Is There An Alarm For Deaf People? + GIVEAWAY!

people have asked me in the past if I use a regular alarm to wake up. How do I wake up?
Because I can’t hear regular alarms. And so I’m going to tell you that,
no, I don’t use a regular alarm and they don’t work for me
’cause I can’t hear them. But I am going to show
you what I do use and I’m also going to be reviewing
a new product that I was sent to try out and there is a giveaway that will be
in this video so stay tuned for that. So, a few weeks ago,
Sonic Alert contacted me and asked me to review
this little gizmo here. Actually, they wanted me
to do a different alarm but, because I already have
a full-sized Sonic Alarm alert thing that I will get to in a second, I wanted something
that was more travel-friendly because the fuller size has two cords
and plugs and it’s just… it can be a little tedious to carry
around in your carry-on all the time when you’re travelling for business
or whatnot. So, I thought, why not try something
that is specifically for travel? Because sometimes the iPhone
under the pillow doesn’t cut it. There’s a reason why the Sonic Alert, the Sonic Boom alarm clocks, whatever,
are very highly praised. Just letting you know, yes,
this product was sent to me but this is not a paid review. This is not sponsored in any way. My opinion is honest. So, this runs on batteries. What kind of batteries?
If I can get this open. Like, these kinds of batteries. The name has escaped me right now. Double-A, triple-A. Double-A probably. And you set it up and, typically,
you put these things under the mattress. This is the same size as their regular,
like, full-size, whatever, bed shakers, I’m pretty sure, and typically you would
just put this underneath the mattress. That’s what you do
with the full-size alarm. You have the regular, like, normal,
I guess, alarm thing but then you have the bed shaker
that you put underneath the mattress and it basically creates
a little earthquake which is a great prank for your
hearing friends, relatively harmless, unless they’re petrified
of earthquakes, so maybe I wouldn’t do that
just to be nice. And that’s essentially how I and plenty
of other deaf people wake up. It also comes with a little
buzzing option which, essentially, is just a really high-pitched shrieking
noise that isn’t pleasant at all. So, to be honest, I really don’t… I don’t want to say I don’t really like
it, but it does not work for me at all. I’ve tried this twice and each time
I’ve slept right through it. I put it under my mattress
and I slept through it. I even tried it again last night and
I woke up an hour later than I wanted. I’ve attempted to put it underneath
my pillow so there’s less stuff in between
the alarm, the bed shaker and myself and it was way too uncomfortable. Like, my pillow was too thin, I guess, because I could still feel this
on the back of my head and it’s just…
it’s not pleasant at all. So, this does not work for me and
that’s pretty much all that I can say. I love that it’s travel-friendly. It’s much easier to take around. It doesn’t take up as much space. There’s less set-up. The batteries can be negative, I guess, if you’re someone that
doesn’t really carry a lot of batteries or you’re very forgetful
about that kind of stuff, so you want to have
extra batteries on hand. Though, I think the paper said that they
last for about six months to a year. I don’t really know but they’re just…
it just doesn’t work for me. I like it but I have to stick with
my trusty original one. That one is very powerful and it
shakes the bed and I always wake up. Now, what might not work for me
might work for you and vice-versa and that is why we are still doing
the giveaway because we like giveaways. So, one person
will win this particular alarm. I will have the link to the competition
down below and I think I’m gonna let it run
for a week. I will have more details
about this specific giveaway down in the description
so make sure you check that out. Now, if you’re not interested
in entering the giveaway or you don’t want this particular alarm
but you want to try something else… FYI – hearing people,
it’s great for you too. The whole reason why I heard about this
brand is actually because of my dad, who is a hearing truck driver, and he
used the one that I have all the time. It works for him. I do have a 20% code that you can use,
Rikki20, so put that into checkout
and, again, I will have… Actually, I never mentioned that
I would have this but I will have the link to the
website down below so you can make
your own purchase. Let me know what
type of alarms you use, if you use a Sonic Alert, if you use your phone
and stick it under your pillow. If you haven’t yet,
consider being a pledge on my Patreon. You get perks for…depending on
which tier that you decide to pledge and it’s a really great way of supporting
your favorite creators’ content. If you’re not really interested
in Patreon, I do have a Ko-Fi link,
which I will link down below. And I will see you later. Bye.

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  1. My apologies for the absense. Going through the aftermath of a breakup and then Zane ate something he wasn't supposed to which meant emergency vet and now he's still having appointments since he's not 100% in the clear. #NoMoreCRAPtions shirts are available for one more week, so be sure to buy one if you haven't yet –

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  2. I seem to be first, not that it matters much. I've used the Westclox flashing Moonbeam alarm for years, but now that I'm retired, I should be using it for batting practice except it still tells the time, so there's that…

  3. ❤⏰I love ur video Rikki awesome true about wake up shake vibrant for deaf or hoh though…you're coolest….⏰❤

  4. This video reminds me of a throwback video of yours where you pranked a hearing friend by setting the alarm to go off without telling them. 😂 sudden earthquake!

  5. Great to hear from u, after such long time!! You've been missed. Hope you're okay and keeping posting more often ! The RP gang has Ur back!

    Always wondered about the deaf people alarm ! Great to know ! 😀

  6. I've had mixed results with alarm clocks. Often times when I have big appointment I tend to get anxious and worry I might miss the alarm going off. So what I've recently been doing is setting my phone next to my head and set it to buzz, make noise, and flash a bright light at my face. Which doesn't always make for the best morning lol.

  7. I have been hearing impaired all my life (I'm 31), and I have never heard of these alarm clocks! I needed this years ago! I used my phone a few times, but like you said, it doesn't always work out right. I've been depending on my boyfriend to wake me up, because nothing works, but I'd rather be able to do that on my own…Anyway, Thank you for your video!

  8. Hope Zane feels better soon!! I have had the Sonic Boom and also tried the "Sharp Pillow Alarm". The pillow alarm doesn't work for me either. I stopped using the Sonic Boom alarm when I got my hearing dog.

  9. I'm testing this one right now from the Canadian Hearing Society, and literally just this morning I slept through my entire shift because I didn't wake up on time for work. I'm surprised because it has woken me up the last few days. Next I'm going to test the sound+vibrate setting, since the hearing I have left is in the upper range. I do have the option to test the main, non-travel one though.

    Just thought it was funny that just today you release a review for a thing that didn't work for me this morning.

  10. The alarm you have doesn't work for me, I am a HEAVY sleeper. So I have the massive "Massage Mate" bed shaker (I have no idea why it's called that, because it specifically says on the shaker itself that it's not to be used for massaging, only for wake-up), and it really does make it feel like an earthquake. I don't really use it right now though, since I don't have a set time I need to be up by. Interesting thing though, if I know there's something that I NEED to get up for, my body will be scarily good (most of the time) at waking up a hour or two before whatever the thing is without an alarm.

  11. I use the sonic boom kind of alarm, kind of cause i think it's not a sonic boom officially but it has one of those bed shakers and I use a Fitbit watch to wake me up. I've set them 5 mins apart so if I don't wake up from the Fitbit watch, I will definitely wake up from the bed shaker.
    Vibrations from my phone doesn't work at all nor the sounds from the phone or alarm. (Unless you need to set it at the highest volume, my family wouldn't appreciate that at 5:30 in the morning so yeah)

  12. I use my alarm function on my fitbit. I also use the vibe function on my phone with a higher frequency song that slowly rises. I can't tolerate severe changes in volume now. It would be like waking up from a nightmare, jolted awake and just shaking in your bed. I been thinking about a bed shaker. But my fitbit works for now.

  13. I have the same travel alarm. But it doesn't want to stay attached to my pillow. So it's fallen on the floor too many times and the button is pushed in and doesn't work any more. I had the full size thing but my room is set up weird. I don't have an outlet near my bed so I was running an extension cord to the outlet then had the full sized alarm.

  14. Hi Rikki!
    I wrote my own alarm program on my computer to wake me up. I can change the music file whenever I want. If I become hard-of-hearing or deaf, I may try to build vibrating module to plug on my computer, no need to discard a useful software. 🙂

    On a unrelated subject, you told many times that auto-caption are OK for a speech with perfect diction, but bad for most situations. Well, google translate is similar: good for simple direct sentences and bad for everything else. Watch a song translated from English to a couple of languages and back to English: Pokemon Lion King
    Top line is the original, bottom line is the translation. Enjoy!

  15. Somehow my body clock wakes me at the right time most mornings. I really dislike being startled awake by the shaker, panic sets in until I realize it's just the alarm. Tried the cellphone under the pillow, it falls on the floor or gets lost in the sheets. I suppose I could tape it to my chest or my face but that's a lot of tape and radiation…. I just need a human to shake my shoulder…"hey dummy, wake up!"

    Break-up's suck and so do pet emergencies. It's just a storm that soon shall pass.

    Awesome giveaway!

  16. Hello Rikki how are you I hope the rough patch your going through right now clears up soon

  17. Unless I missed it what Sonic Alert alarm system do you use to wake yourself up? I’m very interested to hear all the tools you use to wake yourself up. I’m a very heavy sleeper. I also have to sleep with a AutoPAP (like a CPAP) machine that makes tons of noise so I can’t hear much and I also have to wake up at 3:30am to take medication every morning. So I’m very curious to see what you use. I’m very much a Sonic Alert user. I love that brand.

  18. Have you ever used a Fitbit watch? It has a vibrate alarm feature that my fiance and I use to not wake each other up since we have different times to get up.

  19. Have you ever heard of the book “Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover? It’s topic has to do with a deaf person, and that book fascinated in every single way possible (you should check it out) ❤️ Through that book I got super interested in the world of a deaf person and then I found your acc and I’ve watched every single video with so much fascination 🙌🏼 I think what you’re doing is great, and I hope you grow big, cause what you’re doing is far more interesting than anything I’ve ever watched on yt 🙂

  20. I find that flash alarm on my phone always wakes me up. However, the catch is that you have to be in a dark environment. I wish a company made an all inclusive alarm system for frequent deaf travelers. One that included a visual smoke alarm/co2 detector and an alarm clock function.

  21. My future husband uses the Sonic Bomb alarm clock I got him from Amazon. He's had his hearing parents wake him for school and everything his entire life. I was shocked! So at 23 years old, he gets an alarm clock that works. He has 2 alarms setup and apparently it's annoying to change those alarm times. Otherwise, it does the job.

  22. Sorry to hear about all the stuff going on. Sometimes taking a step back from everything is okay. I was just wondering if you ever used the alarm if you had to sleep in a bed with another person. How would that work?

  23. Don’t take this as a hate commend but alarm clocks are supposed to be unpleasant that’s how they wake you up

  24. I'm not deaf but alarm clocks give me anxiety so I wear this wrist band it'c called the Mi band and it just vibrates. It's like a watch I wear it all the time even when I go to bed. It vibrates and wakes me up. I think you should try it…

  25. Found the most masochistic alarm. the povlok, shock yourself awake. Also vibrates. So very deaf friendly. They also have the pavlok2 that helps break bad habits as well.

  26. I lOVE my FITBIT HR !! It has a haptic vibration setting as an alarm. So it feels ticklish when it goes off and wakes me up enough to rouse me naturally.

  27. opps didn't realize it goes under the matress and not the pillow. i have one that i bought. it's broken now. the button thing on the bottom doesn't work. it's fallen on the floor too mnay times. i used it maybe once or twice for camping/sleep over for girl guiding(scouting/USA) but it didn't do the trick cause im a heavy sleeper at camp.

  28. I am deaf but also have hearing impairments, but I still wake up in the morning with no just like any other deaf person. I have never try the sonic alert but I did try a vibrating one than I broke it or accidentally put water or something like that so now I just depend on my fam waking me up for stuff like school

  29. I’m not deaf but I use a vibrating wrist alarm to make sure I don’t wake up my partner in the morning. It works amazing and has different vibrate levels.

    It’s the garmin vivosmart 3 fitness watch 🙂

    Battery lasts for 1-2 weeks

  30. i have an alarm for the deaf. it shakes my pillow and flashes at me bc i sleep thru alarms and the ones loud enough to wake me up cause me to wake up screaming 😅
    (im not deaf or hoh tho)

  31. Thanks for the disclaimer on the prank front. As someone with a complete phobia of earthquakes, that would be a VERY interesting wake-up.

  32. I have had a bed vibrating and flashing light clocks that sadly stopped working along time ago, and I couldn't afford a new bed shaker clock, so I did use the loudest clock I could get but instead of waking me up it wakes the family up instead, and they turn the alarm off and don't bother waking me up, but I just got my sonic shaker clock last wednesday and it's ok and it beats the vibration on my phone under my pillow.

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