How to delete a recording from your Prism DVR

In this video, you’ll learn how to delete
recorded programs. Your Prism DVR automatically manages storage for you or
you can manually delete recorded programs. If your DVR reaches its storage
limit, the oldest programs will be erased automatically to make room for new
recordings. There are two ways to delete recordings, through the recorded TV menu
or after viewing a recorded program. To delete a recording using the menu, press
Recorded TV on your remote. To see a list of your recordings, use the arrow keys to
navigate through the list and highlight the program you’d like to delete. Press
OK to make your selection. Use the arrow keys to navigate to erase and press
OK. Press OK again to confirm; or, here’s another way. After viewing a recorded
program an information screen will appear asking if you’d like to delete
the program. Use the arrow keys to highlight Erase and press OK. For more
information on using your Prism whole-home DVR, visit our Online Support

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