I lost a $2500 camera while mountain biking, so we went on a quest to find it

To some people, Sedona mountain bike festival
marks the dawn of the riding season. While the snow melts around the country, people
come from all over to ride this beautiful desert landscape. And this year Sedona Mountain Bike Festival
marks the end of a long lapse in travel for me. This is the first time since Sea Otter that
Eric and I will be attending a big event to meet the public, ride with fans, and do some
instagram storying on behalf of diamondback. After checking in and stopping by the festival
to pick up Eric’s bike, we headed out to a trail that I’ve never ridden before: Hangover. According to Eric Hangover is scenic, exposed,
and pretty technical in some places. But I’m ready for just about anything with
spare tubes, sealant, plugs, multi-tools, lights, hand sanitizer, riding shorts, extra
grips, chains, pumps, camera batteries, and—derailleur hangers. Well as it turns out, I didn’t bring an
extra derailleur hanger. I wasted a lot of time getting things sorted
after that impact. I’d get things working, and need to stop
again. But eventually we were back on track, and
it was clear that hangover trail deserved its reputation. It was fun, challenging, and really scenic. It also lives up to its name. So we took our time, soaked in the iconic
features, and made sure to get instagram stories along the way since that was kind of our job
on this ride. Although it was getting dark out, we had packed
lights with the intention of continuing into the night. Between the two of us, we were able to rig
up two headlamps for Eric, and one pretty bright handlebar light for me. That wasn’t ideal for this trail, but we
took it slow, scoped everything out, and decided to have fun anyway. Eric had ridden hangover—like 5 years ago,
so although he didn’t remember any specific lines he did know there was a sustained rock
roll coming up. So we decided to scope it out instead of,
you know, riding it blind with auxiliary headlamps. We were both kind of sleep deprived and needed to
host a group ride the following morning. So it was time to get back to the hotel, and
get some much needed rest. Except for one thing. My Panasonic GH5 was nowhere to be found. I checked all my pockets, but that thing’s
pretty big. But we were pretty sure of where it was since
the last time we used it was during the whole light debacle. But rather than search for my camera in the
dark, we decided to go back, swap my derailleur hanger, and return at the crack of dawn after
some actual sleep. Since we knew exactly where the camera would
be, I wasn’t too stressed out about it. So this was a great excuse to ride Hangover
for fun, without stopping for clips or stories. We were getting close to where we knew the
camera would be. We figured the camera fell out of my pack
further down the trail, or that some hiker is the proud owner of a GH5. Between the camera, the lens, the audio transmitter,
and the SD card I had in it, over $2500 was on the line, plus all the irreplaceable footage
on the SD hard. A glance to the right did nothing to reassure
either of us. But what are you gonna do? I basically assume that all my camera gear
will meet its demise in service to this YouTube channel, and we still had our GoPros and phones
to get footage with. Plus, we still needed to get back to the venue
to lead our group ride, and we were determined to do it in good spirits. Seeing in full daylight what we had ridden
the night before was pretty interesting. It’s actually less scary when you can’t
see it. On the way back to the car, we stopped along
the trail where I had washed out the night before. After all that, we found the camera face up
seemingly undamaged, but the lens had clearly broken off its mount. So we continued the search. The lens was toast. It had a torn ribbon cable and was making
rattling noises, but I had my wide angle with me and was curious as to whether the camera
itself was still okay. What I really meant to say is, the memories
on this SD card are impossible to replace. We had to get back to the venue for our group
ride so we hightailed it down the Jeep road to save time. And in the end, we made it. With the recovered GH5 and my spare lens we
were able to film an entire game of BIKE between Eric and I which will be live on his channel
in a few weeks. We were also able to shoot a video for our
second channel, Berm Peak Express. Check the description so you can subscribe
and see those videos when they go live. Thanks to everyone who visited us at Sedona
mountain bike festival, thanks to all who attended our ride. Also, thanks Sedona for all your awesome trails. Thanks for riding with me today and I’ll
see you next time.

100 thoughts on “I lost a $2500 camera while mountain biking, so we went on a quest to find it

  1. Today I'll try and get out to Best Buy and see if there's still a "warranty" on that lens. What do you think the over/under is on this?

  2. My bike is sketchy
    Light are kinda ill
    A rock has blood dripping .
    What should I do? Simple stupid stuff!!

  3. Everyone just glossing over the fact that he rode the Hangover rock roll at night with a backup handlebar light?
    Ok, sure.

  4. man Seth you have really elevated your chanal, especially with the addition of bremย peak express. keep up the good work – also you should check out Edmonton Alberta it's a great example of an amazing bike community and trails in the middle of a big city with no mountains

  5. Yo Seth I'm the idiot that said what's up to you at the airport escalator. I was wondering why you were in AZ. Glad you found your camera.

  6. I don't mean to offend you but your face and your voice doesn't seem to match. You sound like 20+ years old and you sound like the narrator of Practical Psychology.

  7. I wake up every Saturday morning here in Australia, make a coffee and watch your vid's. Thankyou, always entertaining!

  8. Man by min 7 of the video, i was about ready to call in to work and go on a mission to find this camera. I still might just go ride Hangover just because this video has me missing it. Great to meet you this weekend, and as always amazing content. Thanks again!

  9. We start being super careful with the camera gear. . .. then we get a bit rough because we really want to get the shots. . .. and then we damage or lose the camera and all we really care about is the footage. .. .. very glad you find it. … . Glass is glass, body is body. . … thousands of euros but the footage !? Priceless. . …. . ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I only own a hard tail. Hard tail everywhere and every time. BTW, I lived in Prescott for years and have spent much time in Sedona. Great place!

  11. OMG – yall are nuts, in the dark!. There are so many cliffs to drop off of there…. I almost walked off a cliff on a night hike back from a Rock climb. It was skree on slab , looked i was walking on ground, but I took one more step and a dinning room table sized patch of skree/gravel slid off a cliff edge and there I was holding onto a branch and standing on a bare slab. I could have easily gone over with the skree had there not been a tree nearby.

  12. Just so you know i watched the AD in full to help toward your lens replacement ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿผ

  13. Seth you do not have much luck when you travel, when you collaborate with other riders, or just when you go riding lol

  14. I got a hack for when you're out riding and you get stuck in the dark and you don't have lights take your phone turn on the flashlight and tuck it in your waistband this works best if you have bib shorts but also works with baggies if you tighten the waist band. not great but it will get you out if your stuck after dark.

  15. seth is such a good help to me he sends so much positivity and good advise you are all stupid if you dont drop him a like or a sub

    thanks for the good vids seth

  16. 4.10 queue the SEND IT music, In the dark ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿค˜
    Awesome find of the camera, thank the TRAIL GODS ๐Ÿ˜‡

  17. ooohhh thats sooo great i know it was badly damaged but ye found it! whawhoooo well done guys love what a place too i tottally see why you guys are always saying awesome when your surounded by paces like this.

  18. Buy a cannon rebbel or a entry level Nikon kit with lense for 500$ . That's my choice and my camera is almost always In my pack. Takes the exact same pictures as a 2000$ camera.
    I intend on it getting smashed and it's much much lighter than a (pro) SLR.

  19. Iโ€™d recommend getting a Tile Sticker for your camera so it will show up where it was last seen, and you can ping it when you get close to it

  20. I have actually nothing to say but: Great Video! Keep it going Seth! "If its a good enough Video, i can Probably make the Money back" OMG that cracked me up! :DDD

  21. Glad you found the camera, even if the lens was busted. And it was great you had an idea of where to look. You've got more experience than you want in tracking down lost cameras. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Glad you were able to recover your camera and footage! Oh, that sick feeling that you get when you realize that you lost something that valuable..

  23. โ€œThatโ€™s no problem for me, Iโ€™ve got head clearance!โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  24. God this ride was breathtaking, I fucked my bike horrifically and didn't have the funds to fix it so I've just been riding gravel, it's about time I get back on the trail.

  25. I was at an event in Sedona and heard the rumors of the hangover night ride.

    Glad u found your camera and I saw you at the DB tent

  26. I did that to my derailleur first day at Gunnison. Unfortunately it broke one of the flywheels but the awesome shops there had me going in no time.

  27. 3:55 Spooky. The only thing that is missing from this scene, is a close-up of the face with snot dripping from your noses…

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