How to Use MMD’s Camera! MMD School Ep 6

Welcome to MMD School, I’m LittleShadowGirl Productions, your teacher.
Here’s how to use MMD’s camera First, go to camera mode. In the top right corner, you can see a little magnifying glass. Click and hold this button to zoom in and out. Next to that button is a green cross. Left clicking while holding down on the cross is a way to pan the camera. If you want, load the modules and the module motion Switch to camera mode in MMD and find a starting position that you would like. Usually you should make it more interesting than the default, so try to make it more angled! Click register *loses place* and it will be the first frame of your camera motion. And then move the camera to make a new movement. keep adding movements until you’re satisfied. Continue adding movements by hitting register at the positions you want to add in. Once you think you’re done, go into file, and hit, “save motion data.”Choose a good name, and hit save. That’s it! If you learned from this, please put videos in the comments that have your own camera motions, don’t be afraid to share! *smacks lips professionally* Next tutorial is gonna be on how to add center, groove, and mother bones to a model in the PMXE editor. Finally, our models will be able to walk and travel… At 100 subs, I’ll make a discord server for us. So if that sounds fun., please share- We only need *23 more people, so please share, this could actually happen! Anyway, bye- Class Dismissed!

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