How to quick start Hikvision 6900 series decoder

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to introduce
how to quickly start 6900 series decoder. Hikvision decoder is used for the high-definition
video monitoring system and capable of high performance simultaneous decoding. It can
decode at most 128 channels of 1080P video streams, max 16 screens can be managed, and
support 4K output by HDMI interface Here’s a dynamic demo of decoder basic
functions, it support PC input projection, window opening, roaming which
means you can drag the window among screens, enlarge or shrink the image, make window division,
and configure alarm pop-up This is rear panel of the decoder, HDMI is
for connection from decoder to screen, which we call decoder output, and VGA and DVI are
decoder input interfaces, you can connect video signal source. DB15 interfaces on the left are designed for video and audio output by BNC interfaces, Accessories of DB15 to BNC are included in product package. This is comparison chart of different decoder models, more output interfaces on decoder
mean higher decoding capacity The sample we demonstrated here is 6908UDI,
8 HDMI outputs. It is recommended to connect only GE1 interface
directly to network switch, 1000Mbps port. Connect corresponding HDMI interfaces from
decoder to monitors, make record of the connecting relationship for later configuration Connect
video cable from computer output to decoder input, if you want to project PC image to
video wall Power on decoder, new device needs to be activated
first. Go to SADP, select new decoder, enter password, and click activate. Network parameters can be
configured after activation, enter IP, sub net mask and default gateway, input password and
click modify, or just enable DHCP to get IP address automatically. To quickly configure the decoder, iVMS 4200 video wall is suggested. select the device
management. Add a devices including decoder frontend and backend by inputting the nickname,
IP, username and password, or choosing the device on the list online device and typing other information. Create a new video wall. Select the Video wall, click more setting next to the default video wall, click modify video wall button. Input the number of video wall’s row and column, And the video wall layout is created. After that, drag the output ports from the decoding output list to the corresponding display screen. The output parameters such as resolution can be set in modify output interface Next, go to the the video wall interface, Drag the input signal from the camera list
to the video wall. The camera will be decoded on the corresponding display unit. Also, you can make window division by clicking the window division button. The stream of cameras can
be switched between main stream and sub stream in modify camera interface. Please note that,
after switching the stream, the windows has to be closed and opened again to take effect You can also drag local signal source to video wall, to display PC image. You can click start playback button to start camera playback. Click progress bar to select
the record time, Select record date using calendar next to live view PTZ control interface is on the bottom of the output list and it can be used to control
PTZ cameras. Double click a window to make it full screen, and double click again to restore Right click the window, and you will see a
function list, such as start or stop decoding, and choose to live view camera on 4200 client. The decoding status can be seen in the decoding status interface. Thank you for watching

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