iOS 13 – New Features you can’t see and more hidden updates

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 brings with it a lot of new changes and features but there’s a lot
of things you can’t see that are in the background and that has to do with
optimization and really speeding up and helping the stability of the overall
experience and that goes back to the iPhone se as well a lot of people think
Apple slows down their phones and while that may or may not be true based on
your battery life there are a lot of optimizations that should make iOS 13
better than iOS 12 so I wanted to go over all of those since you can’t really
even see them and then of course at the end of the video I want to give you a
few different features and things that you may not even realize are in iOS 13
that I can show you so the first thing that is really what most people are
looking forward to is the speed of app launching so Apple is actually optimized
app launching to be two to three times as fast and also they’re going to make
it so that apps can be smaller so that when you actually need to download them
it takes up less data and while we may not see any of these optimizations until
the final release they should be in the final release
in fact Apple flashed a slide up with all of these different optimizations
during their keynote in June when they showed off iOS 13 to begin with so I
wanted to go over some of them and just explain them to you now I am NOT a
developer I have worked on different code and things but I am not generally a
developer however I want to go over each one of these things or just run through
them quickly to explain what Apple is doing in the background so some of them
you may be able to understand you may not but just know that they’re all there
to make things more efficient and faster so one of them is an improved kernel
thread schedule the kernel is basically the main code behind the OS so improved
kernel thread scheduler DL yb3 closures that’s one I was not able to even find
much information on they’ve also improved some of the system frameworks
they’ve also got more efficient shared cache improved background process
efficiency so that would mean while you’re working on something in another
app maybe it’s doing something in the background
it’s more efficient uses less power things like that also compiler
improvements when you actually create an app and there’s you actually have to
compile it so that your operating system understands it there’s improvements with
that as far as efficiency when the actual OS is interpreting that code also
iCloud optimization so of course most of us are using some form of iCloud and if
you’re using iCloud there should be some improvements there whether that means
sending information back and forth with the files app or just saving your photos
things like that it should be more efficient there’s now asynchronous metal
shaders and metal is actually some of the graphics processes similar to direct
acts on Windows things like that there’s also Swift code optimizations so
Swift is what you can create an app in you can still use older code like
objective-c but Swift is the newer programming language that they’re kind
of moving towards or you can create an app in now there’s also dynamic network
switching so maybe you’re on your current home Wi-Fi network it’ll jump to
another network more efficiently or there may be something more to that
maybe working with companies like yo or maybe they’re going to make another
Airport we don’t really know they haven’t said all of that now if you have
a device that has a super Retina display like this iPhone XS Max it also has
reduced memory usage so that’s good for iOS 13 so you’re not going to use as
much memory you’re going to have more efficiency and better RAM management so
maybe you’re opening an app and the next time you go in to see the App Store it
doesn’t have to reload so that should be better there’s some others like Auto
layout high efficiency memory allocation a PFS cache delete so a PFS is the file
system or Apple file system apparently there’s some caching there of course and
there may be deleting that more readily we don’t really know they just give us
that little blurb there then optimized fair play decryption fair play is one
way that they help encrypt people that create apps they can make sure that no
one is taking their apps and giving them away for free if they charge for them
and make a living off of that so they’ve improved that there’s also launch time
daemon throttling prioritized page outs and that is everything that should
help with efficiency when it comes to iOS their team now maybe you understood
a lot of that or maybe you didn’t understand any of it just know that in
theory it should make everything faster and by the time this is released in
September everything should be much faster than
iOS 12 and we’ll test that out when it comes to launching apps and just using
it in general on maybe even an older device and one of the newer devices or
maybe the iPhone 11 when it comes out but I wanted to share with you a few
features that you may not know exist in iOS 13 that I haven’t really seen many
people talk about so I wanted to show you a couple of those the first one has
to do with photos now you may or may not have seen this but let’s go into photos
and in the Photos app if you go to the photos button in the bottom left and
then you’ll see select up here or a plus or minus in the upper right if you hit
the plus or minus you can zoom in to the actual photo or you could 3d touch her
or haptic press that photo you can use this little zoom to get really close or
back out zoom back in back out you can see all of your photos a lot more easily
so that should really help if you want to zoom in and kind of figure out where
your photos are again you can 3d press or haptic press to get a better view as
well now one of these is sort of a feature that people have been saying
they want to turn off but it’s actually a nice feature if you know how to use it
and what it’s there for so let’s go into notes now you’ll see
I’m in the Notes app and I’ve written hi how are you today and if you use three
fingers and tap the display you’ll get a new dialog on the top and this is
annoying some people that play games that require three fingers probably
they’ll have a way to turn this off in the future but right now in this
particular version they don’t but we have undo and redo and copy and paste
and things like that so if we tap the display and just move our fingers to the
right or left we can undo or redo so you’ll see there’s not a whole lot there
there’s a little line there when I redo that must be what I copied last time and
then swipe to the left we have undo and then if I tap here maybe select we of
course can copy and then tap down here tap with three fingers and paste with
that button so we could do this with a swipe or tap of these buttons they all
sort of do this and it’s sort of redundant but I do like
that it’s better to swipe your fingers instead of shaking the device it’s just
a newer way to do that now all throughout the OS when you’re replying
to email when you’re in notes you have some new rich text formatting so let’s
go into mail and I’ve created a new message and under this new message if I
just tap down here like I want to type the message what you can do is hit this
little arrow here on the top of the keyboard at the top right and then hit
the aaaa so the uppercase and lowercase a and now
you have all of your formatting you can change your fonts so later on we’ll be
able to add a bunch of fonts but it looks like we’ve got a bunch of system
fonts already so if I want to just pick a font for example maybe we’ll just pick
Helvetica new we’ll hit that and then we can make the text larger smaller change
the color of it to whatever we want maybe we’ll pick red and we’ve got all
of our different formatting there so you can do this all throughout the OS now
and then now if I type hi you’ll see that it’s red so it’s really nice and
it’s a feature that’s all throughout the OS that a lot of people don’t really
know is even there and all of these optimizations make everything faster and
then the added features make things a little more usable and like having a
full computer in your pocket the same is true for the iPhone se this phone feels
just as fast doing almost everything unless you’re loading a game that’s
where you’ll see the slower load times but other than that it feels very
optimized and fast overall just scrolling through anything from music to
the App Store to a webpage there we go it just feels like it’s a fully usable
phone in fact if you have an iPhone se you get iOS 13 you may not need to
update because it does everything you want with the exception of maybe some of
the better cameras and the FaceTime sensor this phone is fully capable just
like the newer phones so hopefully that gives you a little bit of insight into
the new features and changes with the iOS updates and let me know what you
think in the comments below which one is your favorite did you know any of those
different different new features or hidden features that I haven’t seen very
readily posted anywhere let me know what you
think in the comments below of course I’ll link this wallpaper in the
description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already though please
subscribe and hit that notification Bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed this video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time so that
was a lot of information to cover without seeing a whole lot so thank you
for watching until the end of the video and if you’re seeing this I’m thinking
of doing a comparison between the oldest phone maybe the iPhone se and the XS
Max or maybe I’ll wait until the iPhone 11 is out but would you want to see a
comparison between iOS 12 and 13 and do you think iOS 13 is going to be like iOS
11 where it’s full of bugs I’d love to know what you have to say in the
comments below I really appreciate it and thanks again
for watching

100 thoughts on “iOS 13 – New Features you can’t see and more hidden updates

  1. Aaron do you find ‘Handoff’ very unreliable ? It worked fine on iOS11 but through all of 12 not at all, I mean I open notes on my phone and it shows I have it open on my Mac but I mean the ‘Copy And Paste’ feature. Has totally stopped for me from one device to the other..
    Thoughts ?

  2. Anyone know if the apple cards 3% back applies to apple products bought at other stores? Or is it only at an apple store

  3. Here is some information, one the biggest reasons iOS 13 can have smaller apps and faster launches, is that now iOS 13 runs the Swift libraries natively, previously all apps had to include the swift libraries, that allowed the swift app to run properly. Now that those common swift libraries are build in iOS 13 and already preloaded, the app doesn't need to load them, or even carry them.

  4. I'm definitely skipping ios 13. Dont like how they're messing with my 3d touch and i still can't put apps anywhere. Been with apple since the 3gs but my next phone will probably be LG

  5. Just a little reminder. If you’re not happy with a feature, or how it works, you’re testing a beta. Apple includes a feedback app, so that you can give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Use the feedback app to inform Apple about the changes you’d like to see to the OS.

  6. Personally iOS 13 beta has been much better than iOS 11 beta. From my experience so far 13 beta has been better than the final release of 11. iOS 11 was a mess in beta form and defintely not their best release in final form.

  7. @5:16 you can also do the same by pinching in and out with your fingers….shows what an android user you are at heart, always looking for virtual buttons for functions 🤣 also at 6:26 you can select by a word by double tapping, and select a sentence by triple tapping. You took the long way there.

  8. 3Dtouc is not the same anymore, in fact it is just a haptic touch, and for me iOS 13 has a big NO…👎👎👎 otherwise you do an excellent job, big like from Romania 👍

  9. Very interesting, thanks for outlining these. Do you know how many of these underlying improvements are active on the current beta build?

  10. I hate new 3D Touch Bar(when u drag ur finger out of the bar ,icons start to move) and a new menu in Apple Music (3D Touch Bar was better )

  11. Great video Aaron as always man!! Just a little comment in 1:55 DYLD3 closure (not DLYD3 🙂 ) with simple words improves app launching.

  12. Amazing video I love it. Only you can do amazing videos and special videos like this. in 4:42–4:51 yes you should do opening apps speed tests but not maybe the iPhone SE you for sure should do it first on the oldest devices such as iPhone SE and iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Air 2. And you should also show the features in the iPhone SE and older devices and not only the newer devices like in this video you shew the features only on the iPhone XS Max you should show them on the older devices because most people don't have iPhone XS Max and XS and XR and even X so they have devices with home button and if you show the features on the oldest devices such as iPhone SE and iPhone 6S Plus for iOS 13 and iPad Air 2 for iPadOS 13 this also will give for us idea of how they perform not only in app opening so for features performance too.

    other than that it is amazing video and keep with your amazing work. Just focus more on older devices especially to check if apple and Craig lied us about the performance improvements on older devices or said the truth.

    Focus more on those 3 older devices!!!

    Amazing video!!!

  13. yes I would like to see the differences btw iOS 12 and 13 …I don't think iOS 13 will be as buggy this time round

  14. Yes it would be great to have the comparison between 12.4 and 13 specially on older devices like iPhone 7. 👍🏽

  15. The single thing ios13 is worse than ios12 is 3d touch, I really don’t like the new 3d touch. Hope they will refine it

  16. I would like to see speed comparisons on Iphone X vs SE on iOS 12 and 13. Honestly on the real it's hard to say if iOS 13 is gonna be like 11, I wanna say I doubt it but… you never know. I wanna say I doubt it because they're addressing all the bugs earlier on this time around, but seeing as how apple is adding a lot of new features to iOS this year than ever before. It's slightly possibly that it might be buggy on release, a little not by a lot.

  17. So far 13 beta 6 has been great. My banking app that was crashing under beta 5 is now working.
    Only 1 or 2 of my apps crashing. Speed good, battery life excellent, use all day and still 40-50% left.

  18. Under the hood improvements? The proof will be if we see any improvement. I won't jump on the first release but I am interested on how it runs on an SE. A comparison on that would be great. The last couple of iOS updates on my old iPhone 4 really bogged the phone down. Maybe it was a battery issue but it makes me cautious about upgrading the iOS as it gets older.

  19. An iOS 12.4 and iOS 13 speed test would be very great on the oldest supported iPhone (the 6s/SE), and latest (XS/XS Max).

  20. Idk if this is new but on ipados 13 i accidentally dragged a notification to the side and it opened the article in split view. Pretty dope unless this avaiable in ios 11

  21. When choosing a different font after sending the message or completing whatever I noticed the font changes back to default font.
    Wish there was a way so that the font chosen remains until you change it…

  22. Hey I was wondering if you still experience eye strain due to the OLED panel on the iPhone XS.. because I’ve been getting headaches and strain and can’t tell if it’s from the XS screen 🤷‍♂️

  23. Wow that’s the world’s most advanced technology optimizations ever heard before lol!!
    Even on Android keynote they are not as details as iOS Apple do ! 😃😃👍

  24. I’m excited for iOS 13, I believe with any new release we might expect things that need tweaking, I understand that’s what all the beta testing is about, but once the OS is released to the GP and more are using than with beta testing, things may just present…Thanks for all these videos, you do a good job of presenting without drama

  25. The iOS 12.4 is running way more smoothly than the former version 12.3 , not sure now about battery life ? Thanks Scarboro 🇨🇦💚

  26. Was that launch of the AppStore app BEFORE or AFTER the speedboost? It was slow as hell compared to when I launch google play or any other app on my not highend Android 😳
    Not bashing, not fanboy, just wondering as I have not owned an iPhone before and keep hearing it should be fast….. on to watch further of your vid

  27. Have you noticed that weather does not appear on lock screen when using Do not disturb?? Mine has not worked since the first beta.

  28. Im still wondering why is no-one talking about the fact that you can directly turn on and off your mobile data from the control centre instead of just pausing or whatever it was and you can also check your available internet connections around by 3d touching the wifi icon oh and the same for Bluetooth

  29. zollotech whenever iOS 13 betas are over and the official update comes out can you still update to the official update or do you need a computer to update whenever the official iOS 13 is out?

  30. Hi, have you notice that the icons in settings-wallpaper is much more saturated? This might be a bug no one is mentioning. FYI: iOS 13 Public beta
    13.0 (17A5556d), iPhone X. I am guessing it’s only showing in oled screens

  31. How’s battery life is it good compared to beta 5 I’m on iPad Pro 10.5 I just wanna know because on iOS 13 beta 5 I get like 12 hours of on screen/watching YouTube videos will this beta 6 lower my battery usage down

  32. Just installed the beta its awful, folders look hideous, imessage wont activate, apple are crap, ive seen roms slung together on XDA by amateurs that are better than this, utterly shameful, cant wait until my warranty is out so I can dump this shit xr and get a Samsung again

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