iHome iH27B Portable Speakers with Alarm Clock

Hey are you looking for a portable
speaker system for your ipod that’s going to sound really good
and be able to go with you anywhere and also act as your traveling
wakeup companion anywhere you go? This one’s got your bases
covered all across the board. The iHome portable
speaker system, it’s the iH27, a perfect portable speaker
system from the people at iHome. Super super easy to use,
very few buttons to operate. I mean the whole purpose
of this item is to do nothing but make your music sound good
and act as an alarm clock and it does both of them just
fine. Buttons on the thing are located across and top, across
the top flanking your ipod as you can see right there.
You’ve got control over your playback, you can
turn everything off, you can set your time over here
and then right over here you can also turn your alarm clock on
and off and adjust volume. You also have a snooze
button located right here along with a status
display for your time, and showing you the batteries
that are left on this item. Yeah actually this dock does
in fact work with batteries. It comes with an AC adapter so you
can plug it right into the wall but if you want to take it
with you out on the road, take it with to the beach,
take it anywhere you can imagine, you just need to buy a couple
of batteries for this thing and be able to listen
to music for hours. It also has a travel case so when
you are out on the road with this you can slide right into this
nice case that comes along with it so you don’t have to worry
about anything happening to it. It’s got 4 Reson8
speakers back here behind this grill which
are going to give you incredible sounding bass.
Two of the speakers are active, two of them are
passive. Passive means that they’re actually going
to use the air pressure that builds up inside
the speaker cabinet to just deliver a better
truer sounding bass coming out of these. They
actually sound really really good for speakers that are
so incredibly small. I mean we’re in a
large room right here and it easily fills the entire room
and we haven’t even turned it all the way up. So they
sound really great actually. Let me show you exactly
how this thing works because it does fold up
which is kind of cool. When you’re ready to
travel with it you simply fold it down like that
and slide it into the case so it folds flat. So it really
is easy to travel with. As you can see right here
you have an SRS button which is going to really
expand your stereo field when you’re listening to it
and it’s going to make the bass sound a whole heck
of a lot better. Around the back is where
you’re going to find your ports. You do have your
power cord right here, the ability to turn your remote,
now there is an optional remote you can purchase for this.
It does not come with it but you can get
an optional remote. You have an AV out so if
you’re using an ipod video it will pass that along.
And line in to be used with any MP3 player on the market
so you don’t have to use this with just an ipod and then of
course down here at the bottom is where you’re going to
find your battery ports. It take AA batteries, there
are two of these doors so fill them up because it is
going to take a few batteries in order to get
this thing working. But cool box,
sounds really good, sounds better than you
would expect actually, when you look at the size of it.
Once you actually hear this thing turned on
it’s pretty impressive. It’s the iHome portable
speaker system model IH27. To get more info on the iHome
IH 27 portable speaker system for your ipod go to
any of the retailers you see up on the screen here
and type in I258-1008. For ComputerTV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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18 thoughts on “iHome iH27B Portable Speakers with Alarm Clock

  1. i hate all the ipod docks that DONT provide support for the ipod … seems like it would be easy to break the dock connector

  2. i have an ihome ih27b and i havent used it for a while and now i went to go play music and no sound comes out yet when i try to turn the volume up or down the screen does display as if i were actually turning up the volume but like i said no sound comes out and the ihome does still charge my itouch how do i get the speekers to work again?

  3. when i set the alarm the ihome does beep twice and i can hear it so i think that means the speakers work and i have the ipod in there correctly and the ihome can play the ipod because it used to and i tried a couple different ipods in it and it still doesnt work. can someone please help me!

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