iPad CCTV App for iDVR Video Surveillance Recorders

The MobileCMS app allows users to connect
to the IDVRS video surveillance records from CCTV Camera Pros using an iPad or iPhone.
In this video we will demonstrate connecting to the four channel IDVR E4 using an Apple
iPad. We start by launching the MobileCMS app on our iPad. On the device list screen
I tap on the plus button to add the DVR to connect to. In the name field users can choose
any name they want for their connection. In the IP field I enter the IP address of the
DVR followed by a colon, and then the port number that the DVR is operating on. The default
port is 7000. Next I enter the admin user name and password, then press done. The app
attempts to connect the DVR, and if successful the DVR is added to the device list in the
app. To log in to the DVR I tap on the device in
the device list. A connection is established and we can see the four camera view of the
DVR we just connected to. I then browse through the single camera view of camera one by double
tapping on the screen. I am switching views to the other cameras by swiping my finger
across the screen. I go back to the quad screen view by tapping on the four camera grid icon
in the app. With the eight and 16 channel IDVR models users can also view nine and 16
cameras on a single screen by tapping on the nine or 16 grid view icons.
In addition to support for remote viewing using the iPad, the IDVR also supports remote
viewing using iPhone, Android, and Blackberry cellphones. In addition to mobile phone support
users can also log into the IDVR from both Windows and Mac-based computers using Internet
Explorer on Windows, and the free Mac DVR viewer software that is included for Macintosh.
For more information on the IDVR please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/idvr. Thank you for
watching our video.

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