Install PUBG Mobile in PC – Offline File 0.15.0 – Update – No Download Issues in Tencent Emulator

Hello ! Welcome to this video; and in this video, we will see how to install PUBG-Mobile game into Tencent Gaming Emulator with an offline Installer file Lets get started First of all, download Tencent Gaming Buddy by going to the link in the description and download it. and install it. If u have already installed the Emulator, open it. If you have installed a chinease version of it, you can change the language by going to this setting and clicking on it and click on the third one Now click on the first tab and click on this box and select the English language. now click this box now we need to close the emulator and restart it we need to close it entirely So, go to the taskbar and right click on the Tencent game and click on the second one now the game will be closed now open the emulator again then you will see that the emulator will be in english after opening the emulator click on the download button and let it download for atleast 1 percentage after it reaches 1 percentage, Pause the download and close the emulator again and after you’ve paused the download, go to the “C:” Drive or where you have installed the game and you will find a folder called “TEMP” in that directory and open it; and you will find a folder named “TxGameDownload” and open that folder and open an another folder called “MobileGamePCShared” folder there and you will see a file named as “Game_com_tencent_ig” and it will be a “ttd” file; and we need to delete that ttd file after deleting that we need to copy the download apk file to this directory after the copying process completed, and we need to open the emulator again. and click on the continue button of the download and it will get to 100 percentage Immediately because of we have inserted a fully downlloaded file into the directoy and it will automatically start the installation process.
the installation process will take some time to finish and there we go; we have successfully installed the game on the emulator if you like the video click on the Like button
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100 thoughts on “Install PUBG Mobile in PC – Offline File 0.15.0 – Update – No Download Issues in Tencent Emulator

  1. it's showing me that"gamingbuddy failed to launch " just because of graphics update. it's repeatedly asking me to update but my graphics are up-to-date. pls resolve it

  2. bro downloading agin 1 % i stopped the download then delete the file and copy downloaded file not downloading 100%.
    0% it will start agin downloading plss tell how to fix it

  3. Unable to download the map from within the game. The download starts but ends within 20-25% completion.
    Error Message says" Unable to download the map. Error: 295949… "
    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. could you please provide/share the apk : game_com_tencent_ig_0.11.0.apk
    which you have suggested to replace with .ttd file ?
    above provided links are fake

  5. Bhai apne jo pubg setup ka link diya hai wo pc k liye hai ya mobile k liye.,..
    Ya dono k liye hai….. please reply

  6. Bro if I need to upgrade and upgrade button is not coming what should I do???
    Can anyone help me out of this??

  7. unsub this shitty channel ..the link provided is loaded with malware..dont bother downloading ..PS the file is only 20 mb with shitload of malware

  8. bro plz give other link because this links file is not supported i will go on detail so he ssay that no support pause and resume and in my one phone 1gb and in second 1.5 data so my data after one phone end so i pause my file and after he no is not resume give me other and in detail file size 0 he downloads 2gb up

  9. WTF the link by Game_com_tencent_ig_0.12.0.apk Link 1 (google drive) in the description is a virus (ip grabber) DONT CLICK IT!!!

  10. bhai meri game kabhu 98 per rok jati ha or kabhi 0x0000005 ka error dati ha plz is per video banao

  11. Thanks for uploading new update but please give direct Google drive link ,not getting the link it just redirects to other links

  12. i download tencent gaming buddy and when it opens at the bottom it is showing the engine is showing … And the game is not downloading.. pls help

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