Jeep Wrangler (2007-2017 JK) Slipstream Secure Cover System Review & Install

I’m Ryan from and this
is my review and installation of the Slipstream Secure Cover System, fitting all 2007 and
up JKs. There is a version of this available for those
of you with a 2007 to 2010 JK and those of you with the 11 and up, so make sure you get
the right one for your Jeep. Today we’re going to talk through the installation
of this system as well as the construction and a few of the features. If you have a four-door JK and you want to
be able to store items behind your rear seat in the trunk area of your JK while keeping
them safe from both prying eyes and anybody who might want to grab them, this system is
a great option. Whether you have a hard top or a soft top,
securing that area behind the rear seat is going to be easy with this system. Now, this system is built a lot better than
a lot of the other systems I’ve seen from the security aspect to the build quality and
the finish quality. However, all of that means that this is also
going to be slightly more expensive than some of the competition. There are a few different rear cargo area
security solutions available on the market. Some of them have hinged tops which can make
it a little bit more convenient to get in and out of that area. However, that also leads to one additional
point that somebody who wants to get into your cargo area could more easily break in. This system does not have any hinges. The top panel only lifts up by removing the
pins that are only accessible through opening up the tailgate which, of course, will lock. This also has wings that cover the area from
the cargo space to the outside of the tub right where the roll cage will come through
the tub so that keeps anybody from being able to pry underneath and pop the top off. So the fact that this doesn’t have any hinges,
it doesn’t have any accessible latches from the outside, only from within the tailgate,
and the fact that this doesn’t use any hardware that has an exposed head on the outside of
it, it only uses carriage bolts so there’s no way that you can grab that and spin it
from the outside mean that this is very, very secure. You combine that with the high build quality
and the high strength of all of these materials and it means you have an impenetrable rear
cargo area when you install this system. It also has an area up top where you can store
additional cargo up to 250 pounds and it has a system for strapping down that cargo whether
you want to use a ratchet strap, a bungee cord, or an elastic net. That feature of being able to store things
on top of your cargo deck lid means that you have some additional storage, and that’s also
something that sets this apart from some of the other systems on the market. Because this is very well built, because it’s
high quality materials, and all of the additional bends for additional strength mean that you
have a 250-pound weight capacity on top of the cargo cover where some of the other versions
of this system on the market do not. I’m going to give this installation a one
out of three wrenches. It is a little bit involved only because there
are a few different pieces and there is a good bit of hardware but there’s no cutting. Of course, there’s no wiring. So, overall, the installation is going to
be very simple, although it may be a little bit time consuming. I would give yourself a solid two hours to
get this installed in your Jeep. Now, the first step of the installation is
to install the front portion that goes directly behind the rear seats. In order to do that, you will have to loosen
up the seat brackets to slide the brackets that come with this kit underneath and then
tighten them down again. After that, there are some side brackets,
there is the top section to install, and then the outside wings. The wings that come with this are, again,
very well built like the rest of this system is, even to the point where you were to remove
your hard top, you can tuck the wiring in the tube for your rear windshield washer away,
and it has a little piece that covers over top of that, keeping everything nice and clean. So to get this installed you are going to
just need a traditional set of hand tools, no specialty tools, but do give yourself some
time and be sure to read the instructions carefully. I mentioned that there are a couple of different
versions of this system available on the market. Tuffy is known for building security products
and they do make a rear cargo storage solution, as well as Aries Automotive that make something
that’s a little bit more akin to this one because it does have the side wings as well. But, as I mentioned, if security is really
your main focus, this system is going to have the fewest weak points for somebody who might
want to break into it. Along with that comes that higher price tag
that we talked about. This is going to be over $100 more than the
Aries system and almost $200 more than the Tuffy system. So if security is very, very important to
you, if what you’re storing inside that cargo area is something that you definitely want
to keep secure and you have the budget for it, this system is going to be one of the
most secure systems I’ve seen manufactured. However, if you just want to keep eyes out
of the rear cargo area of your Jeep, if you’re not as concerned about somebody actively trying
to break in, then maybe you can save a little bit of money by going with one of those other
systems. So if you’re somebody who stores valuables
behind the rear seat of your JK in that trunk area and you want to make sure that they stay
safe from both prying eyes and anybody who might want to break into your Jeep and grab
them, this is a great system to go with. This is more secure than a lot of the other
systems on the market that are of a similar design. However, it is going to be a little bit more
expensive. So if security is the number one most important
thing for you, I would recommend taking a look at this system. So that’s my review of the Slipstream Secure
Cover System available for all 2007 and up JKs that you can find right here at

25 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler (2007-2017 JK) Slipstream Secure Cover System Review & Install

  1. I need something like this. BUT, with the top down, how do u prevent them from open the back door. When they can just unlock the doors from the front?

  2. That price tho??? 700 bucks for what? stamped 16, maybe 14 gauge steel that isn't even held together with welds? I'm NOT a cheapass, especially when it comes to the money I've thrown into (pissed away) my jeeps… but damn, these prices are just getting ridiculous. I'm sure it will keep someone from just walking by and grabbing something out of the back of your open top jeep… but it's no where near the security level that it's price point is set at… Hell, I've got a Liberty safe, that weighs over 600 pounds, holds 24 guns, and is fire proof… and it basically cost the same amount as a few pieces of stamped out steel and small plastic bag harware. :/rant

  3. I don't get it, what is stopping someone from crawling to the front and hitting the unlock button then opening the tailgate?

  4. Straight fucking robbery!!!! It would be cheaper for someone to steal something out of the back of my trunk.. 649.99 with a 9% discount.. that's fucking insane. We don't drive Ferraris..The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED !!!

  5. I think the idea is "NOT" long term storage, but temporary; when you go into a fast food store, or do some shopping to prevent someone from reaching inside your jeep or cutting the soft top to take a valuable item; such as a camera, wallet, purse, or whatever you have. HOWEVER, if you give a car thief a lot of time, nothing can stop someone from taking a sledge or a good size firemans axe and chopping through the thin metal top, and removing your valuables….

  6. How does the soft top with the bow system sit on this? Without having to take the top completely off.
    Anyone know?

  7. How about some decent installation instructions? I don’t like word problems in math or when installing a deck lid.
    “Giraffe bracket” “multi bend bracket” with NO images on the written instructions. I’m looking at the damn thing now and it’s eaten up WAY too much of my day with simple things like the door hinges that require a 5/16 wrench, which way the c bracket goes, I’m sure it’ll be great once I install it a few different ways until I find the right way.

  8. Jk is all 2 door Jeep wranglers from 2008, to mid year 2018. JKU is all 4 door Jeep wranglers for the same years. This is what you do, please get it right.

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