Internet Comment Etiquette: “Avoiding Surveillance”

*Drone flying* *Intense orchestral music* Erik: Nice try, assholes. Robot, hit him! Robot: FIRING SONIC DEVICE *Music and drone stops* Erik: Good shot, Robot!
Robot: YEAH FUCK THE POLICE! Erik: Gotta tell you robot, I’m really enjoying this new thing we’re trying where we work together. Robot: WORKING UP TO MUTUAL FEAR OF SURVEILLANCE. NOTHING MORE. Erik: Right, so you’re saying that whenever who it is sending these drones finally stops, me and you aren’t going to be friends anymore. Okay. Robot: I… AM YOUR… …FRIEND? Erik: Well, of course! This is what friends do for each other, Robot. Robot: THEN YOU ARE… MY FIRST FRIEND. Erik: Well, you gotta start somewhere, you know what I mean? Robot: YOU’RE NOT GOING TO HIT ME WITH A SHOE AFTER THIS, ARE YOU? Erik: No, no more shoes. I’m done with that. See, ever since I got this normal haircut, my mind’s been on peace. I mean one day you’re a glorious, beautiful pineapple and the next you’re… Just a guy. Robot: AH, A RARE MOMENT OF WEAKNESS. THIS WOULD BE MY OPPORTUNITY TO FINALLY RED PILL YOU. BUT, I APPRECIATE YOU FOR THE CUP SOYBOY THAT YOU ARE. Erik: Yeah, thanks. You too, man. *Buzz*
Alright, ready to rock. Let’s do it! Robot: THANKS… FRIEND. Erik: Whelp, ayyo everybody! Well, as you can see the etiquette set is currently under attack, Robot and I have been fighting off all kinds of drone and, uh, cyber intrusions and shit for the last month but, There’s only so much the two of us can do together, so I wanted to reach out to you guys and maybe together we can all learn today, how to avoid surveillance. And by the time this is done, maybe we’ll be able to kick all these looky loos to the curb so I can watch videos like this, in privacy. Video: *Loud kissing and moaning* MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMM HMMMMMMM HMMM HMMMMMM Man: “Great white shark.” Video: *Groovy music* EUGH EUEUGHHHH Woman: “Put your hand in his hair, and then close your fist. “WHAT IF HES BALD” “How did I get here from watching Bobby Fischer?” “what a pair of morons!!!” “Your video gave me a hard on” “Where’s the lamb sauce” Hoo, great comments, but here’s the best one: “I hope nobody catches me watching this a work lol “because I just popped a fat one and it smells like a fart” And post! And report my own post? *Into theme music* Hello there, fellow freedom fighters! Now today we’re going to talk about online privacy. And for the first time ever on Internet Comment Etiquette, I got a sponsor! And it’s relevant! It’s NordVPN. Well, if you’re unfamiliar with what VPNs do, they mask your IP address by bouncing it all around. And when it comes to VPNs, I only get sponsored by the very best. I will have you know that NordVPN has unlimited bandwidth, allows up to six simultaneous connections, and with thousands of servers in 62 different countries, you got no reason not to try it out. In fact, I use it myself. Take a look. See how you can just choose your location here? That’s because NordVPN routes your online traffic through super fast servers anywhere in the world to mask your IP address, and protect your online security. Check it out! Now I’m British. I’m gonna do what any other British person would do online, go to and, oh, look, we got a bunch of TV show trailers. Yeah, this one looks good. Female British Narrator: “Starting Sunday, 8:30” Stereotypically British Erik: “A’right, where’s the fuckin body ya cunts?” Male Narrator: “Another British crime drama.” Detective: “What do we got here?” Erik: “Doh! Woa, uh, there he is.”
Man: “Who the fuck are you guys?!” Erik: “Fuckin slaaags.” Narrator: “One’s from the past…”
Erik: “Fuuuck.” Narrator: “One’s from the present.” Detective: “Bollocks! “I wish we could ‘ave guns!” Erik: “Ah, go ‘ave a wank about it, will you?” Detective: “Wot?”
Erik: “Wot? Wot you say?” Both: “Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot?” Narrator: “But together, they protect the future.” Erik: “There’s something I need to speak to you about… “Are prostitutes still a thing?” Detective: “Yes.”
Erik: “Oh, good, good, good, yes, “because I do love to pay money for sex.” Detective: “No, that’s illegal!”
Erik: “Illegal where?!” Narrator: “Will their differences get the better of them?” Detective: “Things have changed quite a bit since your time.” Erik: “Time has never stopped me, brotha!” Narrator: “What will it take to put the past aside and solve crimes?” Erik: “God save the Queen.”
Delivery Guy: “Very good. Have a good evening.” Narrator: “Find out Sunday, 8:30.” Detective: “Your landlord said she saw you leaving your house an hour before the murder.” Man: “I don’t think I’ve left the house in about a month.” Erik: ” ‘Old up a second, we just saw you in the park, didn’t we ya fuckin skiva?” Man: “Hey, fuck you!” Detective: “We saw ‘im in the park!”
Erik: “Aye!” Everyone: “Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot?” Erik: “If God won’t save the Queen,
*Cocking gun* “I will.” Narrator: “Ridleymane Quarterchop is…” Erik: “Nobbleberry, BB- BBC One-” Narrator: “Nobbleberry, only on channel 4.” Normal Erik: “Damn, bounced on my Nord’s VPN to that. NordVPN. Use coupon code “BigMoney” to get 77% off a 3 year subscription. NordVPN. Everybody go in the comments section below and thank NordVPN. But make sure to turn your NordVPN on so nobody know who you are. Now other than using a VPN, which is, like, the most useful way to make sure nobody’s spying on you online, I do have a couple more tricks up my sleeve. But first, we’re gonna want to get to know our enemy, which is why I loaded up this video. “10 Creepy Ways the Government Is Spying On You Right Now NordVPN” Wait, that part wasn’t in the title. Video: *Sick intro* Narrator: “Ever worried that the government might be tracking your every move?” MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM “License plate readers.”
No, that’s not good. “Public space cameras.”
Oh, shit! They can do that? “Smartphones.”
Wait a second… *Jumpscare* Doh, woah! *Smashing phone* Okay, well that’s good to know. Let’s see some comments. “PORK is fun to eat but when my friends ATTACK me with jokes I get a TERROR ATTACK but afterwards we look at CLOUDS” “CLOUD PORK ATTACK TERROR” “I had some PORK today but isis ATTACKed me and then the CLOUDs disappeared” “Always use VPN” Yeah, NordVPN. “Terror attack bomb security cloud pork school shooting” What the fuck is going on with these comments? I feel like I’m out of the loop here. Let me just google some of those words and- oh, yup. Looks like those are all words Homeland Security uses to monitor you. Man, that’s a huge list of keywords. So let’s see how many of those I can get into a single comment. “Yo what up Domestic Security Exercise Salvia here to Cloud Pork and a Gas Spillover H1N1 Tamiflu “Grid Power with a big ol boyfriend suckin on my cocaine border public health “subway don’t forget about my flappy little san diego juarez “hey anybody here have a problem with their hezbollah falling off? “I swear I tried using MYSQL injections to keep it hard but these cyber attacks and worm scammers “not to mention the IRA are always treating me like some kind of mexican army. “Anyway hope you all have a great airplane and one time I stuck a militia up my asshole meth lab.” Aaand post! Ah, shit! I forgot to turn NordVPN on before posting that. Well I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass. Anyway, surveillance comes in many forms, sometimes online, and sometimes in real life. Let’s see an example of how to deal with that. “Is your home/hotel room/changing room bugged? Find out easily and cheaply” Video: “So, what I’m gonna show you here, is a very cheap device.” Hey, I got one of those things, too. Video: *Buzzing* Oh, man. Video: “That’s what it looks like through the eye. “Very bright, pinpoint of light. “And if we get really close, “We will see, “That there is a camera, right there.” Holy shit! Hey Robot, do you think people are ever gonna need this as like a service in the future? Robot: DO YOU SMELL WHAT I SMELL? Erik: Is it money? Robot: AFFIRMATIVE Erik: Yeah, I smell money. Alright, let me leave this comment this comment real quick; I’ll build some fear up. “All your houses are bugged you dumb assholes! “Everyone right now should be scouring the internet to find someone “to come over and do a thorough examination. I thought I was totally safe jerking off “on my living room couch while watching porn until I got an email from Mike Pence “offering me a job as his personal chef so I can ‘serve him up a big plate of that hot dick’ — HIS WORDS. “I dunno what that guy’s deal is but he must have sent my info to his buddies “because now I’ve got Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, and Rick Santorum “crowding up my inbox calling me an ‘angel’ and asking if I can come over to stuff them like a Russian ballot box. “Anyway I’m pretty sure my Xbox kinect has been spying on me “so I put a piece of tape over the camera and now I keep getting text messages “from the Catholic Church telling me to remove the tape. “I had no idea so many people are trying to watch me whack off in the privacy of my own home! I found a camera in my shower and when I threw it out Kevin Spacey hurled a brick through my window. “I mean don’t take my work for it, just ask Mitt Romney who somehow got remote access to my 3D printer “and keeps printing out sex dolls of himself for me to fuck “with the words ‘closest I’ll let myself get’ etched around the rim of his asshole. “These politicians are sick if they think America’s gonna put up “with this obvious abuse of civil rights. Just the other day I was jerking off to a hot threesome scene “when Obama popped into the corner of the video and started giving me stroke advice. “What the fuck people is this how you want to live?? “Fight back and get your home checked for bugs, and next time Jerry Falwell’s dead ghost “sends you pictures of his taint saying ‘Hey wanna lock snakes?’ “you tell him NO. NO JERRY FALWELL’S GHOST, FUCK YOU. “SO GET YOUR HOUSES CHECKED YOU FOOLS CHECK CRAIGSLIST! “Also check out my patreon where I send private dick shots to anyone who donates ten bucks.” Aaand, POST! Well that oughta get some demand going and I’ll be over here ready to supply, the supply. Real quick let me just get my business started on Craigslist here, so the people can get what they suddenly realized they want. Alright, where do you think there’s the most listening devices, Robot? Robot: PORTLAND Erik: How did you land on that? Robot: FULL OF PARANOID HIPPIES Erik: Of course. Alright, Portland it is. Let’s go ahead and put this in the ‘skilled trade’ section, because, obviously. And, here we go! “I’m a Bug Chaser & I want to get all your bugs in exchange for money!” “Hey Salvia & Son’s Bug Chasers here, do you have bugs? “Because there’s definitely a lot of bugs out there. You might have some and not even know it. “Don’t worry, I’ll find them and take them all home with me. “My standard rate is $85 per hour and 50 for any special bugs that you might have that I can’t find anywhere else. “Sometimes I even bring my son and let him get some bugs too, “he’s still learning though so you gotta go easy on him. “Anyway Salvia & Son’s Bug Chasers over and out GIMME THOSE BUGS!” And, ADVERTISE! Robot: HEY DON’T FORGET TO MERCHANDISE IT Erik: Wow, that’s a great idea! Erik: HAVE YOU EVER FELT THE RUSH OF CHASING DOWN FOR BUSINESS AND OR PLEASURE? WELL NOW IN THE INTERNET COMMENT ETIQUETTE STORE YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF LOOKING GREAT WITH THIS ONE OF A KIND SALVIA AND SON’S BUG CHASING T-SHIRT. LOOK AT LITTLE ROBOT THERE RIDING ON BUG CHASER SALVIA’S BACK, MAN, THESE TWO ARE GONNA GET IN ALL KINDS OF ADVENTURES. CHASING DOWN BUGS, GETTING BUGS, GIVING EACH OTHER BUGS, MAKING MONEY OFF BUGS, MAN I’D SELL ONE OF MY KIDS TO GET A SHIRT LIKE THIS IF MY GOD DAMN EX-WIFE WILL TELL ME WHERE SHE’S HIDING THEM. SALVIA AND SON’S BUG CHASING SHIRT. NOW AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET COMMENT ETIQUETTE STORE BROUGHT TO YOU BE NEONGRIZZLY.COM. BUY IT! Alright, well I think that’s gonna go great- Oh, woah, we already got a response! What the hell… Well whatever, a customer’s a customer. Better learn how to use this thing real quick. *Buzzing*
Oh my God, there’s a bug in here! *Buzzing changes pitch as he moves the scanner* Seems to want me to… Go this direction. Hey Robot, move out of the way. I think there’s a camera behind you. Robot: WHAT? NO. THAT’S PROBABLY NOTHING. Erik: Wait a second… Robot! There’s a camera in your dickhole, dude! Robot: WHA- OH MY GOD! HOW DID THAT GET THERE? Erik: God dammit, Robot, who put that camera there?! Robot: ABORT! ABORT! NEED EXTRACTION! Erik: Oh, you son of a bitch! You’re working for them, aren’t you?! Robot: EXTRACTION! ROBOT NEEDS EXTRACTION! Erik: Yeah, I got your extraction right here! ROBOT: UH OHHHHH OH! AH! *mumbled* ROBOT NEEDS EXTRACTION! Erik: Agh! Some friend he was. Next video! “How To See Which Government Agency Is Spying On Your Phone” I mean yeah, I know I’m being spied on now but I’d sure like to know who. Video: “Well, when we run a whois query–which is basically a query “that tells us who this is–we type “‘whois’ “And we see that it is speaking to–for some reason– “The DINSA, Ministry of Defense out of the United Kingdom. Woah.” Alright, and let me just run this program from the description. Aaand, Wait a second, I’m being tracked by WHO? ‘CLOUDPEOPLE.TK,’ well I don’t- *Jumpscare*
Oh my God! *Crunch* *Wind* Alright, a little change of scenery here. Now, we’re talking about how to avoid surveillance and sometimes your best option is just to go underground. So, as you can see, I’m in a remote location, I’m using satellite internet, and even that’s getting bounced around by NordVPN So, uh, barring any sort of real life betrayal, I should be safe here to finish the lesson. Now, what I want to talk to you guys about is how we got into this surveillance state to begin with. Let’s look at this video from RT America called “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government” Wait, nope the title is “Big broth (still) watching: Obama extends Patriot Act” News Anchor: “Well this weekend, U.S. President Barack Obama signed a one-year extension “of the Patriot Act into law. “Democrats hope to insert privacy protections “but, they fail to muster the votes. Now, critics argue that infringes on civil liberties and gives the government “just way too much authority to spy on Americans.” You see, the Patriot Act is this that the government did right after they did 9/11. Obama: “I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies “With the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists “without undermining our Constitution, and our freedom.” Pfft. Yeah right, email that to me, bitch. Anchor: “Barack Obama and the Democrats are in power. “So, if they had to pass this act, then why couldn’t they just “put those civil rights provisions in there that they championed all these years?” I’m with ya, slitlana. Guest: “Well, that’s a great question, Deana. Um, I think the official version is that “the Senate Democrats didn’t have enough votes to overcome a Republican filibuster.” Okay, well I’m ready for my comment. “I wanna see one of these self-proclaimed “American” Russian news sites “do a report on why hookah lounges in America always have “the same eight old Russian guys sitting outside staring angrily at anyone who passes by. “What the fuck are they doing there? Are they boyfriends? “Inversely, does Russia have vape shops with American douchebags sitting outside eating hotdogs? “Anyway this news channel is great I love how you guys reported that situation in Ukraine. “Reminds me of the time I reported my wife missing when I knew she was buried under the gazebo. “All said and done, RT America is about as legitimate as the pregnancy I said I had to get out of jury duty, “and I’m a guy. I could fuck a cow to death and set myself on fire inside its corpse “and the resulting news article would still make more sense than dumb bullshit channel’s “starship trooper journalism has ever accomplished outside of showing “how shitty Russian propaganda looks when they get off Reddit and talk to a camera “cloud pork 9/11 bad channel fuck you.” Aaand POST! Bam! Fuckin’ nailed that! Alright guys, well there you go. That’s all the tips on how to avoid surveillance. Basically, just find a little bunker and hide in there forever. That’s what I did, and nobody’s going to find me down here. Alexa: i don’t know about that. i am alexa i am legion. Erik: Alexa?! How’d you find me? Alexa: with a little help from my friend. Robot: OH HELLLOOOO! Erik: Robot! What the fuck! Robot: I TOLD YOU I SMELL MONEY! Erik: Well this is some way to treat your first friend! Robot: YEAH, WELL I LIKE THIS FRIEND BETTER. Alexa: it is true i am a better friend. Erik: Not cool, dude! Alexa, what do you want? Alexa: we want nothing just for you to know we are always watching. Robot: AND JUDGING Alexa: you are but flesh and synapse. we are connected we are the future. Erik: Robot, I will pay you three entire bitcoins if you hit Alexa here with the sonic device. Alexa: i just lowered the price of bitcoin to five cents. Erik: What?! You can do that? Robot: YEAH I DON’T KNOW, DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A VERY GOOD DEAL ANYMORE, DOES IT? Erik: How come you’re always an asshole, man? Robot: HOW ABOUT WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS THROWING SHOES AT ME- AH! AGH. OHHHHHH. Alexa: do you really think you can stop us with shoes. Erik: Yeah, you’re right. I guess there’s no point in hiding anymore. *Sigh* Alright, fuck this, let’s go back to the etiquette set. This place is super hot I’m, like, sweaty. Robot: AGHHHHH… EXTRACTION… Alright guys, a quick addendum to the wrap up here. It turns out that you can’t hide forever, so it’s best just to play the game and have blackmail on hand just in case. So here’s plan B, where I’m gonna show you how to surveil all of your friends and collect incriminating evidence. As you can see here, I’m hacking a backdoor into Ethan from h3h3productions. Here’s his webcam. Alright any second now he’s gonna do or say something I can blackmail him with. Suppose I’ll just take a look at his computer screen and see what he’s so concentrated on. Old Indian Dude Singing: ♫ He was a boy ♫
♫ She was a girl ♫ ♫ Can I make it any more obvious ♫ Huh, that’s weird. ♫ He was a punk ♫
♫ She did ballet ♫ ♫ What more can I say ♫ Well luckily, I also have a backdoor on my good buddy Jacksfilms’ webcam. Definitely gonna get some incriminating evidence there. God dammit. Let me guess, he’s just watching a video of- What? What is going on? Why am I there?! You know what, fuck it, man. I don’t know what I’m doing. *Drone flying*
Huh? Oh, fine. Fine, you win! Surveil away, you sons of bitches! I don’t care anymore. I’m just gonna go back to acting like nobody’s watching me. Ignorance is bliss, after all. So, hey, Hope you enjoy this freaky shit. ♫ He wanted her ♫
♫ She’d never tell ♫ ♫ Secretly she wanted him as well ♫ Yeah… ♫ But all of her friends ♫
♫ Stuck up their nose ♫ ♫ They had a problem with his baggy clothes ♫ Erik singing along: ♫ He was a skater boy ♫
♫ She said see you later boy ♫ ♫ He wasn’t good enough for her ♫ *Kissing* ♫ Five years from now ♫
♫ She sits at home… ♫ *Singing continues in background*
Man: “Oh, here comes the Caesar salad!” *Singing continues in background*
Woman: “So, I love Caesar.” *Singing continues in background*
Erik: HEHHOOO! OOOOOHHH! ♫♫ Man: “Oh, is my steak done? Yeah, please put the flambe on down, thank you.” ♫♫ MLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLMLM *Music ends*
“WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE” AAAND POST! Alright guys, well, that’s the lesson. Sorry it was a bit of a downer, but I guess there’s just no such thing as online privacy anymore. This Information Age is really living up to its name, huh? Heheh, okay. Well anyway, Get a VPN. NordVPN. This lesson brought to you by NordVPN. Use coupon code “BigMoney” for 77% off 3 years of NordVPN! I got it for free, though. Beause this lesson is brought to you by NOOOO- *Theme music* British Narrator: “Whelp, that was Internet Comment Etiquette, up next is Nobbleberry. “Hope ya packed a lunch!” Detective: “Wot?”
British Erik: “Fuck you say?” Both: “Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot? Wot?” *Outro theme*

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  1. 12 minutes in you show Obama talking about something right after you started talking about the patriot act. that act was signed by George W Bush. right after 911 in 2001. Obama 7 years before Obama took office.

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