39 thoughts on “How to program a honeywell ademco 5804 remote control keyfob into a vista 10p 15p and 20p

  1. I'm glad I'm able to help you with that. It's very simple but the programming guide really doesn't help you step by step.

  2. Awesome video! Very simple and informative. Too bad that the directions that come with the alarm and remote can't be that clear.

  3. Just want to say thanks for such a great video!! I followed your steps exactly and everything seemed to go perfectly! Got out of programming and tried to use the key fob; none of the buttons did anything. I have the same keypad as you do in the video and I am pretty sure that I have a wireless receiver (white box with 2 small antennas); is there anything that I may have forgotten to tell the alarm that I need to in order to use the wireless key fob? Can you post something on this? Thanks!

  4. Great Video. I have one remote control and it works. I followed your video and did the same steps, went great, and I also have the same issue that when done and I exit programming the remote doesn't do anything.

    My original remote works, the new one doesn't work. It seems like there must be some "confirm" step I am missing? It is like it has the information stored but hasn't stored it in the alarm.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate.

  5. Great video Tom.. Do you know if there is a way to add a module that i can use my smartphone to arm/disarm the system and also get notifications.

    I have a system sans monitoring .. and i am good with just the local siren option

  6. We have a Vista-20se/Vista-20HWse through Dynamark, and have two 5804 remotes, and would like to disable both. One has been misplaced so we only have the "red one".
    The key pad shows both listed as "red" and "green", but there is not a specific zone assigned to either.
    Can you help?

  7. Your a service techs nightmare LOL program your key fobs as button remote BR. Not as RF… as a RF is you leave the house it will go into check zone or fault.

  8. To use your smartphone to control your system you do it with a company called alarm.com they provide cell units to security companies. This means you will need to sign a contract with a new company. It costs about 50 each month and for 99 activation(one time only) fee they will update your system. I recommend getting a Go control panel. With it you can completely control they alarm and even thermostats, door locks and IP cameras

  9. How? I was able to get the key fob's paired. But when you push the buttons, nothing happens. Please help.

  10. you need to add it to a user for example user 02 to do it it will be like this example code 1234802#149 if that is your starting zone then when you get a nother one of those remotes you will do 1234803#154

  11. got this programmed but the only button that works is the 4th panic button? Any idea aht is going on? On a adt pro3000/ vista 20p

  12. OK nevermind a key thing missing from this video is you need to allow the user. to use this after you program it in. Example. Example add the zones to user 02

  13. I have Ademco Vista 10, and 6510RF keypad withe remote keyfobs. The system is show 'Batt' on zones 53-56 which is one of keyfob. I replaced with new batteries but the keypad is still slow 'batt'. Please help.

  14. Our previous owner had key fobs programed, but took them with him. When programming new Fobs do you have to clear the previous programmed zones or can you program over them with the new data. If you have to clear the zone do you for example enter 49 to clear zone 49?

  15. Hi Dale, to clear/delete a zone (for example zone 49) get into programming. master code, 800. star 56. star. you'll see 01. hit 49 star star 00 star 1. you'll see the next zone (50). to delete zone 50 hit star star 00 star 1. or to get out of programming hit 00 star star 99 when you're on a zone. you can do that for any zone. Doesn't have to be a wired or wireless zone. I'll be posting many of these videos soon showing how to add sensors and program systems. I originally made this video for a DIY customer and couldn't believe how many people needed this info.

  16. Son of a gun man please explain the last part where you enter the user. I mean what does that note mean at the end? Thanks!

  17. The Last Step after Exiting Programming Mode (via *99) is Master Code + 802 + # + (First Zone No for the KeyFob you just programmed). I spent some time to figure this out since I had already one key fob programmed and was trying to add the second. So the Final Step was Master Code + 802 + # 53. This is actually in the Vista 20P manual p33 Para RF User Number. https://alpha.adt.com/content/dam/MyADTAssets/static/manuals/Vista_15P-20P_UserGuide.pdf This is how you get the keyfob activated.

  18. Have you ever programmed a remote in *58 mode? Doing it this way programs all the buttons at once…check it out its way faster than the individual button programming in field 56

  19. I have a keypad Ademco 6150 wired (not RF). I have a wireless receiver 5881ENH connected to the panel. I also have a smoke detector wireless. Everything is working OK.
    I need to purchase a a remote control. Can it programmed using the same way as you are doing in the video? Just I need to ensure before I buy the remotes. I know my installer code

  20. you have to be fu…ng scientist to understand this shit, i'm so angry, why would they do so difficult to setup something?!

  21. I replaced my single Ademco keypad with the exact model and it's working well but I want to program my old "FOB" remote to the new panel. I have only one 5804 FOB and no others. Is this string still alive in any way? Happy Holidays.

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