Hikvision Dvr Nvr Remote View Setup For Mobile Phone Over Internet – How To Configure

Hello friends. My name is Ajay Kumar and you are watching my YouTube channel “My Techno Soup” Today we are going to discuss. How we can connect our Dvr or Nvr over the mobile phone to view our camera’s from our mobile phone ok so First of all we have to add our DVR on hik-connect website over the cloud using the P2p? Configuration, I already have shown in my last video if you have not go through it Check out the link in the description go through it and connect your DVR over the hik connect website Make sure the status Should be “Online” so that we can access Your DVR from anywhere over the mobile or over your system? so let’s start by Login to Hik connect website enter the user ID and password Okay Click on Login button as you can see my device in Management Tab that I was connected in my last video, so Here is the status is online that means it’s ready to connect or the mobile phone or to access from anywhere These are the basic details to access your DVR / NVR Okay So let’s go to the mobile phone and download the mobile app for accessing your device. So let’s go to the play store Here is the place to go back and type Hikvision Okay, here, you will found the many mobile apps Related to Hik Vision DVR or NVR. So I am going to use this one iVMS-4500 Okay, you can use other one if you want or the same one as i am using You can see it’s downloading We need to wait for some time For the time being you can subscribe my channel to access More videos and to get a notification for my coming videos so to subscribe my channel go to the YouTube and Click on the red Subscribe button below this video as I am showing to you You can search “My Techno Soup” Okay here is my YouTube Channel Click on the Subscribe button and Also press the bell icon to get the notification for my coming videos That’s it. Don’t hesitate. It’s free absolutely free Now we are going to back and check. Oh, it’s installing its installed now. We are going to open the app click on open Now it’s asking for the region so click on it is here For me and “India” okay press enter this one now this is the interface for iVMS-4500 now we need to add my DVR over here so go to here select the option hik connect because I already have connected my device over the hik connect as I was shown in my last video and Once it will shows the status online here, then you can configure your device over hik connect on Mobile app also So click on it It’s asking for login first Okay, now I have to enter login details The user Id password same as over hik connect website Okay now click on the login button It’s logged in. It’s connected to my DVR Select the DVR. Okay. It’s showing the serial number also yeah, the same one and now click on the Live view Okay, it’s loading the channels and I am selecting old yeah, as you can see I Have a camera over the DVR Double click on this and you can see the live preview Okay That’s it your DVR is accessible over your mobile now. You can manage your Dvr or you can view your cameras from here, so Thanks for watching and do not forget to subscribe my channel for my coming videos Share this video with your friends and leave a like if this video is helpful for you, so Bye Bye, take care See you in my next video. Thanks. Thanks for watching

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