James Is Making Concert Halls Perform | Honeywell

I’m James Carapetta and at Honeywell, we’re making concert halls perform. How does the building itself become a critical part of the show? Its real talent lies in observing, anticipating and reacting to keep the audience and performers comfortable through the entire experience. Think about it: While the audience is getting ready for the show, the building is getting ready for the audience. As patrons file in, Honeywell Building systems take the stage. The ticketing system communicates with the cooling system, adjusting the air as the seats fill up. Sensors collect data – from everywhere on everything. Adjusting air, temperature, humidity, and more. What’s the humidity over here? How fast is it rising? What about the temperature? The circulation. The oxygen levels. Do you know how much carbon dioxide and heat is generated by a full house? This Honeywell system does. It listens. It predicts. It keeps the audience comfortable – not too cold, too hot, or too stuffy. Everyone is kept safe and secure, automatically with no downtime… because “the show must go on.” Music sounds better. Audiences clap louder. And that’s how I make concert halls – perform. I’m James Carapetta. And at Honeywell, we make a lot of incredible things. But mostly, we make the future.

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