How to service a Bradley Mickey Mouse alarm clock – Part 2 #MickeyMouseClocks

Using some Autosol we will polish the
cap bells. Autosol is a very very fine
abrasive that we use when we’re doing restorations on clocks, cleaning up paint
and plates wheels and various other items our clocks. We will rub it off. You can
see that it has come up pretty well. That’s what it looked like before,
that’s how its polished up. Now we do the other cup bell. Wipe it down and see what we’ve got.
Yes, the mark has completely disappeared. Now over the clock case. There we go and the base I
mean up the top with the alarm goes. We’ll get into that and clean it up. Apply
the polish in a circular motion where possible but sometimes it’s not possible
to do. So we’ll clean this bit off first, wipe it off, then we’ll run over the rest
of the case. Now we will do the other side. We’ll bring that back again, get rid of that
mark it’s accumulated over many many years. Polish it off and then a quick run
round the rest of the side of the clock to bring it up the same as a piece we’ve
just done. Then we’ll have a look and see how it looks,
and little bit down the base of the legs Clean it up. It’s come up well all those marks are
gone. While we are at it we’ll run over there’s alarm pillars the little bit of
Four Ort steel wool (#0000 grade) to remove the rust that’s on there, and the other one and over the
legs on the base. That’s put a bit of a shine back on it, and the other one. There you go,
shiny than before for, looking good. Right, now with the face back together with the
movement. Put this wheel on, mesh it again, put
the spring on. Turn it up have a look, make sure we’ve
got all those little tabs in place. Then one at a time turn them down. Second one. Third one, and under the winding spring tighten that one down. Then the fourth one. Okay have a look at that face I think we
might give that a quick wipe over I think. Using some Metho (denatured alcohol) a clean rag we will wipe the face and circular motion, and then remove the methylated spirits. Wipe it down so it’s perfectly dry. Rright,
now we’ll put the movement back into the case. First put the alarm hammer up
through the hole at the top then push the movement up, as high as it’ll go, line up the posts on the back. then the
movement will fall into place. Now we replace the animated part of the
clock and line it up so that it sits evenly. Now, we’ll put on the hour hand, make sure it faces up to 12 o’clock, push
it down slightly, then the minute hand, the same, place it on putting up to 12
o’clock push it down to fasten it. Now turn the hands of the clock to make sure
that the hour hand doesn’t get caught on the animated part of the clock, down the
bottom. It’s alright it’s moving alright so the
hands are now in the correct position. Now taking some the methylated spirits
(denatured alcohol) squirt some on the clock glass and polish it up removing
any fingerprints that may be on it. Then place it on top of the clock then we’ll
take the bezel and give it a quick light rub around with some steel wool to remove any marks that are on it.
I’ll run round quickly inside the bezel to remove any thing that’s on there to
make it easier to insert back into the clock. Now, place the bezel on the clock
and starting at the top slowly and very carefully push the bezel onto the clock,
working your way right round the perimeter of the clock. There we are. Right it’s
starting to look all right. Now put the cup bells back on now that they’ve been
polished. A quick polish to the handle, put it back
on the cup bells. Hmm might have to invest a new pair of gloves I think
pretty soon. Before we put the knobs on we’ll give them a quick clean then try them
up again. First one, turn it around, the second one, clean it, put it on tighten them both down. Looking good. Now last thing to do is to
put the keys back onto the back of the clock. Give them a quick cleanup with
some steel wool, brighten them up a bit. It’s always a good idea to look at both
the keys before you put them, on they’re the same size, some of the arbors on
alarm clocks tend to be smaller than the mainspring winding arbor. These are both
the same size so that is not a problem. There we are. It’s looking nice and shiny
we’ve wind that up in the second and we’ll check the alarm. We’ll wound the
alarm spring, it’s done. We’ll pull the alarm out to turn it on and then wind
the hands. Turn it off. The alarm works well and
very noisily. Okay let’s test the alarm.

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