Geofencing Home Automation Setup geofence using the android App or iphone ios

welcome to smart home automation systems i’m going to explain to you what
geofence against and how can be used with your smartphone to your fencing is
like having a virtual fence around your home when you arrive into the Spence
your home could be set to trigger different event an alternative method
would be to have an arrival sensor attached to your keychain home automation geofencing so when you arrive home it detects your
presence and could enable some more teens who have previously set up first
here is how to find a map in your geo fats are going to click on the settings
wheel tap on the map to open it anywhere will be fine they’re going to press and hold the map
to set your location as you can see you can change it to any
direction you want be careful not to make your geo fence
too small however as you want to make sure that if you leave the zone and come
back in your house doesn’t change modes you want it to do what you triggered it
to do so if you walk your kids for example to school in the morning or
frequent the local grocery store you might want to expand your virtual fence
and I like to make my area large about 15 minutes out of my home then you click
on save. geofencing once your geo fence is set up you can
start to create a routine right now we’re going to set up the I’m back
routine so what you’re going to do is you’re
going to click on settings and that’s going to allow you to configure what you
want to happen so when it says what do you want to
happen this is where you can actually go in and
start making adjustments right now I would like to turn on these
lights and switches so I’m going to tap to set that up and i’m going to choose
that I want my bedroom like done my heater on and my boy light once you’re done you
select done and there you have it it will highlight what you’ve chosen
turn off these lights and switches actually want them on so I’m okay
they’re set dimmers to this level this is where you can adjust choose
something to suit your divers needs for myself I want a nice soft light. home automation geo fencing so I’m going to go about fifty percent I
want to lock these doors because i’m going to feel better about that so I’m going to clap that and then i am
going to set the thermostat to a nice temperature tap to set the thermostat
done when heating or when cooling now because it’s a little warmer out i’m
going to go with the cooling go right back sometimes it will do that if you’re
not quite done you accidentally pressed something it’s
very easy to go back so when cooling tapped us that and you get to choose
your temperature so i’m going to choose it 22 is a really
nice temperature we’re good then you select done it does
its thing automatically perform I’m back when someone arrives I like that rename I’m back no I like the name you
select done and one you’re good to go successfully updated I’m back we hope that helps explain how
geofencing works. let us know if you have any questions
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  1. babe, you look amazing! I wish to learn your facebook profile so we can have some talk if you are not married or something ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. thanks

    i used to do to do this seperatley using Nest and Hue independently of each other.

    Gonna get this app and try it.

  3. Can you set it to send a notification when someone leaves? Trying to help my aunt catch my young teen niece in the act of sneaking out to meet boys.

  4. It's easy to setup but it does not work all the time so it is very unreliable. I also have not gotten reliable geofencing with Stringify or IFTT so the technology is not perfect yet.

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