How to Connect Apple Homekit to Lyric Controller

hi everyone in this video we will cover
how to link a Honeywell lyric controller with apple homekit and create scenes with
other home kit compatible devices apple homekit can be downloaded from the App
Store on your iOS device using the search function type in homekit the icon
can be identified by a white background with a yellow house in the middle the
lyric controller needs to be revision 0 1.0 4 or higher to support apple homekit
and requires a connection to AlarmNet 360 for the lyric controller to
integrate successfully with home kit both the lyric controller and the iOS
device with the home app installed must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network
to add a new device into home kit press the plus symbol in the top right then
choose add accessory when adding a device to home kit you are presented
with several options by default it will ask you to scam the home kit QR code for
the lyric controller choose the option don’t have a code or can’t scan if the
lyric controller hasn’t been previously set up with home kit it will populate in
the list on the next screen select the option for lyric AIO and you will be
prompted to enter a home kit code the lyric controller will prompt you for the
master code and then populate the home kit code enter this into the app once
the last digit is entered it will start the pairing process and the lyric
controller will return to the home screen if the lyric controller was
previously setup with home kit you can reset this by selecting security tools
entering the panel’s master code advanced then reset homekit once paired
the homekit app will take you through the setup process first it will ask you
to name the lyric network as a whole the next steps will walk you through your
devices pressing identify accessory will cause the panel to beep and state the
zone descriptor you can name your zones and homekit and choose the room location
of the device the lyric controller will be identified
by a red strobe within the icon other than the lyric controller the only
devices that populate in home kit are burglary zones such as door contacts
window contacts and motion detectors after configuring your devices as
desired and finishing the setup you can rearrange the icons as needed press edit
in the top right then press and drag the icons to the desired order press done
when finished you can now arm and disarm the lyric controller through homekit by
pressing and holding the icon for the lyric controller to exit the arming option screen press
anywhere outside of the controls our automation device for this video is an
apple homekit enabled Honeywell lyric t5 thermostat which you can see is also
within the app to create a scene to allow multiple devices to work in tandem
click the plus symbol in the top right of the screen then choose add scene you
can use the suggested scenes or create your own for this video we will create a
scene for leaving home once making the selection you can add and remove
accessories as needed for me the lyric controller was already added to the
scene by default but I also want to add the Lear t5 thermostat to do this click
add or remove accessories and select the devices for this scene press done once
finished now that both devices are added press and hold on the device that should
make a change the lyric controller is already noted to arm away so we just
need to make a change to the thermostat press and hold the thermostat icon for
the thermostat you are presented with a slider to adjust the temperature change
this to the desired temperature while away from home then press anywhere
outside of the controls to exit this mode once finished press done back on
the home screen you will see the newly created scene listed tap the icon for the scene to run it the
panel armed away and the thermostat changed its cool setpoint to 80 you can
also use Siri to run the scenes by launching Siri and saying the scenes
name leave home if you wish to control these devices
remotely either an iPad can be used as a hub if it’s always left at home and
connected to Wi-Fi or an Apple TV fourth generation will be required that’s all
for this video thanks for watching

One thought on “How to Connect Apple Homekit to Lyric Controller

  1. I have a couple HomeKit motion sensors and door/window sensors. If I buy this panel do you know if I would be able to pair those to this devices armed away and home modes? Can this be a monitoring service to notify authorities if sensor is tripped? Or it’s only notifications to your devices and you have to call? If it does not work with my existing sensors are all the ones by lyric Apple HomeKit capably?

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