GoPro Fusion vs. SIX Top 360 Cameras- Best Overall Look?

Hey guys welcome to the first of a
series of comparisons between 7 of the top 360 cameras of 2018 there’s so
much I could talk about with these cameras that it really is best that I
break it up into different episodes and focus on one specific thing per video in
this video I’m going to focus on the look what do the photos look like what
the videos look like how does the overall look of each camera compared to
the six others and which ultimately has the best most realistic and picturesque
look my name’s Ben by the way I’m the guy in the photo see the guy there yeah
that’s me nope not the guy in the background the
guy in the foreground yeah that guy so I want to start with photos and these
seven photos were taken on auto-exposure and these are taken straight out of the
camera no color correction has been done here is the natural look a lot of you
guys out there don’t include color correction as part of your workflow so
it’s important you’re able to choose a camera that has a good look straight out
of the camera so you can go straight from camera to social media I’m going to
put a link in the description to all 7 of these photos if you want to
download them and pixel peep them yourself you’re more than welcome to i’m
not displaying this as a 360 video because there’s just too many cameras
you need to be able to take a step back and look at all the nuances between the
7 cameras and from looking at it myself
it’s really really hard when it’s zoomed in so I’m gonna go through them 1 by
1 we’ll go from worst to best and we’re starting with the Yi 360 VR I’d
probably say it’s the worst of these photos look at the clearly overexposed a
bit however this was on auto exposure I’ve been experiencing a lot of
overexposure when using the Yi with both photo and video and it’s a completely
unreliable camera right now I’ve shot some okay images but this is not
something you can rely on just yet for photo with the VirB as you guys might
have seen in my review it’s an amazing 360 video camera not so good at photos
it’s looking quite flat and desaturated here and straight out of the camera this
is just not something you’d want to upload to your social media channels
next we have the Rylo and this is a camera that’s been much hyped about the
stabilization but not much else has been talked about looking at this photo here
it’s better than the previous photos however you’ll notice there’s a strong
orange cast over it almost like sepia and it is quite hard to color correct
I’ve noticed this with both photos and videos it’s just covered in orange and
don’t get me wrong I normally like orange in my photos
warm is always nice it makes the photo more inviting but here it just seems
kind of more brown the color of poo and that’s not the color that you want
people to associate to your photos look I’m sure they’re gonna fix this in the
future I’m just poking fun but at the moment it’s orangey Brown and that is
not a good color to have smeared all over your 360 photos next we have the
Theta V, Xiaomi Mi Sphere and Insta 360 One and they’re all doing a really good job
I’m not going to go into much detail here because I’ve already done a 20
minute in-depth photo comparison between these three check it out on my youtube
channel it’ll answer all of your questions but for now or say these are
really really good not perfect but extremely good next is the camera we’ve
all been waiting for it’s the GoPro Fusion look at this photo
it’s looking excellent all around I’m really really happy with this image the
dynamic range is good the sharpness is good I like the colors it’s pretty well
balanced when I uploaded these sample photos to the life–and 360 Facebook
page the GoPro Fusion was the most popular photo that I uploaded well it
was actually pretty close between the Fusion and the Mi Sphere those were by
far the two most popular photos of the photos you’ve just seen so straight out
of the camera I’m going to give first place the Fusion followed by the Mi
Sphere, Theta V comes in a close third Insta 360 one fourth Rylo fifth VirB
sixth Yi seventh but what happens when a master color corrector goes to work on
these 7 photos well they look exactly the same now I’m
just kidding but they do look a lot more similar don’t they I would say all of
these photos are now usable maybe other than the Yi but all six of the others
I’d be happy to post on my social media feeds so after color correction does the
order from before remain the same no it doesn’t firstly the Fusion Mi Sphere and
Theta V are still the best three images they have the best overall dynamic range
and this is exemplified by the highlight at the top of each image you can see it
captures the sky and the clouds harmoniously
there’s no overexposure there so good job to those three cameras the Theta V
is just a tad soft for it to move up the spot so it’s down to the Xiaomi and
the Fusion and they’re looking almost identical I can’t really pick these 2
apart so I’m going to award the Mi Sphere the number one place purely because it
has more resolution than me sphere is 6912 by 3456 whereas the fusion is only
5760 by 2880 good job Mi Sphere defying the odds yet again Theta V third
Insta 360 One fourth VirB fifth yes the VirB has gone up a place I’m noticing
significantly more detail in the VirBs image when you look at the opera house
and the detail in the sales it seems a bit blotchy on the Rylo whereas the VirB
it seems much crisper so VirB fifth Rylo sixth Yi seventh and you know what’s crazy the Yi image is actually super sharp it’s just the exposure that looks so bad this is
why I say it time and time again resolution isn’t everything you can have
all the resolution in the world but if your image is way overexposed then it’s
still unusable if we looked at these cameras purely in terms of resolution
the standings change just a little bit here are the numbers for both photo and
video no need to get your calculator out I’ve already done the maths combining
both photo and video the camera with the most amount of overall resolution is
[drumroll boom] the Yi 360 VR weighing in with 5.7 K video and 5.7 K photo
well-done Yi and although I say resolution doesn’t always matter in
terms of look it does matter a bit it’s not the number one factor but it is a
factor and the Yi has the highest out of the bunch perhaps it’s only redeeming
feature coming in second place for resolution we have a three-way tie
between the GoPro Fusion the Insta 360 One and the Xiaomi Mi Sphere yes that’s
right the Mi Sphere has been upgraded to 4k
recently and that brings it to the same combined overall resolution as the One
and the Fusion in third place we have the Rylo fourth is Garmin VirB and
bringing up the rear we have good old Faithful Theta V it’s great in lots of
areas but photo resolution isn’t really one of them taking it over to video now
and I was going for a walk and I found some dingy old bridge and I figured this
was the perfect lighting situation to test because you do have lots of shadows
and highlights in the same image and looking at these six here I’m seeing a
lot of the same things I talked about earlier with the photos.
-Hang on Mr. Benn did you say six there were seven cameras before what
happened to the the Yi 360 VR huh yeah about that unfortunately this footage
completely screwed up one big flaw of the camera right now is it locks in
exposure settings so each time we turn on your camera it will automatically
over expose even if you change the settings back and turn the camera off
it’ll over expose when your next turn the camera on so while I was sure this
was on auto exposure is still by default overexposed all the sample videos from
this point on making it unusable I will place more about the Yi in the future
but it would just be unfair of me to keep commenting on this camera when a
lot of these issues are going to be fixed eventually I think back to the
Harbour Bridge and all this footage is looking decent at first looking a little
closer some points of differentiation are the Theta V has the worst chromatic
aberration that means the purple bits around the palm tree there also the
Xiaomi is fringing a little bit the other four were doing pretty good in
this regard I noticed with both the Fusion and the One the top of the frame
is really bright it seems like their way of handling that extreme sun is to
overcompensate and make it too bright whereas all four others seem to get the
contrast just right if you haven’t gone into full screen yet I would suggest you
do so now because I want to talk about sharpness looking at the Harbour Bridge
the Fusion is clearly the sharpest of the six followed by the Theta V the rest
are quite hard to differentiate you could argue that any of the four is the
sharpest however I’ll say from personal experience that the Xiaomi and the VirB
have been better performers in terms of sharpness than the One and the Rylo the
One is absolutely not known for its sharpness most of the videos I’ve shot
with the One have ended up really soft when you zoom in even just a tad so I’m
gonna put the Mi Sphere and the VirB equal third the One fourth and Rylo goes fifth because of the limited colors it causes blotchiness you’ll see
that in the grass and just all over that image it’s looking blotchy like I said
don’t have you with all six images and really I’m just being picky here after
color correction this order doesn’t change Fusion one Theta V two Xiaomi and
VirB three with the One and the Rylo they’re actually much closer this time
you’ll notice that the Harbour Bridge is significantly sharper on the Rylo
whereas the grass in the foreground on the One
is sharper this tells me that the One is sharp at close distance and the Rylo is
sharp at far distance so I’ll give them equal fourth here we are at nighttime and
I tested the cameras for three things one how a subject looks to how a bright
light source looks and three how night time or darkness looks without
hesitation I’m instantly going to put One in last place because that extreme
noise is not good to look at and it’s not a camera you can use at night
without your footage being covered in a blanket of ugly grain the Rylo is not
great either it’s going straight into fifth with the remaining fall when we
look at the subject aka that big hairy ape do an Instagram live session the
Fusion comes first VirB second Theta V third and Mi Sphere fourth this one
was really obvious for me when you look at the sharpness around my face as well
as the sharpness of the tennis court at the bottom of frame looking at noise it
goes Fusion one Mi Sphere two Theta V three and VirB four these are all acceptable
levels of noise but there still is a big difference between the four finally with
the way they handled direct light sources again the Fusion wins Theta V
comes second Xiaomi comes third and look the Xiaomi and Theta V were really
close but I noticed a light source on the right-hand side of frame was seeping
its way in on the Mi Sphere whereas it wasn’t on the Theta V with the VirB you
can see all kinds of light distortions both lens flares and spots while it’s
decent it’s not as good as the other three so telling it up Fusion wins by a
country mile Theta V seconds Xiaomi third VirB fourth after color correction
there’s one change the VirB and the Xiaomi switch places the VirB as you guys
will know from my review is a camera that usually grades really well it’s
among the best cameras for color correction and I was able to bring it
back to life and help it overtake the Mi Sphere the Mi Sphere didn’t color
correct well at all and while it’s still acceptable the VirB clearly beats it
after color correction finally let’s see how they compare for stabilization and
the Theta V is looking pretty ordinary isn’t it yeah I wouldn’t really walk
around with this camera it’s not good for handheld shots no question it’s a
massive contender when you’re shooting video and the camera is stationary but
when it’s moving forget about it do not consider the Theta V if you like moving
around a lot with your 360 videos the Mi Sphere takes it to the next level and
you’ll notice this is much smoother it has six axis stabilization and it’s
doing a good job here the horizon is relatively stable however I still am
noticing micro shakes almost like there’s an earthquake not a big
earthquake but a small earthquake and while I’d happily use this footage if
this was a really long clip it would get irritating after a while I never thought
I’d say it but the Insta 360 One and Garmin VirB are surprisingly close they both
take it to the next level and this is almost gimbal like stabilization believe
it or not the One is actually doing a better job a camera half the price of
the VirB is looking silky smooth so much so that it draws attention to the
shakiness in the cloud area of the VirB video even a confused tourist bumping into me
does not faze the Insta 360 One Insta 360 have updated their firmware recently and
I can see they’re vastly improving their stabilization and I know for a fact
after the Rylo came out Insta 360 suddenly caught on and realized how good
stabilization could be so they’ve been upping their game really fast here’s the
order as I see it so far the question remained
who will take number one spot and who will take number two looking at the Rylo
and Fusion there they’re both looking worthy contenders of taking number one
spot and they are off [Ben talking super fast, describing a competition]
Rylo and Fusion Fusion and Rylo which camera will win
which will be smoother which be smoother Oooh Rylo is looking good Fusion is looking good I can’t really tell much
difference between them uh they’re looking pretty identical to me are
they’re basically mirror image Ooooh which one is gonna win I can’r tell, I cant tell. okay so clearly both these cameras
have outstanding stabilization no shake it all in the cloud area no shake on the
ground no shake on the horizon they’re both amazing cameras for sports and
action and moving the camera around a lot the only way to determine the winner
is to turn up the speed there we have it the Rylo is the winner
it’s noticeably smoother the Fusion does seem a little bit shaky especially in
the cloud area when sped up to 500% if you get excited by the idea of hyper
lapses which are moving time lapses and the Rylo was a camera that was made for
you so here we have the overall standings for stabilization for some
people this is going to make the world of difference if you’re into sports
documentary moving around a lot this factor alone could be what determines
you buying a camera or not if you consider yourself more of a photographer
and you couldn’t care less about moving around then this factor means Jack cool guys I hope this was helpful I know
I barely scratched the surface but I am planning on doing many more videos
comparing these cameras I’d be curious to know which was your winner these are
my thoughts but you might think I’m the entirely different leave a comment in
the box below and let me know here’s where you can find me on social media I
already have reviews of four of these seven cameras on my youtube channel so
go check them out and the remaining three are coming as soon as I can
possibly make them and by that I mean a few weeks until next time don’t forget
to capture your world in 360 this has been Ben Claremont and I will see you in
the next video

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