How To Start Using F-Secure SENSE? #AskSENSE

Hi, I’m Henry and I’m here to instruct
you how to install your SENSE router. You need a mobile device which is an Android or an iOS device and everybody’s got one these days. First off, you need to install
the SENSE application on your mobile device and then the SENSE application
will lead you through the installation process. It’s a friendly piece of
software created with love. During the setup, you connect the SENSE router to your existing home router and then create the new, secure Wi-Fi network. Now that you’ve got your SENSE network up and running, you can start connecting all your
connected devices to the new SENSE network. Each of your devices needs to be
connected to the SENSE network and they need to be configured individually. SENSE cannot pull these devices automatically because SENSE is a smart device, but it’s
not psychic. It’s really easy. You can join your devices on the SENSE network just like you would be joining any Wi-Fi network. In addition, you should install
the SENSE application on all your Windows and Android devices so you will be safe at home and on the go. And now, you’re all set up. Stay safe, stay secure.

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