HITMAN™ 2: Sniper Assassin – Hantu Port, Singapore (Silent Assassin, No Alarm)

HITMAN™ 2: Sniper Assassin – Hantu Port, Singapore (Silent Assassin, No Alarm)

60 thoughts on “HITMAN™ 2: Sniper Assassin – Hantu Port, Singapore (Silent Assassin, No Alarm)

  1. FYI: I'm not aiming for high score so I'm just try to take out all the guards and the targets as fast as possible without raising any alarm.

  2. Yeah thanks a lot of people are using a major part of this approach now to take over the leaderboard.

    I wish we could have no youtube videos on the new challenges for a week or two or so so the people that want to invest it can rightly do so without being demotivated by people that try to just copy YT-vid tactics. It's sad…
    Both people too lazy to go looking for the rats, birds, etc; just don't play if you need to resort to YT to get a feeling you'd partake; you're doing the opposite by doing so. Instead of actually getting invested seeking patterns it's again just referring to other people's yt vids, tie those pieces together and make an attempt based on that…
    It's a freaking sad state of affairs for the first week; it's all to be expected later on.

  3. i'm laughing at the choice of name for a singapore port.

    Hantu Port. LOL.

    Hantu = demon, ghost

    Btw, another singaporean here.

  4. 2 things. How are there mountains in Singapore? Also, I'm asking my self how 47 got a gun into Singapore. I know it's just a game but just wondering.

  5. I was annoyed when I got so hyped to go in a mansion but it turns out to just be a crappy green screen

  6. Great ending! Loved how smooth and discreet you were then you just took them all out at the end haha

  7. There will be two more maps upcoming (bank already released) one more sniper map which looks like a snowy environment and one more normal map which looks like a island? Well Lucas did say paradise a island resort I guess

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