How to Conduct Mobile Surveillance : Mobile Surveillance Tips

Hello! My name is Frank Torres and I am here
on behalf of Expert Village. This segment is your introduction to setting up moble surveillance.
Mobile surveillance will be an important part of getting yoiur foot in the door of our private
investigation. Every year there is hundred thousands of dollars on false insurance claims
and private investigators have helped to take care of that and ensure that people that actually
need the insurance, will get it. I hope it will be an exciting barometer of how you feel
about private investigation work. It is exciting, intense and at times, very rewarding. Throughout
the series of videos, I am going to take you through the whole process from the equipment
you will need, how to set up your vehicle to video taping your subject all the way until
writing reports and even labeling your tapes. I think you will find this exciting and hopefully
this will be a calling and you will be on our way to having an exciting career.

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