How To Secure A Strong Recommendation Letter for Graduate School Application

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! Continuing my graduate school application series, I will talk about how to secure strong letters of recommendation. Grades and test scores cannot demonstrate an applicant’s personal qualities. Therefore, the admission committee or admission offices rely on letters of recommendation to learn about an applicant’s in-depth. Indeed, a letter of recommendation is an essential factor of the admission decision. How can you secure a strong and compelling letter of recommendation? So here are some tips you might want to consider to use. Tip #1. Ask a couple of additional people. Most graduate schools only required three recommendation letters. Nonetheless, I suggest that you ask four or five people to write letters of recommendation In case, one or two are not able to provide a letter in time for the deadline. If you are applying to a lot of schools, some of your references might want to offer only a limited number of letters. For example, when I planned to apply to about ten schools for my master’s program, one of my references told me that he would only write five letters. Because I asked five different professors to write letters, I was still able to get enough letters for my applications. Tip #2. Select people who will write a strong letter Choose only people that you are confident will write a strong letter not just about your academic ability but also your personality and character. Most applicants tend to get their letters from their professors. If you worked for at least six months as an intern or at a job in a company that is relevant to the field you are pursuing, you might want to ask your supervisor to write a letter to describe your work ethic personality, and other strengths that stand out. While academic achievement is an important factor, I always weigh attitude, personality, and work ethic when I select my potential doctoral students. These characteristics are important because I will interact closely with them #3. Request a letter early and provide all the needed information in an organized fashion. Request a letter at least two months before the deadline. Professors have a lot of things on their plate and their calendars are usually fully booked. If you request the letter in a rush, they are likely to decline not because they do not regard you highly. but because they just do not have time to do it. When you make your request, provide the following information in an organized fashion. #1. a list of the programs you are applying for #2. the link or email address where the letter can be submitted? #3. The deadline for each application. I would highlight the earliest deadline. It is likely that your references will submit all of the letters at once. You do not want them to miss a deadline for any school. #4. Your updated CV or resume #5. a few important things you want them to highlight. they may or may not incorporate the information you provide but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Some of them would even appreciate it because such information can save their thought process and time to write the letters. #4. Be aware of templates and letter writing services. Some of your references might ask you to draft a letter for them and then they will just sign when it is ready. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Nowadays many students, especially those from foreign countries use recommendation letter templates or hire a company or service to write recommendation letters for them. Be careful if you do this. I have seen from personal experience that sometimes five or six applicants will have the exact same letter of recommendation. This looks very bad. It gives an applicant the reputation of being lazy. if you are going to use a template or if you are going to use a special service that writes a letter for you Make sure you personalize it to make it your own. Be sure to avoid this mistake that many applicants make. Tip #5. Don’t be afraid of sending a reminder. When the deadline is less than 10 days away, you notice that some of the letters have not been submitted. Don’t be afraid to remind your references of the letter deadline. However, do it nicely and politely. You are asking for their time and favor. #6. Always thank them. Once you notice the letters have been submitted, don’t forget to thank your references. Each semester, I write at least two dozen recommendation letters But only a small percentage of my students send me a thank-you email or thank-you card. You will stand out if you send a personalized email or a card to the people who wrote letters for you. Also, update them if you are offered admission and when you decide which program you will attend. The academic world is smaller than you think. Almost everyone knows everyone. Your professor might drop a glowing comment about you to his or her friends at the school you will attend. in this episode, I covered how to secure strong and compelling letters of recommendation for your graduate school application. I hope the content I covered helps you get one step closer to being admitted to your dream school. if the content I covered today was beneficial to you in please like this video and subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to click the bell button for notification. Do you have your own tips or tactics that helped you secure strong letters of recommendation? If you do, please share them in the comment section below. so the members of this community can benefit from the information you share. As always thank you so much for watching and your contribution!

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