Installation and Programming the RAD-1A for Secure FXS Paging

Hey folks, my name is Andrew
with Viking Electronics and today we are programming
the RAD-1A for paging. Lots of customers today with
legacy paging equipment are discovering they need an adapter
to make their paging work. Customers are turning to the RAD-1A
to bridge the technology gap for analog paging systems. This video covers installing and
programming the RAD-1A for paging. Before we dive in, make sure and click
the subscribe button and share this video. If you have any questions or tips after the video is over, please leave a comment down below. Alright, let’s dive in! Connect the paging source to the phone line input
on the RAD-1A with an RJ11 jack. The RAD-1A screw terminals – pins one and two –
output 600 Ohm audio to the paging amplifier. The RAD-1A provides a Form-C dry contact
for amplifiers that require an external trigger. Pin 5 is normally open, pin 6 is normally closed,
and pin 7 is common. Call into the RAD-1A’s extension or phone number from another line to access it’s programming menu. The RAD-1A answers the incoming call and beeps. Enter *845464, the default security code,
to access programming. Change the programming
Security Code by entering a new 6 digit number followed by #47. Add a paging access code
to prevent unauthorized paging by typing in a 6 digit number
that is different from the programming security code,
followed by #45. Some paging sources don’t provide
a disconnect signal. If that’s your case, you’ll have to use
the RAD-1A’s silence timeout. Tim, one of Viking’s senior technicians,
wanted you to have this tip: Disconnect from the RAD-1A,
and count the seconds until a busy signal is played back over the
paging system. Subtract 1 second for the
appropriate silence timeout length, call back into the RAD-1A, enter * followed by your new security code,
and program the silence timeout by entering the length in seconds followed by #49. #7 to disconnect. One last important note for applications
using zone paging: the RAD-1A won’t pass touch tones to a
zone paging device unless dip switch 1 is set to on. Setting dip switch 1 to on will also
disable the paging access code so if your application does
not require zone paging it’s best to leave dip switch 1
set to OFF. Let me know in the comments section if you
still have questions after watching this video. My name is Andrew with Viking
Electronics, thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. An optional software called RADVLA is available for the RAD-1A. It allows for a variable length paging Access Code of 1-6 digits.

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