you bruh…

  4. I’d like to know this this guys story, he seems rich in spirit and character. Using money like a cup, drinks from it, washes it and gives it to the next one on line to quench their thirst. Perhaps that is exactly how we should use money, to give immediate support to this in need without the dodgy middleman (charities)

  5. I am tearing up…..there are people who has real heart…..i am relieved….tat living made a meaning….now…😍😍thx you soo much ….i don't know him but…i will include this heart of gold…in ma prayers…..

  6. Amazing uski soch or jazba i don't have words unki tareef k liye jo kaho kam he uncle ne ek bohot important cheez sekha de👏👏👏👏

  7. me with a dollar inside my wallet: take it take it.. nono really its ok thats all i have. go help someone with it i mean it.
    also me trying my best not to feel guilty

    edit: also me when i go out next time: brings only a dollar then say its all i habe bro take it im giving you all i have(i mean well… all i brought)

  8. We just gonna act like we didnt kno it was a social expirement and that guy gave him all his money when he didnt rlly need it and got nun back cuz he thought he did need it😬💀

  9. Really speechless…but he has donated you as u needed…he didn't know abt ur vdo…if I'm on his place did same as if u donate never take back…

  10. Amın evlatları öyle bi alt yazı yapmış ki thank you dan başka çevirdiği bişey yok konu ne onu bile anlamadım

  11. Jesus Christ said to his disciples when I was hungry you gave me food to eat and thirsty you gave me water to drink and when I was naked you clothed me and when I was in prison you visited me, then the apostles said to Jesus Lord when did we give you food and water to drink and when did we cloth you and in prison when did we visited you, then Jesus said on to the disciples when you did all this to the least of one of these brethren you did too me

  12. Well,to be honest…

    We are all kind…Just try,don't be spoiled and u don't have to help anyone,just get a big heart that u can give emotions to everyone,but true emotions…It's like u hug back friend,it's because u love him/her and ur trying to be kind,well if is it like that,why can't you keep that kindnes for everyone not only family,friends but new persons?

  13. The guy was probably more surprised that you kept your word and was going to pay him back that was good enough for him to see your loyalty and honesty which is probably the reason why he didn’t take the money back!

  14. owww that gentleman deserves a hug huge hug and big respect ,ow what's wonderful speech guys did you heard it what he said ,,,that's wisdom speech in reality.
    help someone to help someone else
    have a great day guys I love all of you
    from Somali in east Africa,,,peace,,,,

  15. Bro when i'm going for a walk with my parents we see so many homeless people and I really wanna give them money but I can't because I don't have.If I had I would give them but the money are in my parents wallet.

  16. God is nothing something out of universe,he lives in heart of humans. the best example is in front of u all🛐🛐🛐

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