GEAR you NEED in your CAMERA bag!

– Oh! What’s going on guys? My name is Chris Hau and I’m a
photographer and videographer from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I shoot for brands such as
Mercedes-Benz and Corona and a bunch of other clients. And today, we’re exploring what
I keep in my camera bag on a regular basis. Now, I’m very excited to talk
to you about this because a lot of people would tell
me, “Chris, you have GAS”. Now I don’t know if you
actually know what that means. It stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I’m obsessed with buying gear. I’m a huge gear head. There’s gear up…no. (laughs) I’m a huge gear head, so
let’s get right into it. (upbeat music playing) Now we’re gonna start with
the most important item of the camera bag, which is
the camera bag itself. Now I use a Lowepro 450
AW tactical camera bag. It’s a great bag. There’s tons and tons of room in there. There’s lots of areas where
you can store different things. There’s different pockets on
the outside so you can clip things to it. It’s just a very versatile
bag and that’s why I love it. Plus, on my back it
doesn’t feel too bulky. It doesn’t hurt my shoulders. I can kind of strap it in if
it gets very heavy cause I actually have a very,
very heavy camera bag. I usually stack this thing
to the top and bring almost every single lens with me on
every shoot because I never really know exactly what
piece of gear I want to use. Lowepro 450 AW. Dope bag. Let’s go into the items that
are actually in my bag now. Biggest question that I get
asked, especially on Instagram, is what camera do you use? Now I use a Sony a7S II with
a 24-70 f/2.8 G Master lens. This is my favorite lens
and camera combo currently. It’s great for video. It’s great for photos. And everyone’s always
like, “12 megapixels. That’s not enough”. You know what? 12 megapixels actually is enough. Sony a7S II, 24-70 G Master lens. That’s f2.8. That’s kind of the standard
kit that lives in my bag all the time. Now talking about lenses, let’s
go into some of my favorite lenses that I like to bring
with me in my camera bag. First lens, is the… (drum roll) 90 mil f2.8 Sony G lens macro lens. On this, I can get these very,
very nice detailed shots. I can also use this lens as
a portrait lens where’s the background’s nice and soft,
but also the focus is right on that person. And you can use it for video too. So that’s why I love this lens. It’s dope. Coming up next, on lenses
that I keep in my camera bag, the Sony 7200 f2.8 G Master lens. Now I love this lens. I don’t use it all the time,
but when I do use it, woo, oh baby. This is just, this is
just like my other child. I love this lens. This is really, really great
for automotive photography, especially when you’re trying
to take a photo of a car zipping by. I also use it for portraits. I can use it for details. I can use it for so many different things. And the background is always just perfect. Moving on to something I try
to keep in my camera bag often unless I’m doing a shoot where
I’m indoors and can never use it. That is the DJI Mavic Pro
Drone, with my taped on lid. Because I just shove it in my
bag sometimes and then I had to tape this to it, because
it kept falling off. But this is the drone of my choice. Because this is the one where
it just fits into my camera bag. It doesn’t take up all the space. It’s this little corner, kind
of section, where I know that like hey, I have a drone
that if I wanna use it. So, DJI Mavic Pro with the blades. It’s all wrapped up. It fits very nicely into this
Lowepro bag right beside my camera, and that’s why I love it. On a DJI Mavic note, I also
incorporate this little multi-pronged charger, where I
can charge up to three of the DJI Mavic Drone batteries at
a time which gives me about an hour. And on top of that, you got
two more drone batteries in here. That’s what I keep in there,
in that section, just right above the macro lens. On the side of my camera bag,
they have this little top compartment that I like to keep things in. I like to keep my… (drum rolls) GoPro HERO6. Now I haven’t used this a
lot, but this just fits in the very top corner. This is something that I can easily grab. It doesn’t really take
up space in the bag. So, GoPro HERO6. Some of the filters I
like to keep in my bag. I have these Tiffen Pro-Mist
Black filters, which is the 1/8 and 1/4. This is something I like to
keep in my bag at all times because it kind of makes the
image look that much more professional or higher quality
or cinematic or whatever you wanna call it. So, Tiffen Pro-Mist
filters stay in my bag. Talking about filters for
a little bit, we got the Tiffen 82 mil Variable ND filter. This thing is just a life saver. Now you’ve probably seen
videos online where people talk about getting a neutral density filter. As you can see, it’s
going from fully dark. Different whole bunch of stops
being removed to a little bit lighter. When you’re shooting video,
these things are a life saver so I always keep a Variable ND in my bag. Plus, if you ever happen to
come across a waterfall during the day, when it’s very
bright, you can stop your light down and actually get the nice
streaks in the waterfall or whatever you happen to be shooting. Variable ND always lives in the bag. That goes in the top part of my bag. Moving on to the next big
item that lives in my bag, Mac Book Pro 15 inch monitor. This is the 2017 one, with
a very nice marble front. So that people don’t actually
know it’s a new laptop and that also I can eat and cut
cheese on top of it or something like that. But not actually, this fits in
the slot on the outside part of my camera bag. I love it. And it kinda comes with me everywhere. Now this is something I highly recommend. I keep a little pouch that goes
on top of my seven and 200mm which is this pouch that contains
my battery for my MacBook. And on my battery I keep a
little tie so that everything is nice and organized, so
that it doesn’t always fall everywhere. That’s why I like keeping it
in this section of this little Think Tank bag. Now on the opposite side,
I keep a hard drive. Because I keep a four terabyte
Seagate hard drive on me at all times to do data management. And sometimes I actually
keep two or three so I can do backups, cause you never want
this to be your only backup for the day. Next, is a quick little audio insert. This is a video micro pro road mic. I keep the little cushy top
part on here for when noise… I don’t use this all the
time, but I like having higher quality audio when I’m
shooting with my Sony a7S II. So this is something I
like to keep as well. I keep Zeiss cleaning solution
for lens cleaner in here so that my lenses are always nice and clean. I combine that with the microfiber
cloth, so that my lenses are always nice and sharp. And not dirty. Super random thing that I keep in my bag. Mattifying powder for people’s
faces when they’re extremely oily. I would put a little bit
mattifying powder, especially when I’m doing interviews. You can see there’s dust in here. And now, it’s on my nose. And now my nose is not so shiny. So, mattifying powder. Very cheap. You can get it at the dollar store. You can also just get it from
a makeup place or talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend
or whoever ends up having mattifying powder and steal it from them. I keep a small little can
of TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo cause
sometimes people’s hair looks very disgusting on camera. I use a bit of this. Okay, that was in my face. But dry shampoo. Very helpful. Keep that in your bag. Moving on, I have a little
newer time lapse device. I’ll link this below. This is great. You can kinda see how to use them online. But I use this for all my
time lapses, especially with a camera like the Sony a7S or
the Sony a7R II or even my next camera, which I’m about
to show you right now, which is the… (drum rolls) One of my favorites. The RX100 Mark V. This camera’s amazing. It’s like 1200 bucks, something like that. Maybe like 1000 bucks. But this is my favorite camera ever. I keep this with me all the
time because I like to vlog with it because the screen flips up. But it has like a 24-70 lens F1.8. It’s standard, you can’t remove it. But this camera is like the
grandma camera which I like to call it, because you can bring
it anywhere and no one ever comments on it. And if you take it out, people
are less intimidated by this camera. So, Sony RX100 Mark V, in my bag always. I never leave home without it. Moving on to batteries. I have a little battery bag. And I always like to keep the
freshly charged batteries in here. So I have a whole bunch of batteries. I have, look they’re all falling out. So I have Sony a7S batteries here. I have like six or seven of
these because the battery life on that one is not so good. I also have a whole bunch of
RX100 batteries here from Sony. Highly recommend that you make
sure you have batteries on you. And I have, a ton of
batteries on me at all times. Four of these chargers in
for the wall, so I can charge multiple batteries at any given time. Always keep these on me. These things live in my
section in my bag at the very bottom. In addition to the battery
chargers, to make it easier, I carry this little three
pronged, four outlet converter. I double it up, so that I have
a whole bunch of different sections that I can plug into. Highly recommend that you get
one of these little cubes. Electrical cubes so that you
can charge up to three or double it up to five or
six at any given time. Keep these things in your bag. They’re like six bucks each in
an electrical hardware store. Moving on, I have my little
Aperture LED light, which is super bright. Like woo! Like oh my God, I
could’ve just lit this… Why do I even set up nice lights? I could just use this thing. This thing is amazing. It’s the Aperture ALM-9 light up light. It’s like lithium ion. You can charge it with
like a little USB DCM. You can change how bright it is. Great small light. Fits in my bag. Kinda bring it with me everywhere
just in case I need it. In addition to my GoPro, I
have a whole bunch of mounts. Like a head mount and a
little swivel mount, and a car mount and all
these different things. And this is awesome because
this little case comes with a Lowepro bag. You actually can stick it on
the front part of your bag so you get extra little room in
case you wanna bring this or if you don’t wanna bring this. But nice little pack that I
keep all my GoPro stuff in. Now we’re off to the little fun
things and not the important things that are actually in my bag. I keep twinkle lights. Yes, Brandon Woelfel, thanks man. Now I gotta keep twinkle
lights in my bag all the time. Oh this is a big one. Anybody who own a Sony, oh
they know that you need to keep sensor cleaning swabs on you
at all time and the sensor cleaning solution. Because this camera, don’t
know what it is, because it’s a mirrorless camera, dust is
just like, “Oh, mirrorless. I’m gonna attract myself to it”. So, my sensor is consistently
dirty, especially when I’m switching out lenses all the time. One of the downfalls of mirrorless,
but I love their system. I think the Sony cameras are amazing. But I keep sensor swabs
on me all the time. This is a safety because I
don’t like having those little sensor spots, especially in video. Cause it’s very, very difficult to remove. So, sensor swabs are in here all the time. And last, but not least, I keep
a USB just in case I need to transfer something very
quickly to a client. I have a USB there, especially
if we don’t have access to the internet. USB, keep a little one in there. Chapstick, because you never
know if you’re in the cold and your lips get all annoying. So keep a little bit of chapstick there. Plus, it’s great if you happen
to be on set or if you’re directing and somebody needs
it, you can save the day real quick. Band-aids. Always keep band-aids on me. Literally I cut my finger,
like, two days ago and I needed a band-aid. And my girlfriend’s like,
“You don’t need a band-aid”. I was like, “I need a band-aid”. My camera bag was on me. Saved the day. Band-aid. Always keep band-aids on me. Keep them in your bad. Last little thing, Advil in
case somebody has a headache. Especially if you have a talent
that has a headache, I keep Advil in my bag, cause I
don’t like when a shoot will actually stop because somebody
is just experiencing some sort of cold or headache or
whatever it end up being. So, you can save the day and
save some time and speed up your shoot. Carry Advil in your bag. Straight up. I keep walkie-talkies in my bag. These go in the front part here. The little arms sticks out
little bit, but I like to keep the talk abouts on here. Actually use these talk abouts
when I was like 10, because I would go on family cruise
ships, and my parents didn’t wanna lose me. So they would be like, “Hey
Chris, it’s time for dinner. It’s time for dinner Chris”. And I’ll be like, “Okay, I’m
coming for dinner. Okay, I’m coming”. And I’ll be on the opposite
side of the cruise ship. So, I now use these to
communicate with talents. Say I’m on top of the waterfall,
and someone’s taking a photo of me. I can communicate, alright
take the photo of me on the waterfall. And then they’ll take
the photo of me on the… So, walkie-talkies. Definitely keep those in your bag. What is happening? I’ve been talking for so long. 22 minutes of me blabbing
about what’s in my camera bag. Last item and the classic vlogger. Joby tripod. I keep down on the outside. I put that into the section
where I can keep a water bottle and I keep the little Joby tripod. This thing is just amazing. It fits on the outside of my bag. Doesn’t really take up too much space. It’s awesome. I can set up my camera anywhere. And when I set up my RX100
Mark V, I can do my vlog. This things amazing. I love it. Joby tripod. It’s like the pro version. I’ll link all this stuff in the bottom. Guys, we finally got through all my gear. Thank you for staying along at this point. If you guys have any other
questions about gear, hit me up in the comment section below. If you guys can, press that like button. It makes a huge difference. Subscribe. I would love for you guys to join along. We’ll talk a little bit more about gear. Maybe in 2018, I’ll have more
gear purchases, because I seem to accumulate a lot
of gear, very quickly. And I’ll just probably make gear videos. Anyways, thank you guys for watching. We’ll catch you next time. Peace! (upbeat music playing)

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