I made a Grian Proof House in Minecraft

I need to Grian-proof. Now don’t get me wrong. I really like him. He’s a fantastic guy He’s a good friend of mine, but good grief. I need to protect my builds from him sometimes Okay, flicking levers that you shouldn’t be flicking, stealing gunpowder that you shouldn’t be stealing. We need to create some form of Grian proof structure. Which is exactly what I’ve done. I have created… I have cr– [laughing] oh god its a monstrosity It literally looks like a clickbait pro minecrafter house like how to get rich in minecraft,
this would be the thumbnail So I’ve created a building that is essentially
kryptonite for Grian. All of the things featured inside this structure here are things that Grian is…
is going to have some trouble with. I was watching a video of his that he made a few years ago about blocks that you shouldn’t use
when building and… yep All of these were things that he mentioned. He can’t help flick every lever in sight so this is going to take him a good amount of time and there’s a bunch of other quizzes and other things on the inside of here that are just gonna cause him some grief For example, I’ve got redstone based quizzes where he has to answer questions about redstone. to be able to move on to the next level. If he gets them wrong then he dies. I mean, I imagine there’s going to be some deaths there. We also have accurate representations
of his storage systems because we all know that Grian does not like to organize his items in the slightest. So I thought I would show him how inefficient it is to create massive systems like this by having to find the key in one of these shulker boxes. He needs to remove the potatoes that he’s thrown into the minecart system because we all know he loves doing that. And he needs to shoot as many cats through the target as he possibly can because we all know that Grian loves cats, and by the way, I’ve gotten ridiculously good at doing this. I mean as you can tell I’ve been practicing it far too often, aw this guy got away. And obviously that is just a very small sample of what is on the inside of this place there are tons of puzzles for Grian to work through and loads of problems for him to solve and you can go and watch him doing that in his video because well, apparently the feelings are mutual. I don’t know whether to take offense at this, but Grian also wants to Mumbo-proof some of his structures and he… He’s constructed a Mumbo-proof house. And I imagine he’s constructed it in a similar vein to how I’ve constructed this thing. It’s going to be filled with things that I personally am not really going to appreciate And now I mean I should probably check it out it shouldn’t I? Should we take a look? All right let’s take a look. Can you tell I’m nervous? I’m feeling kind of nervous. I just loaded up the world and I seem to have a face full of dirt, which isn’t… oh my word. what is this. what is this!? It’s like a Rubik’s Cube has crashed into a wizard’s hat. “Hi mumbo welcome to your new home there are many things to see.” “Feel free to open the door and explore.” Wait is that… [laughing] What’s this piston door?? [stuttering and laughing] Is that a piston door that takes like, four– four times to open and it’s all constructed out of ice as well and the floors are ice I hate wal– I hate walking on ice. There’s redstone lamps. It’s just it’s a mess, isn’t it? This is– this is what I would describe as being a cursed redstone contraption Right, I’m gonna take a wander around this thing I want to– I want to see the exterior in all its glory I also want to see what that is. “You want to open the mystery box. You need key.” Even that’s annoying. Right, well, I think we can conclude that this house is horrendous from all angles. It’s– yeah, it’s all horrible Just the dirt. It’s just, it’s a mess. It’s a real mess. We both went for quartz though, which is hilarious “Sorry about the mess do come in and see your new home.” Okay, right. ugh. OH! [laughing] Oh no… [laughing] Oh no! Oh, I like that, that’s a nice painting This is– this is horrible. That is the funniest thing ever though. That is genuinely hilarious. Right, let’s read the signs. Okay. “Hello, welcome to the house of your dreams.
Take a look.” These are… horrid. Absolutely horrible! This place is… It’s actually quite impressive. It has a lovely height to it. I’m impressed by how tall– it’s– it’s very cavernous. It’s very nice. “Some rooms are locked and need a key though. -G.” “Amazing never seen before item sorter
be amazed at this redstone contraption” “Take this shulker full of non stackables and take it to the top of the machine and enjoy.” Has he actually like done…? This looks… there’s a boat in there. This does not look like Grian’s redstone. There’s no way that Grian did this. There is– there is absolutely no way.
Okay, “place shulker here.” What is occurring? WHAT IS OCCURRING? I don’t think that sorted anything! [laughing] Wait, I think that was actually sorting stuff up until– that was sor– [wheeze laughing] Was that sorting stuff? I don’t know! I don’t know what happened! It actually was! It was sorting out non stackable items before it blew up This definitely smells like SciCraft. I just– I hate it. Everything about this let the dirt is going up to these these little areas They just lead to nowhere and this scaffolding here was I meant to use this scaffolding at all. I’m not sure okay Let’s make our way into the village of breeding room He’s so annoying I’m having to crawl through Why are they korean heads this is awful, right? Okay food Do I literally have to do it like this You can add a redstone clock to this and it’s all been placed on dirt as well Really with the ice floor too. This is a nightmare mumbos garage with all the cars He loves now. If there’s one thing that green can’t get wrong its cars. Ok, surely I I’m a lover of all types of cars so we should be ok That’s what no I’m liking this That’s my VW bus. And that is her that is a legitimate VW bus complete with This is great. He’s got the Alfa that’s looking mean. He’s got a Land Rover Defender. Oh Wow ito Jaguar, but he’s going for it. And that is that Is a legitimate looking e-type Jaguar as far as minecraft cars go He’s done good there with the brake lights as well and the brake lights are long and skinny He’s quite good at that defenders. Looking good That looks awesome super super cool run the engines Oh My poor alpha okay, the the campervan seem to have fared okay. We still have the top half the defender obviously has done All right, the e-type jag. Yeah, that’s mean I don’t care about that That’s someone else’s car but my alpha which is only just it’s nearly finished being built it’s been being built for the past nearly a year and It’s it’s this is all this left of it Mambo’s diary dear diary today. I have made a teef. Oh I’m massaging my eyeballs and some redstone stuff. It was a great day. I think later I was my favorite youtuber green and subscribe to his channel Bye diary that is that really okay, right? Let’s begin to head upstairs because it looks like there’s more stuff item sorter and storage room Wow, he’s taking the time to actually fill up all of these but this is a fairly accurate Representation of what this is actually more organized than greens general storage like that. That is that is some level of organization Whereas green storage is normally Just total total. Mayhem. This is a nice little desk. I like to think this is a computer screen and that’s my desktop background I’ve just gone back down to the bottom though and This don’t need the key. I think I left in my storage room. So I guess you go back up to the storage room Search through all of those chests all of those choker boxes What’s a champion so I was going back downstairs with our newfound key what do we put it? Is that we means does he mean that I think that gee I don’t know whatever we do now have access to the room Music to enjoy in your downtime You will need this at the end of the tour. Oh Is that the key that’s the key to the big box May reigns Is this this all I don’t like oh That’s that is that is This is my worst nightmare of a house, I’m I’m out of here I’m leaving that is oh That is funny. That is That is very very very And also he said warned a chap. No, which means that I can’t get sued. So um, oh good We weren’t talking about a specific company that will not Names. All right. Well, uh what we’ve made it we’ve made it to the end. We’ve got the question mark key So, I mean I’m guessing Oh What is that No, no, no, this is this is not Greene’s redstone this cannot be Green who has constructed this Dude thank goodness. I’ve got these wooden swords. Oh my word. It’s Magnificent That is absolutely magnificent Just a perfect form great leg movement Really nice. Oh I’m impressed It’s awful. It’s awful. It belongs in a horror book. This is this is horrendous. He has a mustache you shouldn’t have a mustache I’m actually I’m gonna pop through in spectator mode and we can just I Mean I it’s just it’s all bad, isn’t it? It’s all bad We’ve got walking mustachioed green face What finale so a beak a big knot? Thank you to green for constructing this thing But also if you do want to see green trying to take on my grim proof house Then obviously all of the links are down in the description. I’m sure he’ll have fun with that, too Although I can’t promise any walking mumbo faces. I feel like I’ve dropped the ball over there Anyway, I really do hope that you enjoyed if you did for usuals of that like man And you’ve really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks watching guys this be mumbo and I’m out. I’ll see you later I still can’t believe The Warner/chappell, nope the Warner chap no thing. Oh Boy, it’s the reason that I’m here doing this little outro. I can’t have music here anymore So you get to hear me waffle on for 18 seconds before I run out of time

100 thoughts on “I made a Grian Proof House in Minecraft

  1. Just came from Grian's video to watch Mumbo's XD

    By the way, if I was Grian I would literally cheat on camera instead of doing the cat-launching-test, I know it's just a game, but it still kinda hurts XD

  2. Mumbo: that is the funniest thing ever though.

    :doesn’t laugh

    Mumbo: that is genuinely the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

    :still doesn’t laugh.

  3. Me in 2015:I'm going to become a YouTube and play Minecraft in 60 fps no problem

    Me now: It has been almost 4 years and Im still poor.

    The only reason why I posted this comment is because I just realized it

  4. A normal US citizen: "what is happening?!"

    Mumno jumbo, being the absolute UK gentlement: "WHAT IS OCCURRING, WHAT IS OCCURRING?!"

  5. I can't resist it!
    "Mumbo Jumbo you are AFK,
    I'm gonna take that mustache away.
    Mumbo, Mumbo, Mumbo, AFK,
    I'm gonna that that mustache away. "

    Anytime I watch Grian and Mumbo jumbo doing a collaboration, that song automatically pops into my mind.

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