How to use 1200KI keyboard control 6900UDI decoder

Hello everyone, today I’m going to introduce
how to use 1200KI keyboard to control 69 series decoder Before we start, connect all devices accordingly to network and power them on. To use 1200KI keyboard, the decoder must be
pre-configured via computer first, both output and input layers You can refer to video How to quick start
Hikvision 69 series decoder for decoder operation guidance Operation target of 1200KI keyboard will be input layers. Window number is related with concept of the whole layer, First layer dragged on video
wall is assigned No.1, and second layer No.2 and so on. you can check this number by
clicking show window number button, or check in decoding status And if you create window division on the layer, there will be concept of sub-window, order
is from left to right, and top to bottom. 1,2,3,4 Use https to login 1200KI webpage, add devices
including front ends, back ends, and decoder to keyboard Some important parameters you need to take notice are, Device ID of the decoder in device
list, and input ID in input channel Login Keyboard, Mode, enter Keyboard Mode,
select the decoder you want to control, MON button is related with window on decoder,
you can use MULT button to create window division, WIN button on keyboard is related with sub-window, use input ID and CAM button to call certain camera on video wall To call preset, you need to create certain
preset on camera first, and use num + Preset button to call it you can use SCENE button to call decoder scene on 1200KI keyboard, select decoder first, and
number + SCENE button to call Thank you for watching

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