Godrej Bullet 2MP STL-FB20IR3.6M-1080P Unboxing | CCTV KA NAYA BOSS

Hi friends, today we are going to unbox a new godrej product just launched by godrej A Security CCTV Camera This is 2MP camera. Camera is in metal housing. Its MRP is INR 2750 Made in China Model name is SeeThru Lite 2 This is 2MP camera With Metal housing Lens with 3.6 mm aperture however, if you need lens with 6mm, 8mm or 12mm that’s also avaiable IP rating is IP66 It supports all Five output formats AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS DVR also supports all five system Lets see the content of this box this is how box looks like This is bullet camera camera waranty card screw and nuts sticker also we will see the clarity of this camera good housing quality the MRP of this camera is 2750 however, you can get this camera between 1800-2300 easily in market please dont buy this product Online Because Godrej warranty gets void on online purchase Many customers getting this problem while purchasing online you may get broken product so please dont buy this product online so friends thats all for today plaese like and subscribe if you likes this video thanks for your support Good bye

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