How To Make An Easter Garland With Fresh Spring Flowers

(lively music) – Hi, I’m Claudia Kiss, and
this is Christina Smith, and we’re from B Floral,
which is a full event design and production firm in New York city. Today, we’re going to
make an Easter garland. The first step is to create
the base of your garland. – First we start by trimming small pieces of the green. And then your next step would
be to take your bind wire, and you’re gonna make your little pieces of
greens into bouquets. And then you’re gonna
wrap your little bouquet with the wire, just like this. And then for the next step,
you’ll do the same thing. You’re gonna build up your little bouquet. You’re gonna attach it
to your first bouquet, that you already have, and then
you’re gonna wrap it again. And you’re gonna keep doing this, until you get it to the
length that you want. After you’ve made all
your little bouquets, and attached them together, you will create this
big, nice long garland. The next step is adding
your beautiful blooms. Typically it’s better to
start with your larger blooms, and then adding in your accent blooms. So here we have some beautiful peony, and I think I’m gonna start with those. I’d like to trim my stem, so I’m gonna trim it about
this length, and on an angle, because it helps the stem
to drink water better. – And if you need your
garland to last a longer time, we typically use water tubes. These keep the flowers fresher for longer. You just wanna make sure that when you place it in the garland, that you hide the water tube. – And the water tube has
this nice little pick, that acts like a dart, so you can get it right into your garland, to make a nice setup. If you’re setting up right before Easter, and you don’t have the
time to put water tubes on, or the water tubes, you could
just stick the stems in. – And if you have any
loose petals like this, you can just peel them off. – [Christina] Yeah, or anything damaged, because that just happens. – They’re flowers.
– Yes. – [Claudia] Bye-bye. – So typically with these blooms, I would like to space them out. Just to get a nice grid going. Usually it’s better to work in threes, or any type of odd numbers. So my next step would be
to add in the ranunculus. These are absolutely
beautiful, and in season. (gentle music) Now I’m gonna be adding
these beautiful peach roses. Pastel colors work great for Easter, which is what we have here. And then the next element
I’m gonna add is a tulip. – The interesting thing about tulips, is that they continue to
grow after they’re cut. So you might see them grow
a little bit overnight. – Now I’m gonna add my textural flowers. So here we have some beautiful tweedia. See, another textural element, thistle. – [Claudia] It’s kind of an
unexpected texture for Easter, which I love.
– Right, and I love the silvery white color. And then my absolute favorite, sweet pea. It smells so good. – Oh, I love it.
– So good. – [Claudia] Definitely springy smell. – And this will add a nice
long textural pieces to it, to give it some height. And we also have this
beautiful grass here. Which I’m gonna add in
for height, as well. – Thanks for tuning in. We hope that you all also try to make your own Easter garland. And if you do, tag us @bfloralnyc.

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