I found a SPY camera.

– This looks kinda suspicious. I don’t see a lens on it, though. What’s this? Oh! Camera, found it! That, that was a good one. Can’t get past me, though. All right. Hey, guys, this is Austin. When you’re traveling
there is a lot to consider. Is your flight on time? How are you getting
around once you arrive? What’s the time zone difference? What you shouldn’t have to worry about is whether or not, soon as you get to your
hotel or perhaps your Airbnb, that you are being secretly recorded. A story started doing
the rounds back in April of a family who found hidden
cameras inside their Airbnb. Now there’s certainly
reasons why you might wanna legitimately have a camera. For example, the security camera outside. What’s never okay is
when these hidden cameras are so stealthy and in places like, say, the bedroom or bathroom, that obviously no one
would be comfortable with. – [Ken] I’m comfortable with it. – Okay, Ken, well not everyone’s you. So we decided to stage
a little experiment. How easy is it really to spy on someone? Then we tried to keep this
as simple as possible. We purchased a series of cameras straight from Amazon with Prime shipping and all of them were
reasonably affordable. I mean, we’re talkin’ between
like 40 to 100 dollars per camera, which is very
much what you could make by renting your place on
Airbnb for a night or two. So Ken and our producer,
Matt, have hidden a series of hidden cameras all
throughout Matt’s apartment, which I have never visited so not only do I not know the layout, I don’t know which cameras they’re using and where they’re placed. And I have exactly 10 minutes
to find as many of them as possible and hopefully, I’ll be able to give some good tips on what you should look
for as you go enter your hotel or your Airbnb or your sketchy friend Matt’s apartment. Actually, I don’t know why you’re sketchy. You’re not sketchy at all. You’re like the opposite of sketchy. – I’m just touched that
you called me a friend. (Austin laughs) (dramatic music) – (yawns) Well this is creepy. Okay, well, I immediately see a camera right underneath the hat. (quiet music) Hello. All right, well that was not
particularly well hidden. Okay, so that’s definitely
the Yi, that doesn’t count. I know they specifically told me that that one was here. Something I would actually normally say is that I’m going to use
my flashlight on my phone and essentially If I see any
kind of weird reflections I’m gonna try to rely on that. Maybe I can notice a lens or something. This would be a lot easier to spot though if it was dark. So, I’m just gonna get it dark in here. So, the problem is, he’s got so many legos it’s easy to hide things. Hi. Okay is this thing suspicious? This looks kinda suspicious. If this is a hidden camera, it’s pretty… Oh, what the what? Hello, what’s this? Oh, camera, found it! That was a good one. Can’t get passed me, though. All right. – So I was actually surprised
that he found that one. I thought he was gonna
find the one next to it before he found that one. – [Ken] Right, our decoy. – [Matt] Actually, you can
even see it’s got the infrared. (laughter) – This looks suspicious, but is it though? Actually , is this a real camera? I think this is a real camera. All right, what else? What else? That clock looks suspicious. All right, I’m just gonna… I’m just gonna pull it down. This is definitely a camera right? There’s a camera in here somewhere? Oh, the back is warm. No, no, no, this is a camera. Although, I’ve gotta say,
it looks really convincing. If this is a camera, I don’t see… Oh, there’s right there,
it’s inside the ten. Got it. I got it. I got it. Nice try, you can’t pull one over on me. Okay, think. I’m laying in bed. What’s gonna notice me
while I’m laying in bed? Oh, hi. Oh what’s up? Oh, an RF Detector. Okay, so, if you’re a hardcore nerd, then you might wanna pick
up something like this, which in theory, I’ve
never used it before, will let me know… (beeping)
Oh, okay, we found RF. So if I put it next to the GoPro (rapid beeping) Okay, there’s RF everywhere. This is not very helpful. So let’s see if this is helpful. I mean obviously,
router, that makes sense. TV, yeah makes sense. I wonder, I know this is a camera. (Beeping)
Oh yeah, yep. (beeping) Yep, okay, so this actually does work. – [Matt] Three minutes. – Three minutes? That’s it? Oh, no. Okay. What else, what else, what else? I feel like I’m still being spied on. – You’re getting colder. (laughter) – You don’t have to taunt me. Is there something like a vent? Is there like a… Oh, oh, that. That. This is not a real smoke detector. This looks too fake. Yeah, that’s not a smoke detector. Suck it. (laughter) – [Ken] So, we’d like to point out that the camera actually died on us – [Matt] Yeah it froze, yeah. – I feel like I’m still missing,
still missing something. I am kind of near the wifi though. (beeps) The Chromecast, no.
(beeps) (groans) All right, I’ll call it gentlemen. – So, I’ll be honest. – Yeah. You didn’t do great. – How many did I miss? – A lot. The one that we called, which ya didn’t, you
never fail to disappoint, that you were gonna find
this one right away, get all cocky about it… – [Austin] That is what
happened, that is what happened. – [Matt] That’s exactly what happened. – [Ken] Yeah that’s actually
not functional at all. – This is…
– [Austin] Oh. – [Ken] That’s a completely fake one. – This guy here is one of my favorites. This was up in the ceiling. – I’m lounging here, I’m looking up, like, why is that beeping at me? – I’m impressed with the
craftsmanship of this. – It looks good. – Even while you were holding it, the only thing that gave
it away was the heat of the back of it. This guy here is a lovely,
terrible Bluetooth speaker that has a camera right there. – Oh man, this is sketchy dude. We went into this video like, oh it’s gonna be this fun thing. Let’s go see if we can
find a couple cameras. You guys went all out, for real. This is like super sketchy. Is that one below the router? (groans)
(laughter) – Say hi. One of the points we were gonna make with the RF detector
is it’s not foolproof. – It’s not very good actually.
– At all. – It works really well,
but in a room like this… That’s a smart bulb, that’s a smart bulb. You got a camera up there
that’s transmitting. You got a router right here. There’s signals everywhere. If we continue on the tour… – There are more? – [Ken] Yes, there are more. – No, not the pen. Dude, that’s pretty good. – And then there’s one that I
knew that you would never find no matter how much you tried. – Oh no. – Your dead giveaway
should have been the pilot. – The pilot’s out? Oh yeah like I would know that
the pilot belongs in there. I went into this feeling pretty confident. I was like, okay, you know what? I’ve got my skills, I’ve got my knowledge, I know what I’m looking for. But this is me, knowing that
I’m in a room full of cameras and that’s the best I could do. I could…what did I
find half of them, maybe? Not even? So that was totally crazy. So, something I’m curious about, you have a mixture of cameras here. Some of these record to SD cards, but some of them actually
stream to an app, right? – [Matt] Yeah, most of these streamed. They didn’t stream very
well, to be honest, but they did all through a single app. So, the clock, the Bluetooth
speaker, the smoke detector, and the alarm clock were
all capable of streaming. – Also this is a real battery bank, right? – Yeah, so all of these
devices actually do something. They actually function,
minus the smoke detector. – [Austin, on speaker] This
is our brand new office setup. – You know what really
tripped me up is the pen. This looks like a real pen. I mean, you can actually
take it off and you’ll see, It’s essentially like
a fountain pen, right? And in fact, you were
trying to show me earlier that actually you can put a… – Yeah, there’s a little ink
cartridge, it will write. – This, when you put it in, say, a little thing full of pens, you’re never, ever,
ever going to notice it. The only reason, even
when you point it out, that I was able to spot it, was the fact that it was warm, right? That’s one of the things
that is a giveaway with all of these things. – A lot of these, yeah. – They’re warm right? A normal clock is not warm, a normal alarm clock or battery bank, they don’t ever get warm. But because they’re constantly recording, they do tend to heat up a little bit. So I guess if we were
going to do this again, I would probably wanna
employ a thermal camera because you would be able
to see a little bit more, like, hey, why is that thing warm? But you’re getting into
really paranoid territory if you’re walking around
with one of these things and a thermal camera, and you’re flashing lights and stuff. – So this here really
didn’t work at all for us. The RF detection really
doesn’t work anymore. It used to work when there
were no smart devices. But what we were hoping that would work is the laser detection. So if you look through here, what you were doing with your flashlight, this red light should
have shined these lenses, but it really didn’t. We tried it ourselves and the only one it
really worked on was… The Yi.
– The actual camera, which is meant to be seen. But it’s the thing where
technology’s come so far, right? I mean the fact that you’ve got
cameras which are this small or that’s this small
that can be easily hidden in these items means that
it’s pretty much open game. And especially given that this stuff is not hard to find, right? I mean, it’s one Amazon search away and, you know, one day Prime shipping. And you have a whole host
of super sketchy things. It’s easy to be paranoid. It’s easy to look at
this stuff and be like, oh, everyone’s gonna be
recording you all the time. But I mean, if you’re
even slightly suspicious, there’s a lot of things that you can do. I would say walk around, really thoroughly check things out. I mean, a lot of this stuff is very, very concealed. And the thing is, a lot of
these things work, right? These are proper spy, this
is like proper spy gear in that this is a real wireless charger. This is a real battery bank. And yet they do have that
camera and it is recording, and especially when you look
at the app stuff, right? It’s one thing if someone has
to break into your apartment to plant a battery bank or something or try to get the SD card back, but it’s a completely other thing when there’s a wireless camera there which is constantly streaming video. – [Matt] There is some consolation, is that most of these failed
on us during recording. There’s a lot of them that
just straight up didn’t work, the stream stopped. I mean, I have great internet so that’s not the issue, they just… – [Austin] They’re cheap.
– [Matt] They’re cheaply made. – You spend a little more money and I’m sure you’re getting
stuff which is of higher quality and even more dangerous. – Right. – So, sleep easy at night, friends because big brother is certainly watching. And if not, Ken will be. – [Ken] Yeah, I will. – [Matt] Yikes.

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