How to Secure Your Large Furniture to the Wall to Ensure Safety | Pottery Barn Kids

Our tip-kit helps prevent large furnishings from tipping over,
by attaching them to the wall. It’s also easy to assemble. First, use the stud finder
to locate the stud on your wall. Mark the stud with a pencil, at the height of the furnishing, and also, mark the back of the furnishing at the same height. Move the furnishing away from the wall.
Attach one bracket vertically to the wall, approximately two inches under your pencil mark,
using the provided screws. Then, attach the second bracket horizontally to the
top of the furnishing, using the provided screws. Move the furnishing back the wall, leaving a small
gap between the brackets. Use the included strap to fasten the brackets together,
and tighten the looped strap. Push the furnishing all the way back to the wall, pushing any visible portion of the strap down.
Your furnishings are now securely fastened to the wall.

10 thoughts on “How to Secure Your Large Furniture to the Wall to Ensure Safety | Pottery Barn Kids

  1. I strongly recommend using at least two of these on a dresser, the studs are 16 inches Apart, so find the next one and Mark it and do the exact same procedure and you'll have two restraints and I guarantee even with all the drawers open, it will not tip over. Having just one is a little risky and you're already past the hard part of locating the stud so just find the one 16 inches left or right of the one you just installed and put a second on the dresser

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