How to use the Explorer Premium digital endoscope camera

Hi and welcome to this quick video on the Explorer Premium Digital Endoscope. Now, this basically comes with two main components. It’s got a camera as well as a monitor. Now, the camera is powered by 4 AA batteries and they’re held just in the handle here. And to switch it on you can simply use the trigger wheel underneath, and rotate it towards you. Now when it comes on there’ll be a red indicator light on top, and if you carry on rotating it then the LED at the end will become even brighter. Rotate it back the other way, LED’s dim, and it eventually switches off. As for the monitor, this is powered by its own internal battery and that can be recharged through the mains. Now the mains adaptor simply fits into the side here, and next to this we’ve got the Micro SD card slot. As well as that, there’s also a Video Out point, as well as a Micro USB port. As for using it, it’s very simple. Simply switch on the camera and then, making sure you’ve got your SD card put in the side, switch on until the Welcome screen appears. Now you can leave the camera and the monitor as two separate units, but if you want to, they can also stick together. There’s a docking station on the back as well as a signal output, and these simply slide together. Now by default this is set to record video, and to do that, you simply press OK to start, and then OK to stop. To toggle between video mode and stills mode, just press the UP button on the side, and to take a picture just press OK. The DOWN button acts as a digital zoom, so you can go through different magnifications as well. So from 1x, to 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x and then cycle back to 1x again. Of course, whatever you do take pictures of, or video, you can see those immediately. Just press the MENU button in the centre and find the images you want to look at. And if you want to change any of your settings, once you’re in ‘live view’ mode again, just hold down the MENU button for a couple of seconds, and that will open up a different menu and from here you can change your frame rate, date, time and so on. So, as well as the monitor and the camera, the endoscope comes with all the cables you need, as well as a hook, magnet and a small mirror which can attach just to the end. And one final thing which is worth knowing is that this entire length of flexi cable is water proof. So it’s ideal for any aquatic surveys you want to do. I hope that’s helped and if you want to find out more just visit the website, or give one of our team a call.

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