Home Improvement Expo, Smart Home Hub, Auckland with Noel Leeming

Hey Auckland, did you know that our Kiwi homes are getting smarter? Our voice now allows us to unlock so many different things around the house. I’m here in the Noel Leeming Smart Home and I’d love to show you a few things. Smart home technology now
starts just outside the home with the smart doorbells,
where you press the button to receive a notification on your phone as to who’s at your front door. It also has smart security lights, which enable you to have
nice and safe security outside your home. Let’s have a look and see
who’s at the front door. And now, with the press of a button, I can even unlock the door
and it’ll let someone in. The fridge is the heart of the home, and the smart fridge is the
heart of the smart home. In here on our smart
fridge, we can view inside and have a look at what’s in there without having to open the door. And a great feature
means that I can even go onto an app on my phone and I can look at what’s in the fridge, so if I’m at the supermarket, I get to see everything
that I’ve missed at home. Now, being the heart of the home, it’s all about where you are. There’s a calendar built into the fridge and it even allows you
to do different things, like putting items on a
shopping or, potentially, even going and shopping online. We can even tap on it and
see who’s at the front door. Alexa, ask Roomba to start vacuuming. – [Alexa] Would you like
to vacuum all your rooms? – [Presenter] Yes. – [Alexa] Roomba has started vacuuming. – And just like that,
you’ve got technology doing everything for you. Smart technology stretches to the bedroom, where we can come into
the bedroom at night and say, Alexa, bedroom movie time. And then, Alexa will
automatically turn on the lights and she’ll also even
turn on the television, all ready for us to watch that
next great movie adventure. Getting a smart home to fit
your home is really important. Whether it’s getting
your big screen smart TV to blend into the
background onto the wall, or getting everything set up and working, it’s all about getting the right advice. We’re taking our Noel Leeming Smart Home down to the Auckland Home Improvement Expo where you can come down,
have a look around it, and get to know a little
bit more about the products. Come down and see us. We’ll also be able to set you up with a free in-home consultation to get your home as smart as our home.

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