Judge Faith – Shady Surveillance (Season 1: Episode #72)

Today, on
Judge Faith…He says he installed expensive
video surveillance equipment
and now he wants to get paid.
He e-mails me and says,
“I’ll have a check ready
this afternoon.” I said, “Well, why don’t you
drop it in the mail?” So, Saturday came,
I got nothing. Monday came,
I got nothing. Tuesday came, I’m like,
“No, this guy ain’t put
nothing in the mail.” NARRATOR:
So is the check on its way?
What I found out is that
there was a discrepancy
in the address.Or will one of these guys
give Judge Faith a reason
to demand an instant replay?
The old, “Oh, I put the wrong
address on the envelope,” no one’s really
going to believe that. That’s as good as,
“My dog ate the homework.” NARRATOR:Faith Jenkins.Her distinguished legal career
began when she graduated first
in her law school class.
She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor
and then a preeminent
legal analyst on cable news.
And now she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are real
and her rulings are final.
She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff Ervin Evans says
he installed telecom and
surveillance systems
in the defendant’s
start-up company
and has not been fully paid.
He is suing
for the unpaid balance.
Defendant John Smith Jr.
claims he doesn’t
owe the money
because the plaintiff
routinely disconnected
his phone system,
causing him to lose business.Remain seated
and come to order. Court is now in session.
The Honorable
Faith Jenkins presiding. Your honor, we have
Evans v. Smith.
Thank you, Barbara. Ervin Evans? Correct, Your Honor. You are suing
the defendant
John Smith Jr. for $5,000
you say he
owes you for a telephone and
surveillance video system you set up in his
company’s office? Correct, Your Honor. So we’ll start with you,
Mr. Evans. Tell me what’s going on here. I sell, install, program
telephone systems,
camera systems, computer networking
for all your office… Each… All the computers
to talk to each other
and talk to the outside world. How long have you been
in this line of work? Uh, 23 years. And I have,
for the last four years,
my own company. Tell me about
your company, sir, what do you do
and when did you
open this office? Um, we do private security
and we’ve been open
since February. Okay, so what happens
when you go in? I told his partner that
yeah, sure, I’ll come by and take a look.
He says, “How much it cost?” I told him I couldn’t tell him
until I get there. The person that
he’s talking about
is not a partner, he was an employee. So when you spoke
to your employee, and he gave you
this gentleman’s
business card, what did he tell you? He said,
“Give this guy a call, “he should be able
to help you out.” So that’s when I
reached out to him. JUDGE FAITH:
And what did you say? I talked to him about
what it would cost for me
to install the equipment, and he said he wanted
a camera system as well to see people coming
into the front door, and one to see the
receptionist’s area, and one to see
where his office is, and another one
in the waiting area.
So it was four cameras. And he wanted to put
an app on his phone where he can view his office
when he’s away. Did you sign a contract,
put anything in writing? At the time no,
we didn’t do it that way. Any particular reason? Well, he was saying,
“I need it to get going, “like, can you just help
me out, like, right now.” I understand, but you’re
the one that’s going to do the
work and needs to get paid. EVANS: That’s correct. So, you didn’t have
a contract? I didn’t have a contract
at the time. No, I did not. What was the agreement? EVANS: The agreement
was $5,500. Is that the amount
that you agreed to, sir? Um… “Um”? Because the issue is that
he told me what the cost was, I said, “Okay,
let’s see what
we can do.” That was my comment. I said, “Okay,
let’s see what
we can do.” Is that what he said?
“Let’s see what we can do”? Um, no, $5,550 was an… Did you give him an invoice? I gave him an invoice. JUDGE FAITH: Before or after? After. Why would you do
all the work upfront without getting
a down payment or anything? Your Honor,
this is a minister. Who is? Mr. Smith. JUDGE FAITH: Are you
a minister, sir? EVANS: His partner is. Yes. Your employee,
your partner is a bishop.
I’m going, “Men of God.” That’s who these guys are. And I’m a Christian,
he’s a Christian. Oh, we’re going
by our words. You mean you said
what you said, then I can do what I do,
you’re gonna pay me. And how did that work for you? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Here we are, Your Honor,
in your court. So you respond
and you tell him, “We’ll see what we can do,”
according to you, “but go
ahead and start the work.” Yes. What happens next?
‘Cause this story
is getting better. I installed all the equipment
and I wrote the invoice,
gave it to him. Gave it to who? Uh, your employee,
your partner. Okay. EVANS: Which in turn
gave it to you. Did you receive the invoice? SMITH: I never
received the invoice,
to be honest with you. To this day, you’ve never
received an invoice? I received an invoice
a few months later via e-mail. JUDGE FAITH: But you knew
you had the work done? Yeah, I knew
that the work was done. And the work was installed
and he needed to be paid? SMITH: Yes. Go ahead, sir. And I installed it,
I gave him the invoice and I was supposed to get paid
in two or three days. JUDGE FAITH: How long did it
take you to put everything in? Two days. So you purchased those cameras
and installed them? Yes, sure did. JUDGE FAITH: What about
the phone systems? Did you purchase those, too? Sure did. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. You set all of this up,
you put the app on his phone,
you’re done, your job is done. My job is done. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. Yes, filled out the invoice,
his partner signed it and says, “You’ll get paid
in a couple of days.” So, two weeks went past
and I’m thinking like,
“Hmm, wait a minute.” I started enquiring
about the invoice. “Oh, sure, it will be
a couple of days,
no problem, no problem.” I got the no problem for
another couple of… Were you speaking
to him directly? SMITH: Not at all. EVANS: No, I wasn’t. Not at all. Not at that time. Because his partner
was answering.
We was doing phone… Where’s your partner today
or your employee today? No longer with us. (AUDIENCE GROAN) And why’s that? Oh, Judge,
if I have to go through it, we would be
at another court case. So he was fired? SMITH: Yes. NARRATOR:
Coming up, on Judge Faith,
was Ervin following
security protocol?
Or was John eavesdropped on
by Big Brother?
Almost every other week,
all my red lights
would be flashing because there was
no phone system on. But then he would say,
“Hey, I can keep doing this, “you will never be able
to run your business, “you won’t be doing anything
because I have access.” You cannot just access
and look into
someone’s offices any day, any time you want to. That’s unlawful surveillance. NARRATOR:Plaintiff Ervin
Evans says
he completed
an expensive install
of a telecom and
surveillance system
for the defendantand now he wants
to be fully paid.
He’s suing
for the unpaid balance.
Defendant John Smith Jr.
claims he doesn’t owe
the money
because the plaintiff has been
remotely accessing
his security system
and interfering with business.When did you start
talking to him? He asked me
to send him an invoice. I asked for the invoice
because I had never seen it. So I asked for the invoice,
what does this cost and when I looked at it,
I was like, “Whoa!” Because I had
never seen the invoice. But you just told me earlier,
sir, that he told you it was
going to cost $5,500, and your response was,
“Let’s see what we can do.” So why is your response
now, “Whoa!” when you get the invoice
with the actual amount on it? I was under the impression
that it was gonna
be taken care of. So, when I seen the invoice
for the first time in August,
I was shocked, because I didn’t realize
it was that much. Well, you knew
how much it was,
you knew how much it was. I knew roughly,
I didn’t know
how much was paid, I didn’t know
how much was already done. That’s why I said,
when I looked at it, I was like, “Whoa!
It’s $5,000 almost or over.” How have the telephone systems
and surveillance systems
been working for you? Um, it was working. Great. Until Mr. Evans started
going in and
shutting stuff off. Did you do that? EVANS: No. (GASPS) Wow! Because if I shut it off,
how would he… That’s not a
very convincing “no,” sir,
just so you know. If I shut it off… If I shut his equipment off,
his Internet and all that,
he can’t make any money. Did you have remote access? I do, I do. SMITH: Yes. And did you know
that he was gonna have
remote access? I didn’t know that he
was gonna have remote access because how he sold it to me
was the fact that, “Hey, “if there’s any
troubleshooting that
needs to be done, “I’ll be able
to do it remotely.” So… So he knew I had
remote access. SMITH: I understood that,
but I didn’t know… (AUDIENCE CLAPS) JUDGE FAITH:
So the remote access was
for troubleshooting only? Only, yes, troubleshooting. ‘Cause there are adds, moves,
changes that needs
to be done. I don’t have to come over
to his office to do that, I can log in and do it
right there, like that. But you say he took it
a step further and… SMITH: He took it
a step further. Almost every other week,
coming into the office, all my red lights
would be flashing because there was
no phone system on. And I would call him like,
“Hey, hey, hey.” But then he would say,
“Hey, I can keep doing this, “you will never be able
to run your business, “you won’t be doing anything
because I have access.” Did you say that, sir? EVANS: No, I did not. What did you say?
What did you say? I would always tell him
I need my money.
Yes, I would call him. And when I went over, he told me that
his Internet is down. I went over a couple of times.
Once, I went over… Do you know why it was down?
‘Cause he turned it down. I went over,
he didn’t pay the bill,
he never paid Time Warner. So, just say
you turned it down,
say you turned it off. You did whatever
you wanted to do
to interrupt the service. I could have but I didn’t
interrupt his service. I don’t believe you.
I don’t believe you. SMITH: Your Honor, right now
I’ve got one office
that still ain’t up running. I told him on
the 25th of September we can start
doing installments
of $500 a month, he said it would be fine,
I didn’t get it to him
right on the 25th and again he shut it down. What happened? The coming Friday,
he e-mails me and says, “I’ll have a check ready
this afternoon.” Okay. I said,
“Well, why don’t you
put it in the mail? “Just drop it in the mail.” So, that’s Friday,
so I should have
gotten it the next day. Here in Los Angeles,
you mail a letter,
the next day you get it. So Saturday came,
I got nothing. Monday came, I got nothing. Tuesday came, I’m like,
“No, this guy ain’t put
nothing in the mail.” So you didn’t mail the check
when you said you would? What I found out is that
there was a discrepancy
in the address. And so… (LAUGHS) This e-mail
you sent on,
this is your e-mail, on September 18th, you write to him
and you say, “I have been very open
with you concerning
our financial position. “And you know there is
no way I can pay you in full
at this time. “Please pray and seek God
for an answer, before
you take it to this junction.” And your response is,
“God said, ‘Pay Ervin.'” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND CLAPS) “God said, ‘Pay Ervin’
with thunder and lightning
behind it.” I prayed and God said
with thunder and lightning
behind it, that just… That’s what he said. JUDGE FAITH: And so, because
what I see here, I’m gonna tell you
what I see here, I see in these e-mails,
it looks like you are
stringing him along. Because on numerous occasions,
you tell him that you’re
going to give him this check. This check is in the mail
and it’s just not coming.
It’s not arriving. If you say after not paying
for all these months, you say you put a check
in the mail and
it doesn’t come, the old, “Oh, I put the wrong
address on the envelope,” no one’s really going
to believe that. That’s as good as,
“My dog ate the homework.”
Do you know what I’m saying? You submitted some evidence
you wanted me to see as well. I did. And what is this a photo of? EVANS:That is his office
that’s showing
his reception area.
JUDGE FAITH:How do you
have this photo?
SMITH: Tapping into
my stuff again. No, Your Honor,
when I log into it,
I can take pictures. I can log into it. But for what?
Why is he taking pictures of
what’s going on in my office? How can you see
what’s going on in his office? Oh, Your Honor,
on my cell phone… (STAMMERS)
When I set it up… He got the stutter. …I had to put the app
on my phone
to make it work correctly, then I put it on his phone. I know the IP address
of all my clients.
It’s normal. Do your clients know
that you’re looking in
their offices? Yes! Probably not. Did you know? No. This is a shock to me. JUDGE FAITH: Why are
you taking photos of the inside of his office? ‘Cause I need evidence
to show that I installed
this equipment. You have an invoice here? EVANS: Yes! You have the e-mails,
the agreement, but my question is
why do you have access to look
inside of their offices? It comes with the territory. No, it doesn’t. But I have the IP address. No, it doesn’t. I have the IP address
of all my clients. JUDGE FAITH:
No, let me explain
something to you. ‘Cause you installed…
Is this what you do
for all of your clients? You have access and can
look into their offices? I can look into their offices,
I can log into their
computer network. Do your clients know you can
look into their offices? Yes! Yes! He knows that, too. You know I didn’t know. He do know! He did know? He do know! I know now! Can we see the next photo? EVANS: If I need to change
a name on a telephone,if a new employee comes
or don’t come in, I can…
What’s this photo, sir?
EVANS:That is the, uh…That’s one of the cameras
of somebody
walking in the door. And you took this photo
on September 16th? EVANS: Yes! So you can go in
at any point… …and look at the people
in his office? Yes! Yes, I can do that! All my clients, I can do that. Did you know this? SMITH: No! He do know! Is there a waiver I signed
or something? ‘Cause
I sure didn’t know that. He do know!
I put the app on his phone! There is a difference
between you doing that and you putting the app
on your phone for installation and you continuing to have
access to look into the
offices in his business, sir. You understand
that unless you have, because this is almost
a spy camera issue, because unless
you have consent and the
authorization of someone, you cannot just access
and look into
someone’s offices any day, anytime you want to. I understand. JUDGE FAITH: That’s
unlawful surveillance. I understand that. But I… I don’t think you do. EVANS: My license
gives me that… Absolutely not. NARRATOR:
Next, on Judge Faith…
I work for a security company, we monitor
everybody’s cameras. And the same thing
with the cameras, it’s the same thing
with the phone system. How do you run
a security company and you don’t even know
you’re being spied on by the person who installed
video cameras in your office? (AUDIENCE CLAPS) NARRATOR:
Plaintiff Ervin Evans says
he installed office equipment
for the defendant
and has not been fully paid.He’s suing
for the unpaid balance.
Defendant John Smith Jr.
he doesn’t owe the moneybecause the plaintiff
shut off his phones
and disrupted his business.Let me tell you something.
I want you to
think about this. There are a lot of people
that have cameras set up
in their businesses. There may be
some people that say,
“Hey, you’re the person, “you’re gonna come in
and troubleshoot
any problems.” But for a lot of people,
they would be
very uncomfortable with you being able
to look into their office
while they’re working, at anytime and anywhere,
any place you want to,
from your phone. They have
absolutely no privacy because you have
unfettered access
to their office. I find it hard to believe
that people are agreeing
to allow you to do that. Your Honor, I work
for a security company. We monitor
everybody’s cameras. There is everybody’s cameras
on the walls here
that we monitor. But that’s a security company. Listen, listen, listen. That is very different
from him hiring you to set up cameras
that he wants to monitor. He didn’t ask you
to monitor his cameras. That’s correct,
and I’m not monitoring them. Oh, well, yes, you are.
You have the pictures. I can log in to it. But I’m not monitoring.
I have the ability to do it. Sir, this is your evidence.
This is your evidence
you submitted to the court. I’m just showing you,
Your Honor, that I did install
this equipment. JUDGE FAITH: And I’m telling
you that’s a problem
what you’re doing. Okay. And the same thing
with the cameras, it’s the same thing
with the phone system. Listen, you’re not so innocent
in this situation
either, okay? (AUDIENCE CLAPS) Your Honor, once I used
to live in another state
back east, where it was cold. I had my gas turned off.
They didn’t care it was cold. What do you mean,
I didn’t pay the bill! I did not pay the gas company. So you admit to interrupting
his service, is that
what you’re telling me? Well, he want
to complain about that. Listen, I’m glad you
finally told the truth
about that, too. How do you run
a security company and you don’t even know
you’re being spied on by the person who installed
video cameras in your office? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS AND CLAPS) So, here’s what you’re
going to have to do. Now that you know
that he has access
to this system, you’re obviously not going
to be able to use it, because you don’t want him
to have that access, right? So you’re gonna
have to get a new system,
something else installed. You can use the cameras,
but you’re gonna have
to get it set it up in a way so that he does not have
remote access. And number two,
don’t let your employees, he says partner,
you say employee,
make your business deals. That’s right. You’re the head guy in charge.
I need you to be responsible when it’s time
to pay the people,
you understand? NARRATOR:
And now, Judge Faith rules.
I don’t want you
to be out of pocket for the hard
dollars here, money spent
on the phones, on the
phone system, and on the
camera system. And so
in fairness, -I’m going to order you to pay
-Labour? for the phone system
that you have, that you can
continue to use,
$2,400, and the
camera system,
$1,100, for a total
of $3,500. I’m not
ordering him to pay you
for labor, sir, because I have
serious questions about the…
And I’m not saying that you are
intentionally trying to do
something nefarious, but I have
serious questions about your
business practices being unethical,
if not illegal. Judgment for
the plaintiff,
If you or someone you know
has a dispute,
don’t take the law
into your own hands.
Let Judge Faith
rule on it for you.
To submit your case,
go to judgefaith.com
and tell us your story.See you in court.

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  33. I mean if he paid for the cameras and phones why canโ€™t he access them ??? He was never paid for his work so he still owns the cameras ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  34. Im sorry judge the preacher was wrong! He had the work done he knew what it was gonna cost he said go ahead and install knowing he would just string him along as long as he could! Just because he's a preacher doesn't mean he is a man of God it does not guarantee he will always do right. Hes a crooked man. He should have had to pay it all!! With interest!!

  35. I don't agree with Faith's ruling in this case, the pastor should be made to pay for all of that work, and his equipment. If he's to service that equipment, then he needs to have access to it! Who has time to just spy on someone's office activity? The man said he could look into his office if he wanted, he didn't say that he does.

  36. $5500 isn't much for that service…cheep ass preacher….if he had an accent I'd swear he was from Albany Georgia

  37. Um..I'm a Christian but this isn't charity work LOL.. We would've had a signed contract before I did ANYTHING

  38. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE FAITH. He should've gotten the FULL AMOUNT. ALL security company's have remote access. Defendant is a FUCKING IDIOT if he really didn't know this. If the plaintiff was doing something UNLAWFUL he would've been OUT OF BUSINESS a long time ago. He was simply SHOWING IT WORKED. NOTHING MORE. FUCK THIS RULING.

  39. Christian pastors and christians on the whole cannot be trusted, but this case may invoke the likelihood of amendments to the laws concerning security systems and the extent to which the installers are permitted to have remote access, and the capability of the client to be able to over ride that remote access so as to prevent an invasion of privacy, unless there is need to repair or tweak the system in some way.

    It does appear from Judge Faith's ruling that she is not fully au fait on the laws concerning this; and this is not a put down because from time to time, given the advancements in technology, some laws require to be amended.

  40. Thank u jesus for judge faith , its been a swell day with nonsense n i appreciate her energy with each case shes a young sister n on point๐Ÿ™

  41. He sound like a fool and his customers do not know he can spy on them aint' no way people want that. He too stupid to know he telling on himself. I knew he so bold he would eventually tell on himself.

  42. Judge Faith, your judgements are A1.
    But I must tell you that I had a budgie, Joey, who used to fly freely around my room. Joey, did, in fact nibble and chew my homework! Guess what. My teacher didnโ€™t believe me but fortunately, the school principal also had a budgie ant thatโ€™s what saved me!

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