Hikvision Mini PTZ Unboxing [DS-2DE2103-DE3/W]

Hi there, I’m Bob from use-IP and today, we have an unboxing of the DS-2DE2103 A mini PTZ camera from Hikvision Inside the box, we have a product manual containing detailed set up and installation instructions. Then a software CD, containing software to find the camera on your network. Next, we have a drill template that can be used to accurately align the camera onto any surface That you wish to mount it on. Finally, we have some mounting screws to mount the camera onto a surface. Under the foam lid we have the camera itself. The mini PTZ is a fully functional Pan Tilt zoom camera, with 3x optical zoom and a 1/3″CMOS sensor And it’s capable of recording at a resolution of 720p at 30 frames per second. It’s a true day and night camera with 3D DNR, and it’s capable of seeing in a light level of 0 lux. The mini PTZ has the capability to utilize an external alarm or microphone from the connections coming from the pig tail. There is a built in SD card slot, with an adjacent WPS push button That can be used to set up the wireless capabilities of the camera. The mini PTZ is an ONVIF compliant camera meaning it will work on all non-proprietary sytems That support ONVIF compliant cameras It’s a PoE camera, and this is the most recommended way to power the camera However, you can alternatively use a 12V power supply instead. It’s fairly easy to install the camera onto a surface. First of all, remove the small ridge from the side of the camera, to allow the pigtail to poke out the side After that rotate the base plate to remove it from the bottom of the camera. Once you’ve done this, you can use the mounting template to help you mount the camera precisely Drill the base down, and finally, rotate the camera, to lock it into place.

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  1. if i have a hikvision nvr, can I just use poe to get ptz control? Or do I need to wire additional wires for ptz function?

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