HD Video Surveillance – Defending in Darkness – Section I Video 10

The hard reality of video surveillance is
“no light, no image, no protection”. If we fail to deploy our technology on dark nights
we’re effectively offering ‘Get out of Jail Free’ passes to the invaders. We COULD try to install motion detecting lights
in our coverage area but these would annoy our neighbors and eat up vast amounts of EXPENSIVE
electricity. Instead, we harness the power of Infrared
which is a frequency of light just beyond our human spectrum. Our cameras happily substitute an IR illuminator
for daylight to achieve full motion AND high resolution. These only draw 1/40 the wattage
of normal lights and are only activated by darkness OR wireless signal. When our camera is operating in normal daylight
it uses an IR filter to insure only rich RGB color reaches our sensor. At night we lift this filter and re-focus
to IR light. The RGB pixels now simplify their job and convert all light into shades of grey. Now, our watchdog cameras will convert the
darkest nights into jailhouse lights.

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