HostGator India – How to Secure Your Website

Hello and welcome to HostGator India
video tutorial. Today, we are going to show you how to secure your website. Go
to On the homepage, go to more on the top right corner of the menu. Here you
can see three options SiteLock, Code- Guard and Digital Certificates. If you
have a CMS managed site or HTML pages, you might want to consider SiteLock. Site
Lock closes site security loopholes by providing daily monitoring for
everything – from malware detection to, Vulnerability identification, to active
virus scanning and more. If your business relies on its website, SiteLock is
definitely an investment worth considering. You can choose from Basic,
Professional, Premium and Enterprise options. In the Enterprise plan, you
receive the maximum security. Now let us take a look at CodeGuard.
CodeGuard backs up all your files and databases and makes it easy to restore
them. You can choose a plan that best suits your need. In the enterprise option
you receive up to 25 GB of disk space and can back up to 100 websites. Now
let’s take a look at Digital Certificates. The SSL certificate is the
only way to secure your online transactions. If you have an online store
but if any part of your website will require visitors to hand over sensitive
information like a credit card number, you have to invest in an SSL certificate.
This shows your customers that you really value the confidentiality of
their data. You can get it at a minimal cost. You can choose from Positive SSL,
Comodo SSL and Positive SSL Wildcard. Positive SSL Wildcard provides you with
unlimited subdomains, which is highly useful for e-commerce websites. Let me
show you how to buy a chosen plan now. Click on buy now. If you don’t already
have a registered domain name, click on No and register your domain name first.
If you need assistance, watch our video on how to register your domain with
HostGator. Now click on Yes and enter your
registered domain name here. Here you can choose to purchase CodeGuard and Site
Lock with your Digital Certificates if you haven’t done so before. Click on
continue to view your order summary. Once you have confirmed everything in here
including the products and the duration of their purchase. Continue to view
payments option. You will be required to sign in with your registered username
and password. If you do not have an Account, you can easily create one here.
Select your preferred payment option from PayTM, Net Banking, PayPal, Pay via
Cheque or Pay by via your HostGator account Balance. Check the box for I agree to the
customer agreement. Once you click on Pay Now, you will be taken to the payment
portal where you can follow the usual steps to make payment. That is all about
how to secure your website on HostGator. Let us know your questions or
suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
channel. Thank you for watching

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