Gulfstream Goodwill Industries: Vero Beach Rehabilitation Center and the ADT program

Hi, everybody! I’m here with Philip Lewis
and we are at the.. Vero Beach ADT program… And we’re here to learn a little bit
more about Philip and what he does for the program. Philip, tell us a little about
yourself and what you do here for Goodwill.
Alright, again my name is Phil Lewis, I’m the Program Coordinator, I oversee
this location, as well as, the Fort Pierce ADT. ADT stands for Adult Day Training. We basically deal with those with disabilities on a daily basis, teaching the ADLs’, the
daily living skills. We also work on curriculum based programs teaching them anything from self respect to personal hygiene and everything in between. The
program is designed to bring normalcy to a lot of their lives. Basically, you know, get
them in in the mornings, structured program throughout the day and then take them home in the afternoons. We also do community outings for the social
interaction skills. We also do a cooking class every Thursday, where they prepare
the meals to be sold. What’s your favorite part about the job? My favorite
part is the guys. I’ve been with them for thirteen and a half years and they just bring joy to my life to be honest with you. When I walk in that door at 7:30, all my problems from home, personal life, are gone and it’s all about them. Is there anything that stands out to you? About someone you met? A
participant that stands out? Yeah, there was a gentleman I worked with the years
ago, he was autistic. When he first came to the program he would not make eye
contact, would not touch you, not a handshake or anything. And after a few years in, he
was giving everybody a different style high-five, he would look at you in the eye to answer your questions, talk to you like like you wouldn’t believe. Is there any way for people to contact you to find out more information? Sure, they can reach us here at 772-299-4460, ask for Philip Lewis. Or my email is [email protected] Awesome! Thank you so much Philip! Thank you!

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