HD Video Surveillance – Catching Criminals – Section I Video 1

Video surveillance HAS been impractical for
the average homeowner. We could only hope to scare off the ‘bad guys’ when they saw
our roof mounted cameras. These looked imposing but never worked at night and captured hundreds
of hours of grainy footage. It took a room full of monks working round the clock to find
the ‘money shot’ that identified the crime. Most often these shots were too grainy to
entice the lazy legal system to prosecute the case. Recently, HD surveillance cameras and image
processing have changed this. Now, we can use satellite surveillance logic
to analyze massive volumes of HD footage. When the computer finds the ‘money shot’ it
automatically sends an email with a photo, date/time and link to the actual HD footage. We can outsmart the ‘bad guys’ by fine tuning
our search logic using shapes, speed of movement, time of day, sounds or color to decipher the
‘money shot’. This series of videos is outlined at WatchDogLogic.com
and broken up into 3 sections. I. Important Concepts II. Product Offerings III. Installation Procedures These videos will take us step by step to
understand and implement this new technology. Now, when the criminal violates our space,
or steals our shit, they’re going to jail.

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