Install ESET Secure Authentication

After viewing this video, you’ll be able
to install ESET Secure Authentication. Before you
start the installation please refer to the user guide for a list
of supported operating systems. Launch the installer package and read
and accept the end-user license agreement. Now the installer will check all the
prerequisites for successful installation. If any prerequisite is missing it will
appear on the screen as failed and the issue has to be resolved before
you can continue. In case the .NET framework is missing, the
installer will add this component as part of the installation. From this screen you’ll be able to
select the components to install. The installer automatically detects
which supported environments are installed and pre-select them. In order for ESA to
work properly both core components, the management tools and
authentication server have to be installed. In case you select
the manuel component, which is not installed, you’ll need to
apply the necessary changes before you can proceed. Click the Next button and wait until the
installer finishes. Now the installation is complete. That’s
it, we hope you found this information helpful.

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