GANNON STAUCH SEARCH & UPDATE – Where Colorado Springs Authorites & Volunteers Have Been Looking

Welcome to it’s a crime I’m Linda and
today I thought I’d take you through some of the maps that the volunteers and
the authorities have been searching on EPC sheriff’s Twitter page
they say that they won’t be doing any on-camera interviews for the time being
and they also said that large groups has been suspended but there are smaller
search teams still looking for Gannon now yesterday in a statement the El Paso
County Sheriff said that there was four horse-mounted deputies to dog teams 52
volunteers and law enforcement officers and they also said they had new
equipment to go over a location they had already gone through and that equipment
was sonar equipment which you can see right here there’s a few points of
interest I’m gonna talk about and show you on the maps from the last few days
now the search has been narrowed down to big Johnson reservoir and also along
Fontaine Boulevard so the three points I’m going to show you is big Johnson
reservoir I’m also going to show you they had reports of being at Mill
National Training Center near mark Scheffel and Bradley and the other one
I’m going to show you is a long LaFontaine Boulevard and the cross
street of powers or North Powers I believe it’s called now the drive from
the Stokes home to big Johnson reservoir is only a seven minute drive so it’s
really not that far and what I found interesting was a psychic only a few
days ago said to recheck the area around la Fontaine and here’s what the picture
looks like where he said and it just gave me shivers to know that I saw
yesterday that that’s where they were concentrating on and when I looked at
big Johnson reservoir I kind of wanted to know what was the appeal do people go
there as their trails and there was trails I found it on all trails calm and
they talked about the reservoir not being there but then yesterday they were
talking about it being frozen so I’m assuming there’s water again and I also
read about the trails and they said it’s flat fairly flat they said there was a
lot of prairie dogs and they also mentioned rattlesnake
in there so I know the family like to go hiking although we know that Gannon had
a stomach ache that morning but it was interesting to me just to see that there
is trails maybe tisha wanted him to go for a walk
to feel better I’m just putting it out there I don’t believe that’s what it is
but hey like I mentioned the psychic he said look again go back look again in
this area this is what I have and there will be updates I’m sure if he has any
more info and I wonder if he’s actually working with them now that he has this
information I’d be curious to know but it looks like they’re in that area what
he’s been saying when I checked the weather this morning it said it was
minus three degrees and it also said that Colorado Springs had gotten
anywhere from one inch of snow to five and a half inches of snow so that’s
quite a bit of snow it says depending on where you are in Colorado Springs but I
said the more north you go the more they got so I’m curious if you do live in
Colorado Springs let me know below what you guys actually got today because one
two five and a half inches is quite a bit so if you are near where Ganon lives
then let me know so then I thought well what about these street cameras right
and I went to go look online and of course Ganon doesn’t live in Colorado
Springs he lives just south east to that so when I was on the Colorado Springs
website it pulled up a whole bunch of traffic cameras but not in that area so
I’m not sure if maybe there’s another website where it has that on there I’m
gonna do some more snooping or if she lucked out and there was no traffic
cameras but then also thinking about cameras we know the neighbor has a
camera because of his video evidence and seeing the red truck and tisha coming
out to the truck and also with Ganon and then coming home without Ganon
but that got me thinking because I have read that many people said there’s a lot
of ring cameras on Ganon Street so it got me thinking well if that Street has
a lot there’s most likely a lot more that
but I took a little Google Drive on Google Maps today now I understand that
their area isn’t shown but I did go a long LaFontaine to see what’s around
there and it’s pretty much open field unless it’s been updated but there’s
quite a bit of open field as you go along to big Johnson reservoir but
before they come out I know it’s not a lot of streets but I wonder where they
can actually detect where tisha left and the times if she stopped in between or
whatnot but then if she was going on LaFontaine which makes me think she is
that’s why they’re concentrating on that area she came out and went on LaFontaine
wherever she had gone after that and maybe that’s why there’s the radius now
it has been said that they’ve been using the tips provided to narrow down that
search to that area so I’m not sure why they didn’t use a big search group today
but and making sure not to go on camera so I’m wondering if something’s going
down but it could not be it could just be that they’re just concentrating on
one area and this is all they need so they don’t convolute it so that gives
tisha quite a bit a time if it’s only in that seven minute radius really 10
minutes of what happened that day because we saw Gannon at 10:15
approximately and she came home at 2:15 approximately so they said about four
hours of that footage now what’s interesting too is we only get that
snippet right we get that snippet from 10:00 the four minutes it takes for her
to leave and then when she comes home the curious thing about that is there
has to be more video of after that right I mean the daughter would have to come
home and what did she come home in and did tisha go somewhere else also after
that the other thing I also think about is the phone did tisha have her phone
with her as she’s going can she be tracked did she conveniently leave it at
home did something happen where she was legit
actually backing up so that Gannon didn’t have to walk very far to get into
that truck but he just wasn’t feeling well so she backed up so it could be the
closest door for him and was legit taking care of him and something
happened along the way another thing I was thinking about is she seemed pretty
angry right on her interview and she seemed pretty angry at the fat of the
whole family so the other thing I started thinking about I wonder if he
was in the vehicle and she maybe something happened and she maybe was
teaching him a lesson like get out and walk and something happened we don’t
know right but the bottom line is is she’s lying that is that’s the bottom
line I mean if you put yourself in her shoes okay as an innocent person if you
were in her position wouldn’t you do whatever it took and put all your BS
aside and be like you know what everybody’s mad at right now but that
doesn’t matter because not once not one time did she say where is he where could
he be oh my gosh where is he not once not one
time and that’s what makes me and along with all of you guys super super angry
is there was not one mention like like dear God I don’t even know where he is
where could he be I don’t know and sure she wasn’t supposed to talk about it
right but at the same time I’m pretty sure that she could probably say where
did he go so it’s not looking good for her I was really hoping with some sort
of update today I find it maybe it’s just me I find it a little off that
there isn’t even and updated all other than other than them saying they won’t
be doing any more on-camera interviews and for the time being and also that the
large numbers has gone too small so that I could see that’s just maybe narrowing
it down if you do want to volunteer May sure that you have to click an
application form to be vetted that you can they want to make sure for
everybody’s safety and I’m gonna put up the phone number two for the tips if you
want to if you do have a tip no matter how small I just think of that day on
Monday if you live in the neighborhood if you saw maybe a red truck go by or
something I mean this happens a lot where you think now that’s nothing and
then it actually is something so make sure though that it’s something that you
did see because as they say you don’t want to call it in with a tip they think
that’s something you saw and then you’re just you know thinking out loud I’m
thinking out on loud on here that’s okay but not to I’m not gonna call the cops
and say hey so I was thinking maybe you need to go here in there right if you
have any other info for me to do please message me at it’s a crime and a shame
at and also I will put that in the description below and let me know
also in the comments below what you would like to see me cover in this case
and I can go and dive deeper please share this video give it a like and
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watching see you soon

100 thoughts on “GANNON STAUCH SEARCH & UPDATE – Where Colorado Springs Authorites & Volunteers Have Been Looking

  1. Please watch this statement analysis from Peter Hyatt re Ticia’s interview..interesting

  2. Rumors are going crazy! Maybe they have her and have to find particular evidence like in that water. I have a feeling someone helped her. Not her daughter but a dude. She could have paid him. I just feel like there is so much more to it than we can imagine.

  3. I think she seen the leaked video and had a chance to make up an excuse before the cops had a chance to question her about it.

  4. Oh my.. when i first looked at this i thought you had huge shoulders and arms then realised it was your chair 🤣 i need more sleep lol!

  5. I recommend the podcast Crime Junkie.
    Something they help remind me is to never assume how you would act in any situation because no one knows until they are.
    Going down that road acts as a confirmation bias that historically leads to public opinion swaying investigations and court cases, and convincing an innocent person or even compromising a trail.
    So in this slueth business it's important to never for get that we should be more like John Walsh and less like Nancy Grace lol

    That being said, I love your channel and I think they improve in quality every new videos. Keep up the good work, bringing awareness to the cases.
    Much love!

  6. Hi Linda, I check ur website a few times a day for updates! I do also check online, but still, everytime I see that you've posted I fear the worst that it's the news none of us want to hear. I'm thinking ur subscribers feel the same! Your a special girl to do this! x

  7. It has been snowing here in Buffalo Ny and I can't imagine a child being out in these conditions for more than an hour…its been days.😞

  8. I have to say this Miss Linda, and I SOOO HOPE I am wrong!! My intuitive side is ABSOLUTELY SCREAMING "Garden of the gods". I can't sleep at night. I am tossing and turning and throwing up those prayers. I feel like they are being DELIBERATELY MISLED. As I said, I hope that's just me and I'm wrong, but it feels VERY VERY STRONG!! Much Love from Michigan my friend ❤ ❤ 🙏 🙏…sidebar: There has GOT to be a LEGITIMATE REASON that the DA, Dan May was at the family home for over an hour the other day. He does NOT just casually come over to visit!!

  9. "Sister, it's time to speak up. This is getting ridiculous." Couldn't agree more. It's been ten days! Here's what I'm hearing from psychics: it's time to start looking at who SM is going out of her way to protect. The questions in the police interview that made SM uncomfortable were probably questions about her daughter's behavior.

  10. Am I the only one who doesn't feel Gannon is dead? I just don't feel she killed this boy and dumped his body. For what reason?
    Now if he were an infant?…yeah maybe, but an 11-year-old boy? I just don't sense this.
    I had this same exact feeling about 5 yr'old Haleigh Cummings in Florida (even though officials say she's dead despite never having found a body).
    I really get a feeling this little boy (and Haleigh) were sold to child traffickers and why perhaps she is so confident (and cocky) he is alive. Once sold, there's no return (usually).
    Mind ya….Florida, Colorado and Indiana are MEGA epicenters for this type of nefarious activity especially before/during/after Super Bowl (which never made much sense to me)
    I really don't know too much about this case but the fact this stepmom was browsing that 'sugar daddy' site suggests to me, she's shallow and greedy. And because of those narcissistic traits perhaps she was familiar with the dark web and came across child trafficking and decided to sell this little boy (forensically it's difficult to find on hard drives hence the name 'dark web')
    It's hard to fathom this scenario because the average person just doesn't think like this but sadly….enough do. I hope I'm wrong and he's alive at his 'friends house'.

  11. The search group is small now because it will be a recovery unfortunately. They don't exactly want anyone coming across this poor little boy

  12. If LeTecia has done something to Gannon she's an @%#!hole & is also an @%#!hole for involving her daughter in it. Mother of the year!!
    Hopefully Gannon is fine & no one has done anything to him but sadly it's not looking good which is heartbreaking 😓
    Many thanks for the update Linda x

  13. If she is involved the F B I are finding her a hard nut to crack I'm from UK I'm watching this case where is that young boy im also watching your channel im loving it

  14. Linda,
    Hi! Could you please tell Us which Psychic said this? I would like to watch his video. Thanks so much! Love your channel. Btw you are my cousins twin! You two look so much alike! ✌

  15. You’re my new favorite true crime channel. I really like how you cover these cases, logical and fact based. I also love to hear your thoughts and theories on what you think happened. Thank you for all your hard work.

  16. Ok so I'm confused now. When did they go on a hike? When was she seen at a store shopping with the girls? If you could give a time line of the whole day , if you haven't, including her every move that day alone from start to finish. Unless I missed that one. And. What if she drugged him with something that bothered his stomach but made him confused at first ment to knock him out eventually so he was unconscious for a time exposed to the elements got hypothermia and died in a couple days? Would that drug be in the system still? She is not innocent. If I had ANY kid in my custody for any amount of time, no matter how annoying, I would be frantic. I would be searching till I passed out. No way would I give up. I would never leave any child to suffer any elements. Even in a store, 5 feet would be the distance in today's sick world. And you know what I mean. No child deserves to suffer. Too much of what she says has given her away.

  17. It’s curious why she’d go to Petco on N. Nevada when there is one MUCH closer to her home on Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.

  18. Did the police confirm that she took Gannon to the doctor? I haven't heard about that at all.And what is her response to the question why wasn't Gannon with you when you arrived home.Is she just not Answering to that Question?

  19. That reservoir has barely any water in it and is a big field but I guess you could go for walks there. I live on the south end of town and we got about 5inches of snow and it was bitter cold!

  20. This is a enforcement are acting like key stone cops..arrest her..get information you need..go get Gannon and give him peace…law enforcement are a laughing stock !!!!


  22. Here in Colorado Springs, we've gotten quite a bit of snow the past week. Yesterday we got about 6 inches. Earlier this week we received maybe an inch but the temperatures were brutal. On Fontaine, it is pretty desolate. That whole area surrounding his housing area is very desolate as well. It's a newly built area of town. I used to live right down the street for quite a few years and am fairly knowledgeable of the area. The blue stem prarie area is near a private high school. It has a small lake/pond.

  23. What if the step mom is covering for the step sister? She is slightly taller and slender and could be the one in the red truck.

  24. When someone lies especially when committing diabolic deeds to a person it always boomerang and hit you hard on the face. God I pray the truth to come out for the bio parents peace of mind and resolution and Gannon's return.

  25. I sent a tip yesterday. He is between a dump sight and water. I saw trash on one side and water on the other. He will be easy to find. But dont know if my tip was ignored. He was murdered by her according to my vision.

  26. I live a few miles from their home. First off, it IS in Colorado Springs. It is a nice newer part of town and guaranteed ppl have cameras, that are on. We got a lot of snow, 5+ inches. Also garden of the gods park is quite far from where they live giving a huge radius to search.

  27. I’d really like to see if you can dive deeper into maybe relationship with the other kids and maybe the husband/wife/family dynamic of the home please. Really enjoying your videos!

  28. I live in the north part of Colorado Springs. His area got closer to one inch of snow. The weather was still pretty down there though.

  29. If that's a newer truck (which it appears to be) it's outfitted with GPS tracking. They will likely have info on everywhere she drove that day.


  31. Is there a secret grounds or sacred grounds. They need to check there. I got that message from spirit but now I don’t know who to tell!! Yes the psychic I believe is correct and feel it’s near what I’m saying . I’m in jersey I know nothing about that state.

  32. I haven’t wanted to listen to details on this case…. because, I knew it would just break my heart. How does anyone kill a child – much less someone who raises them & is supposed to love them??

  33. I live in this area (Fountain) and it’s been freezing. We’ve had bad snow for the last day, at least 6 inches in some areas. 8 degrees F

  34. I watch all crime shows and I mean ALL. I have watched shows where stepfathers and stepmothers have lost children that were not naturally born to them but these parents reacted, cried, were so emotionally devastated over the loss of a child they considered their own. Unfortunately, this is another Terry Horman. That bitch got away…..hope this one doesnt.

  35. Big Johnson Reservoir was drained several years ago. They needed to do some work on the dam and the irrigation system. The work was completed in the last few months, and the reservoir is now refilling. Just think about that…..

  36. The point is that the child was in her truck. At one point the kid exited the vehicle. She got to know where, when, why. I only live 20 minutes away and would love to grab that bitch and questioning her.

  37. Have they checked the truck gps, tracked her phone and Apple Watch pings??? They can get the info on where she was on the day he went missing. Seems it would be the first thing detectives would pursue🤷‍♀️

  38. I find it odd too and have suspected her from the get-go just by her reactions that resemble the anger of a guilty person when confronted.

  39. The story doesn't make sense to me. They took a hike with his stomach ache and after a doctors visit. She comes home alone and did she drop him off somewhere?

  40. Hwy 50 the Arkansas river in between Salida and Canon city. 4 hours is a long time, she could have driven out this way, remote mountain roads, lots of places to pull off along hwy 50. The Traffic light cams in Canon city might want to check. It makes up for the time she was gone. They made a show about crimes that have happened out here or near here called Valley of the damned.

  41. I’m a distance runner who trains in Bluestem Open Space (the trails that circumnavigate around Big Johnson). First time I ran there, I told my husband, if something happens to me, this is where I am… It is oddly secluded feeling. I’ve never seen another person out there in all the times I’ve been. Very unsettling to seeing them search that area, knowing the personal feeling I get while running there somedays. I always carry some sort of protection.

  42. I live in Colorado Springs. We got about 6 inches at our house. The snow amount varied quite a bit from one area of town to another (Pikes Peak causes these microclimate variations).

  43. I've lived here for 20 plus and its literally a straight shot out of the neighborhood and if she was dim enough to try and ditch him there he'd just walk home it is to close and the kid would be familiar enough at 11 to know where he was you can practically see the neighborhood from the parking lot at big Johnson open space is what it is called now since a reservoir needs water ….so like I said if she said get out and walk he would know the way…also I will point out that the poster for him missing said last place he was seen at Kum and go on fountain Mesa blvd

  44. If she has an apple phone idk why they haven't issued warrant for it and look at where she has been for certain…..I'm noticing how weird it is that a cop will take your freedom but for some reason looking through your phone is a nono….wtf ….like serious.. same with parents and phone or dairy ….whose the parents and since when has being snoopy a bad thing…..they live under who's roof ….and kids be the last to complain about loss of privacy…like excuse me I haven't had privacy since we brought u in this world ….serious grow up people… as a person there is always the potential to embellish or omit truth .. as of right now computers and data do not so the first thing should always be to check phone's computers gather data and the interrogation of witnesses/suspect to see if the story cooperates with the data …..I feel like that's just common since … #sherlock holmes

  45. I live in fountain, only a few miles from where Gannon lives. It seems unlikely she would have took him to Johnson reservoir. It is a busy area and she would likely be seen there. However, North of their home off of Markshuffle there is a veteran cemetery and in that same area they closed a large section of Markshuffle and built a new road. It is near a wooded area and the old road is hard to see from the new one and is closed off to vehicles. It's just east of Peterson air force base. I think that would be a good place to look but I am disabled or I would go look myself. I have been so worried for him and his family. I even have had bad dreams over it. I pray he is going to be found soon.

  46. I live pretty close to them. They are in Lorson Ranch and we got so much snow. 😔 We went out twice to shovel the driveway and had to go out again. A foot of snow at least. And it supposed to snow Sunday thru Tuesday on and off unfortunately. 😔 The situation is so sad. This poor boy. The whole town has been putting up blue lights because it's his favorite color to lead him home. There's so much speculation it's crazy. One guy has actually put up done footage of the surrounding area for people to look through. There was some blue clothing spotted in it. Also a woman found pieces of carpet on the side of the road that matched the description of what happened possibly. Also, in the step mother's interview it was pointed out that her hand was bandaged. 😱

  47. What is up with Colorado. I absolutely love Colorado but I DNT understand y alot of high profile cases are in Colorado… Love ur channel btw

  48. Seriously Bro that coat is like huge. U look like ohhh it's the chair…too drunk for life sorry. Still it looks funny

  49. She killed him. She was trying to do a delphi murder thing get that free money. She will rot in jail they already know they just need to prove it.

  50. Here is an interesting theory of Gannon by a youtube creator, Tarot cards for the sole , Here is the link..

  51. What they need to do is get the GPS tracker out of his mother’s car to see where she took him, I believe I’ve been told that all cars after 2010 have internal GPS trackers installed in them. THAT will be the key in finding out what happened to this boy.
    She blatantly lied to police stating he disappeared while outside the house playing, but her neighbors security camera video says otherwise…. At the exact time she claims he mysteriously disappeared the video shows him getting in his mother’s car and her driving away with him, she returned 4 hours later, ALONE.
    That woman needs to be arrested and pressed for the truth. I have a feeling he’s murdered him and dumped his little body 😢💔🤬🤬🤬

  52. What about a different scenario??? What IF Ticia, helped Gannon leave to somewhere to hide for some reason? The truck was backed up in the drive. What if it was to throw His bag in the back and she actually took him somewhere to stay like at a friend's or relative? Its possible.She seemed concerned, and she showed many signs of a concerned parent. In her interview she gives away many hints to that possibility. Was there any signs that Gannon was needing to leave or flee for any reason? Has any one looked at those possibilities?

  53. I live down the street in ("Lorson Ranch") . Prayers go out to the family!🙌 the community has come together to search through the snow and cold conditions that we are facing here in ("Colorado Springs") The truth will come out And the person or persons will be brought to Justice!

  54. 🙏-"Most people have to understand the day that this happened ("January 27th 2020") on that day and prior to that day. There was absolutely no snow fall on the ground here in "Colorado Springs , Colorado )" after that. We've had a lot of snow fall. So the major problem is did she work to hide this kid? And where at? So when the snow melts we will ultimately come to the bottom of the location of this child and I hope and I pray that we find him alive and in one piece. And if something has happened to ("Gannon") she will pay! She lied from the beginning because she is guilty! As well as her lying all over the live video. News feed that she gave us thankful that she gave that interview that told us alot about her and her story!🙌

  55. I live in Colorado Springs, very close to Fontaine and powers. There are unfortunately not a lot of traffic cameras in this area. It’s a developing area so yes there is a lot of open space along those routes you’ve mentioned and areas around it until you get more west and north of the city. So disappointing we have received quite a bit of snow the past few days, over 5 inches in my neighborhood and it’s still coming down today expected more tomorrow also. This is the most snow we have received all winter. This whole situation is heartbreaking, I hope they can get some answers soon!

  56. It is very apparent by the interview that the step mom feels that she was very "wronged" by the situation. The fact that she feels like she was treated unfairly was very present and expressed by her body language on camera. I hate to say it, but this woman is guilty as sin.

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