Get Started with the Smart Home Monitoring app

New to the world of Smart Home Monitoring? This intelligent security system from Rogers allows you to take the Rogers smart devices in your home and control them together using one simple mobile app that’s easy enough for everyone in the family to use. Take a quick tour through some of the app’s most popular features to learn how you can manage and automate your home and customize your Smart Home Monitoring experience to suit your lifestyle and schedule. Once the app is installed, sign in using your MyRogers username and password. The app’s main screen will show you a quick status overview of all your security sensors, cameras and interactive devices, so you know what’s going on at home at a glance. Tap the “Overview” tab to view and manage all the different devices connected to your Smart Home Monitoring system. Want to adjust the lights in your home? Tap the lights icon to turn the lights on or off, or to change the dimming level. If you have door locks installed, you can use the app to view the lock status or to lock and unlock your door. You can also use the app and your cameras to check out what’s happening at home. Tap the camera icon to view live streaming video or capture clips and screenshots of the feed. Need to change the temperature in your home? Tap the thermostat icon to change the thermostat setting, or to manage the thermostat schedule. On the main page, tap the “Activity” tab to review events from any day within the past two months. Simply select the date you’re interested in from the calendar and filter by specific event or device type, like motion or security sensors. Want to be alerted on your smartphone when the kids are home from school? Or to be reminded that it’s garbage day when you’re leaving your house for work? The “Automation” tab allows you to create, enable or disable and delete customized automations called Rules and Scenes, so you can tailor your Smart Home Monitoring system to your specific lifestyle and schedules. The “More” tab lets you adjust your preferences for the Smart Home Monitoring app, add or change keypad codes, update your emergency contact list, and more. Thanks for watching. Download the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring app today to get started!

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