iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing and Boudoir Photoshoot! Camera Test

– What’s up guys, welcome
back to the channel. I’m Mike Sasser, Boudoir Photographer here in Los Angeles, California. And because I’m still just
a small fish in a big pond, Apple didn’t send me any
cool iPhone’s for free so I could check out and
post ’em early for you guys. I’m pretty disappointed about that, but honestly, not that surprised. I have to now go pick up the phone so that I can do my shoot at one. Otherwise, who knows
when it’ll get delivered. Six o’clock in the evening, I can’t shoot at six
o’clock in the evening. So we gotta go. (“Crystallize” by AGST) Well that went well. Just a 40 minute drive home
and check this thing out. Let’s go unbox this thing. All right guys, if this is
your firs time to the channel and you have an interest
in Boudoir Photography or growing your photography business I hope you stick around and subscribe because I’ve got a slew of tutorials that have already been
put out on this channel. And I’m uploading videos every week. Now I’ve actually been curious
about doing a boudoir shoot with an iPhone for a while, but I just never had a good
enough reason to make it happen. And all they’ve been talking
about with this new iPhone are the camera, so let’s
go ahead and unbox it, see what we got. Actually, if this is
gonna be a boudoir shoot, would should probably add a
little boudoir touch to it. Is that better, worse, you tell me. Now if this is your very first iPhone 11 Pro Max unboxing
I’d be very surprised, but with that said, let’s go
ahead and see what’s inside. So we have a phone! Who would have thought! So I messed up this
unboxing video seven times, so it’s supposed to have a flap here, but I’ve already taken it off. So we’re just gonna, we’re just gonna, all right. (laughs) Let me just put this guy back in here. (mellow pop music) Let’s see what else is in here. We’ve got, oh my gosh, headphones! Was not expecting that. And now they got these the fast USB charger and then of course the
USB-C to lightning adapter. Ope, that was too hard. So let’s do quick overview of what makes this new phone special. It’s faster and the battery lasts longer. And the screen is better. And the screen is better. Now what I’m actually
excited about the most is the new ultra wide angle camera. Definitely not the way it looks, I think it looks like the
left half of a spider’s face and I’m not that into that. But I’ve never actually used an iPhone for a boudoir shoot, so I’m expecting this to be a huge disaster. But it should be fun. So for my client work, I’m
not usually using my iPhone, I’m using my much more
professional Fuji camera. (camera whirring) I’m, that, okay. I actually did just pick
up this Fuji GFX 50R and if you guys wanna see
me make a video with that let me know, I’m gonna
take a couple pictures at the end of this photo shoot with this, so you can check it out. But my main go to camera is the Sony a9. All right, so with all that prep, let’s start shooting, woo! What’s up guys, this is Jordan. She’s gonna be helping us out
– Hi! – Today so we’re just gonna get started. Sound good?
– Yes. – Okay, so everything we’re
shooting is portrait mode now. I would really love to
shoot with Lightroom because within the Lightroom app, you can shoot DNG, so
you get more information which is really exciting. Exciting, it’s exciting. (Jordan laughs) But the negative is you
don’t have access to that like actual portrait mode
that blurs out the background which is what makes
things look professional. So we’re gonna stick with
the in-camera app here to capture some photos. Breathe through your mouth. Love that. One more looking right at me. Give it some zhuzh. Yes, zhuzh that up, zhuzh that hair! (laughing)
– You’re funny, oh my god, zhuzh! – [Mike] All the pictures
you’ll see were edited in the photo’s app. So the first thing that
you can do in portrait mode is change the aperture,
we can get that background even more blurry if we want to. If you do it too much,
it looks a little odd. The next are their lighting modes and honestly I was pretty
pleasantly surprised with the first two, contour
lighting looks really nice, studio lighting can make your
subject a little bit bright, but in this case we’re gonna
dial back that aperture a little bit more. And that’s pretty amazing. (mellow pop music) All right, it’s a little slow. Like you snap a photo and then you take a moment and then it like has to redo it before you can take
another photo, that’s okay. It’s pretty good.
– Mhm. – It’s pretty good, okay. Okay, so you’re gonna switch
the weight on your legs. Perfect, I love that. And then with this hand, just kind of like you’re about
to like pull up your bottoms a little bit, eyes down for one. Elbow back a little further. It’s exposure doesn’t wanna work with me. Check this out.
– That looks like a professional photo.
– I don’t, I mean. – I know, like what are you– – That looks really, really good. (upbeat pop music) Yeah right there. Beautiful. All right eyes down a little
bit, yeah that’s perfect, stay right there. – [Jordan] Honestly. (laughs) – It looks amazing.
– Yeah. (upbeat pop music) – So the negative, I think, of the iPhone, is like it makes the backgrounds, makes everything brighter. It tries to even out the exposure, but I wanna a little bit more contrast. So I’m gonna close all
these windows in the back. And then we’re gonna shoot back this way. (upbeat pop music) All right so we’re gonna
do a little record here. So that you guys can see what’s going on. Okay, so initially as
I’m about to shoot this, like everything’s so, so, so bright, but with my style, what
I wanna do is I wanna get a little bit darker, get
that background to fade out so you can do that just by doing that. All right, peeking down this way, across your, yeah, love that. Stay right there. Deep breath. (upbeat pop music) Okay, peeking up at me. That’s amazing. (upbeat pop music) Let’s have you lay down
on your back right here. We’ll do like a little bit
more of a classic boudoir shot. Like this, yes, exactly. Let’s see how this looks. So I have no idea. (laughs) Yes, amazing, stay right there. Ope, see if we can get exposure here. All right so it’s working
okay with backlight, let’s see what happens
if I get a little closer. This is the silliest I’ve ever
felt taking boudoir pictures. (laughing) It’s just like, doing this over and over and over again. (upbeat pop music) I’m like legitimately
pretty impressed with this. Like I thought this was gonna be, it wasn’t gonna handle the light. But like, it looks super crisp and it looks like, the pictures look professional. I mean, not like something
that I would maybe sell to my clients, but I
really am pretty impressed. Obviously good light, good set, knowing what you’re doing
with it goes a long way. That’s really where it is. And we’ve got great light
in the studio, but like, this is crazy. (laughs) Yep, that’s great. Eyes down. (upbeat pop music) That’s like a workout,
keeping your elbows up, being able to do that. Otherwise you’re just like tucked in here, like you can, that doesn’t feel natural. (upbeat pop music) So I definitely feel good about
shooting in portrait mode. A little bit more zoomed in. I wanna try and see how the
super wide looks in this space and I wanna try also a silhouette and see how, if silhouettes
work on the iPhone. Let’s give it a shot. Exactly, so you can bring
your feet a little bit closer to you if that’s easier. Let’s do just a photo, and we’ll do two times ’cause
we’re not gonna try and. All right, slide your
hands up a little higher. Keep going all the way. Perfect, keep going, all
the way up, all the way up. – Wow, that’s like, wow. (upbeat pop music) – Why even buy a camera, I know why, like I’ll never actually use this, but, basically like if
you’ve got good light, silhouette’s look really good. I’m pretty blown away. Oh my goodness, this super
wide angle is ridiculous. I love it. That’s perfect, okay, I actually want you to take the steps. Perfect, oh that’s amazing. Dude, the super wide angle looks so good. (laughing) (upbeat pop music) As far as the iPhone goes,
I’m so much more blown away than I thought I was gonna be. It was really exciting. Just as a little bit of a comparison, I’m gonna snap a few
photos with my new camera, the GFX 50R, which is
a medium format camera. If you guys wanna see
a longer video on this, let me know in the comments. This is gonna be sick, you ready? Love that, yes, exactly. (“Never Gonna Fail” by Killrude) ♪ Can you tell ♪ I want your chest to be more towards the, exactly, right there. ♪ Can you tell ♪ – All right, so let’s talk
about what just happened. First of all, I am super blown away by the quality of this camera. I came in with pretty low expectations as far as like how it
would handle the dramatic changes and contrasts and light and it like, it rocked it. Not only that, but the
ultra wide angle lens did beautifully kind of
lengthening Jordan’s legs, showing the space really well, and I think the distortion
is really flattering. Also hugely exceeded my expectations. Now the iPhone, the way it’s designed, is to brighten everything up. It wants everything to be
a really good exposure, but I definitely don’t want
that for my boudoir images. So it was annoying to have to darken the image as much as I did. Now, I just went through
and I found exposure lock and that looks like it’s
just gonna keep it exactly the same exposure until you change it. And I think if you’re able to do that, that’ll speed up your work flow. Now I’m not gonna sit
here and tell you like, hey, the iPhone is good enough for professional boudoir photography. The hero here was
definitely the good light that we have in the studio. Like I say in all my other videos, light is pretty much
number one when it comes to creating an image. Above pose, above location,
light is number one. And also largely above your gear, too. But with that said, it’s
clear that the new iPhone is definitely capable
of handling the light in this situation. So should you upgrade? I don’t know, I didn’t make this video to try and convince you
guys to buy an iPhone, I just wanted to see what it could do, what it was capable of and have a good time showing you. I think that if the ultra wide angle lens is something that’s gonna
be really important to you, I’d say it’s a no brainer. That’s really the main reason
why I upgraded this year. Otherwise I don’t, I
don’t have any advice. I’m just a YouTuber, I’m
just a guy who makes videos, what do I know? So at the end of this video, I’m going to post some
pictures that I took of Jordan with the Fuji GFX. Now it’s a much bigger sensor and it should be wildly better quality, but it’s always fun to compare and kind of take a look
at the differences. And I’m headed to Bali next month, so I’ll be making a ton
of videos out there. So if you wanna see those or
get notifications for those, definitely subscribe, hit the bell, and I will see you guys next week. (“Never Gonna Fail” by Killrude) ♪ Can you tell ♪ ♪ Can you tell ♪

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