How to use off camera flash with optical wireless communication

Hello Gauys, Today, you will watch video on Flash wireless
communication. In my last video , you watched all about godox
v8600 mark ii flash and I took lots of time to explain the all
features about godox flash 860 Now, I will not take much time , in this video and quickly guide you how we can use off-camera
flash with the help of optical wireless communication. Before watching this video, I request you
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ideas , so I can create those videos that you want to like to watch. Now , I will showing you which gears I am
using in this video. I am using Godox V860 mark ii flash
Nikon SB 800 Nikon D7500 Camera First set the Camera settings from the camera
menu Need to go on photo shooting menu you can
see here Flash Control option I can set setting either here or My Menu. Now selecting the flash control from here After selecting flash control, you will see
the optical wireless options Select it , You will see here Optical AWL
option AWL means Advance wireless Lighting Then go to Group Flash options Here you can set the group settings Master
A and B Group Built flash act as a MASTER , you can set
mode TTL M Auto aperture I set Mode TTL FEC to -3 steps because I need this flash to send signal to slave flashes only. Now.set Group A Mode to TTL Exposure value to 0 and come to Group B with same setting as set for Group A Channel set to 1 so all units set to channel id 1 Now Press Ok to complete all settings Set flash settings Switch on power button It was already set to iTTL mode On camera Press the wireless button Optical wireless Master mode activated then press again Slave mode will be activated by changing color green to Orange In lcd display you can see the wireless logo>Chanel id 1>Group A on .. Group A on Slave mode Now come to camera , press the flash button and flash pop up. This built in flash act as a Master as we
set in camera menu As I am pressing the shutter release button
slave unit also fire by firing master built in flash Again I am doing it fire again . Now I am setting other flash on Slave mode I am using Nikon SB 800 Setting in to Remote, In Nikon Remote means
Slave Pressing long to select button, Setting Menu
appear , Select the Master/remote option set to Remote and press select long again LCD display is showing as Remote and Channel id to 1 and group set to B , you can
change channel id to 1 to 4 or group A to C by selecting select button I keep my settings Channel 1 and group B Because
my another Godox flash set to A group Let’s see how both flashes fire with Master
Buil in Flash As I pressing shutter release button both
flashes fire pressing it again and all flashes fire with Master flash and
work according to the settings set on Camera Before you will watch How to use flash as
a master? , I want to tell you, I have added the buying
links for Indian and global subscribers in description, where you can buy Godox speedlight. Now I fixed Flash on camera hot shoe as a
Master, When we use this flash as a master, then It will not have to take anything from
the camera’s flash control settings. It will us its own. Now switch on the flash. Press the wireless button Master Mene will appear with no mode set and no output value set By pressing 4 button , set the Group Pressing function 3 button , set the mode And Pressing the finction 2 button and pressing function 2 set the flash output value Or FEC if we set to iTTL mode We can change the values by rotating dial. I set Master flash to mode M and Flash output
1/128 lowest value I didn’t set Group A because I have anoth
Nikon flash that already set to B group Now see the both unit set to mode M , Group
B and Channel id to 1 I controlling all settings from Master Flash
so I set B group in Master flash on channel id 1 Flash output set 1/16 , so slave unit will
fire with output 1/16 Now these are final settings on Master Unit Master setting>Mode M>Group B>Channel id 1 and Flash output 1/128 Slave setting set>Mode M>Channel id 1 and Flash output 1/16 If change B group mode to TTL on Master Unit
, Slave act as TTL instead of M Now we will watch How Nikon flash act as Slave
with Godox as a Master As I press the shutter release button, Nikon
Flash fire as a Slave Again pressing fire it again it is all for today , I will bring new
video on flash series in next monday . Thanks for watching.

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