HOME SECURITY ALARMS #13 If I rent my home Do I need to install some kind of home security

Hello everybody and welcome
to home safety minute series where we share with you tips,
methods, techniques and security reviews to securing your
home effectively and efficiently. I’m Gabriel from House-Safety.com
and in today’s home safety minute i’m gonna answer one of the
many most frequently asked questions on house safety. And today’s question of the day is:
If I were rent my home/apartment. Does it make sense to install
some kind of home security? So, in a short answer YES,
alright? So, Individuals and families who rent homes and
rental communities in general tend to be into safety, just
like everybody is, really. It’s important to also understand
that neighbors change and some people don’t take the time to
get to know each other, and that makes homes really vulnerable
to crime. And one tip on the side that i would really give
it’s always good to take some time to know your neighbors,
alright? I mean the reason why i’m saying this is because
every once in a while my family and i would actually go on vacation
and because of the very strong relationship that
we have with our neighbors, you know, we’re in a way
they’re kinda like, you know, coated on quote “crime watchers”.
We’re kinda like look out for each other, when my
family and i, when we go on vacation, they kinda like
look out for our homes, to see if there is any
suspicious activities going on, any guy with a
black mask trying to break into the house, and vice
versa, ok? So, that’s one tip that i want to share with you
right of the bat. For renters considering
installing an alarm system, consider a wireless security.
And the benefit of that is With wireless home security
systems you can have the technology without drilling
which means no holes or unsightly wires. Another
thing is you should actually consult with your landlord
on this. So , like i said it’s recommended to check with
your landlord before installing any particular form or
sort of system, alright? Now, also check with your
insurance company to see if there is any savings on
your renters insurance, when it comes to the installation
of a home security alarm system, alright? Well that is it everyone for
today’s short tip on home safety. If you have received some valuable
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Take care everybody and i will catch you guys tomorrow.

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